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What should I do for new year? Write yet another WebRTC post? Nah, is fun, but not as fun as bonding with t…
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yesterday by auchenberg
meetecho/janus-gateway: Janus WebRTC Gateway
Janus is an open source, general purpose, WebRTC gateway designed and developed by Meetecho. This version of the gateway can only be installed on Linux systems: next versions will take into account cross compilation on different environments.
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yesterday by raphman
当社では、WebRTC SFU 「Sora」の他、「Sora」をインターネット上で気軽に使うことができるサービス「Anzu」、ブラウザ以外の端末から WebRTC 経由で映像を配信するための WebRTC ゲートウェイ「Momo」をご用意しています。
yesterday by hosoi
2017 年の WebRTC 振り返り – V – Medium
Edge の WebRTC はよくない感じなのか。
18 days ago by summerwind
Tsahi Levent-Levi on Twitter: "Google Hangouts now on @firefox without plugins :-) #WebRTC https://t.co/AKY30D2zBE"
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Google Hangouts now on @firefox without plugins :-) #WebRTC http://pic.twitter.com/AKY30D2zBE

— Tsahi Levent-Levi (@tsahil) December 20, 2017
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28 days ago by chetan
Google Hangouts now on without plugins :-)
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28 days ago by jimpick

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