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Cloudinary Multi-CDN Delivery Demo
"Transparently and automatically selects the best features from multiple CDNs to speed up and enhance delivery of content to end users"
Cloudinary  CDN  Cedexis  webperf  image  clevermarks 
5 days ago by nhoizey
I interviewed on about the "Web Performance API" and in general It was a…
webperf  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by oliver.turner
Start Performance Budgeting – Addy Osmani – Medium
If you’re building a web experience and want to stay fast, a performance budget can be critical. For success, embrace performance budgets and learn to live within them. Network & CPU limits on mobile…
performance  webperf  perfmatters  budget 
8 days ago by jheady
How to Reduce TTFB to Improve WordPress Page Load Times
Does TTFB matter? It contributes to your overall speed, so what do you think? 😉
WordPress  webperf  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by davidhund
You don't (may not) need Moment.js
"Moment.js is a fantastic time & date library with lots of great features and utilities. However, if you are working on a performance sensitive web application, it might cause a huge performance overhead because of its complex APIs and large bundle size."
MomentJS  date  JavaScript  library  bundle  weight  webperf  clevermarks 
21 days ago by nhoizey
The Low Hanging Fruit of Web Performance - The Media Temple Blog
There is so much to know about making websites fast. It’s rather incredible. Things like understanding servers and networks, how browsers parse things and make decisions, efficient coding...
web  performance  webdev  tips  development  webperf 
26 days ago by lenards
Software disenchantment
As a general trend, we’re not getting faster software with more features. We’re getting faster hardware that runs slower software with the same features.
clevermarks  webperf  web  bloat 
27 days ago by nhoizey
The "Developer Experience" Bait-and-Switch
"JavaScript is the web’s CO2. […] The web will not succeed in the markets and form-factors where computing is headed unless we get JS emissions under control."
Web  JavaScript  bloat  webperf  clevermarks 
28 days ago by nhoizey
* Breathes contented sigh*

Never have to have the “why bother SSR” argument again.

webperf  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by oliver.turner
Continuous improvement in web performance with Dareboost (by M6 Web)
"if I compare the AMP version of Google with our reactive version, we are always better, whatever the metric."
webperf  AMP  clevermarks 
4 weeks ago by nhoizey
The "Developer Experience" Bait-and-Switch | Infrequently Noted
JavaScript is the web’s CO2. We need some of it, but too much puts the entire ecosystem at risk. Those who emit the most are furthest from suffering the consequences — until the ecosystem collapses. The web will not succeed in the markets and form-factors where computing is headed unless we get JS emissions under control.
javascript  webperf  performance  by:alexrussell  frontend  progressiveenhancement 
5 weeks ago by dirtystylus
The Font Loading Checklist—zachleat.com
When I look back at the last four years that I’ve spent learning everything I could about web fonts and how web fonts load, I can distill it all down to a small checklist of ideals that I continue to chase. Our goal as web developers is to maximize the experience and raise user expectations to the level of what the web is capable of delivering, but also to manage our performance budgets to ensure that we are fulfilling the promise of the web—it’s ubiquity. This checklist should help you deliver on those two often competing ideals.
css  webdesign  typography  font  webfonts  performance  webperf  by:zachleatherman 
5 weeks ago by dirtystylus
Website Performance Optimization Testing Course | Udacity
Web Performance Optimization covers techniques used to optimize HTML, CSS and JavaScript in order to improve website page speed and user experience.
training  performance  webperf  perfmatters  google  education  learning 
5 weeks ago by jheady
A Bone to Pick with Skeleton Screens
Facebook and Google use skeleton screens to make their apps feel faster. Should you be using them too?
skeleton  screen  UX  webperf  clevermarks 
5 weeks ago by nhoizey

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