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Should I Use JavaScript to Load My Web Fonts?
"the advanced web font loading control offered by JavaScript still provides more than sufficient value to keep it around. You can adapt your page’s performance profile to suit a user’s network conditions, user preferences, improving the general loading behavior of self hosted fonts and third party hosting providers."
font  webperf  JavaScript  clevermarks 
6 days ago by nhoizey
3 Ways to Do Progressive JPEG Encoding
Here is an overview table that summarizes the pros and cons of the different progressive scan scripts
JPEG  progressive  compression  webperf  UX  clevermarks  Cloudinary  todo:link 
10 days ago by nhoizey
With actionable guidance and analysis, web.dev helps developers like you learn and apply the web's modern capabilities to your own sites and apps.
tools  webperf 
21 days ago by mustapha
CSS and Network Performance
Articles on CSS, OOCSS, front-end architecture, scalability and performance.
css  webperf  performance  browsers 
26 days ago by tedw
Thank you for providing the BEST definition of Speed Index I’ve heard yet!
PerfNow  webperf  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by davidhund
A Netflix Web Performance Case Study – Dev Channel – Medium
I was wondering when people would realise fat-arse JS frameworks were a problem
webperf  netflix  javascript  ovum 
4 weeks ago by yorksranter
.... and we're live! ( ( ( 🛰 ) ) ) . Tune in
perfmatters  webperf  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by oliver.turner
`async` – those 5 magical characters which when added to `<script>` can make *all* the difference 😳

webperf  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by sergiolopes
Web Performance 101
Learn how (and why) to make your app faster by optimizing JS, CSS, images/fonts and other things
javascript  performance  webperf 
5 weeks ago by tedw
Will too many lines in an .htaccess file slow a website's load time?
"Having a large .htaccess does have a cost. Ours is currently ~1500 lines and we benchmarked the time spent parsing it at around 10-12ms on a production webserver."
htaccess  Apache  configuration  webperf  ttfb  clevermarks  todo:link 
6 weeks ago by nhoizey
T-Mobile's Mayo: Edge computing is ‘not as imminent as maybe the hype cycle would suggest’ | FierceWireless
Mayo first explained that the latency available on LTE networks is already as low as 20 ms, and he said that figure could decline to 5-10 ms on 5G networks. He said those latency speeds will be suitable for most applications in the near term. “The need to broadly deploy edge compute diminishes” as those latency speeds decline // however, as network latency declines, the % of speed-of-light latency in the total latency budget increases
t-mobile  mec  webperf  latency  ovum 
6 weeks ago by yorksranter
eBay/ebay-font: A small utility to efficiently load custom web fonts
Webfont loading strategy to mimic font-display: optional and avoid FOUT and FOIT
oss  web  js  npm  webperf  frontend  browser 
7 weeks ago by mateocain
Cloudinary Multi-CDN Delivery Demo
"Transparently and automatically selects the best features from multiple CDNs to speed up and enhance delivery of content to end users"
Cloudinary  CDN  Cedexis  webperf  image  clevermarks  todo:link 
8 weeks ago by nhoizey

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