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The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018 – Addy Osmani – Medium
*If client-side JavaScript isn’t benefiting the user-experience, ask yourself if it’s really necessary.* Maybe server-side-rendered HTML would actually be faster. Consider limiting the use of client-side frameworks to pages that absolutely require them. Server-rendering and client-rendering are a disaster if done poorly.
javascript  performace  web  webdevelopment  bestpractices 
2 days ago by andrewsardone
Florenz Heldermann
Ich bin ein freiberuflicher Frontendentwickler aus Bremen. Mein Ziel ist es performante Webseiten zu entwickeln. Die Spass machen.
freelancer  webdesign  webdevelopment  kirby  bremen  201808 
4 days ago by jakoubek
Simple URL Forwarding with Routes
"Perch Runway's Routing a powerful feature. One thing it allows you to do with ease is URL forwarding which can be useful for social media, referral and affiliate links."
cms  perch  php  webdevelopment 
4 days ago by garrettc
Perch add-on links
A curated list of third party add-ons.
cms  php  perch  webdevelopment 
4 days ago by garrettc
Visual Programming | Bubble
Bubble introduces a new way to build a web application. It’s a point-and-click programming tool, entirely without code. Bubble hosts all applications on its cloud platform.
business  webdevelopment  tool  prototyping  app 
6 days ago by ilijusin
An Intro to Docker for Djangonauts
If you've never used it before, Docker can be a little overwhelming. There is new vocabulary to learn, new commands to memorize, and new ...
webdevelopment  devops  python  django  talk  presentation  video 
6 days ago by garrettc
A Brief Intro to Docker for Djangonauts
Lacey didn't have the opportunity to work with Docker at her last job. In this tidbit she steps you through getting started with Docker for Django developers.
webdevelopment  webdesign  programming  django  python  docker  container 
6 days ago by garrettc
XAMPP vs MAMP vs Local vs DesktopServer: A Comparison Guide to Local Dev Environments
Looks pretty fucking awesome, to me!!!! Yes! You can also save your non-WordPress setups as Blueprints to reuse them. http://local.getflywheel.com/community/t/adding-non-wordpress-sites-to-local-by-flywheel/6753

"Local By Flywheel is almost perfect. It’s is the most complete UI-based local development solution for WordPress developers on the market, and it’s mind-bogglingly free."
mamp  wamp  xamp  virtualbox  virtualization  tools  webdevelopment  wordpress  Joomla  Joomla-Resources  cms 
7 days ago by Mumra2k
CSS Generator Tool
A CSS Generator Tool to demonstrate and quickly generate many different handy CSS declarations.
code  css  generator  webdesign  webdevelopment 
7 days ago by garrettc

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