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Code splitting an app is a great way to improve its initial loading speed and can easily be achieved with .…
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yesterday by alvar
nystudio107 | An Annotated webpack 4 Config for Frontend Web…
As web devel­op­ment becomes more com­plex, we need tool­ing to help us build mod­ern web­sites. Here’s a com­plete real-world pro­duc­tion exam­ple of a sophis­ti­cat­ed web­pack 4 config
dev  javascript  tutorial  webpack  config 
6 days ago by pioneerskies
Webpack dev server takes up a lot of memory (751.9MB) for GitLab CE · Issue #4363 · webpack/webpack
@TheLarkInn @mikegreiling @jschatz1 Do you want to request a feature or report a bug? Unexpected Behavior What is the current behavior? We are unsure if this is a combination of both webpack and webpack-dev-server. So posting here first ...
6 days ago by unblevable
dynamic import naming doesn't work · Issue #4861 · webpack/webpack
Do you want to request a feature or report a bug? bug What is the current behavior? I used comment to define chunkname as follows: import(/* webpackChunkName: "chunk1" */'@/components/chunk1.js') But in build report there is no chunk nam...
webpack  vuejs  dynamic  import 
6 days ago by cajazzer
A guide to building a React component with Webpack 4, publishing to npm, with a demo on GitHub…
A guide to building a React component with webpack 4, publishing to npm, and deploying the demo to GitHub Pages
react  webpack  npm  package 
6 days ago by janvereecken

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