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Sessions don't work in Chrome but do in IE
Even though a request over http would cause Tomcat or ColdFusion to set a new JSESSIONID cookie, Chrome will not store that cookie if it already has a cookie with the same name and the secure flag is set.
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4 days ago by jchris
A Closer Look at the Most Active Good Bots | Imperva
The fifth annual Imperva Incapsula Bot Traffic Report discussed the latest trends in bot traffic, including an analysis of good and bad bot activities.

Bot activity as a whole increased over the past year, attributable mainly to the uptick in good bot traffic. Zooming in, we identified the most active good bots that generated over 84 percent of all good bot traffic.

There were 35 bots that comprised the vast majority of good bot traffic in 2016. They can be grouped into four categories: search engine bots, commercial crawlers, feed fetchers, and monitoring bots.
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20 days ago by jchris
Fill Murray
The best placeholder image service in existence.
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6 weeks ago by amcgregor
Top 10 Alternatives and Competitors of Hotjar - Mopinion
If you want to know how customers experience your website or mobile app, an online user feedback tool is ideal. Online user feedback tools have the ability to collect customer experience in various ways, including via surveys, heatmaps, behaviour-triggered feedback forms and much more. However, there is one tool in particular which combines various user experience (UX) tools in one and that tool is Hotjar.
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10 weeks ago by mandarine

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