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اَللّـهُمَّ اِنّي أسْأَلُكَ عافِيَتَكَ في اُمُوري كُلِّها وأعوذُ بك من خزي الدنيا وعذابِ الآخرةِ https://ift.tt/2l295ZZ http://twitter.com/development01/status/1053364957797122048
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18 minutes ago by dcolanduno
Pattern Lab - pages-basic-page-intro
If you're looking to build a fully customized website or application, UCSF’s easy-to-use Web Pattern Library will allow you to build a unique look and feel without designing common elements from scratch. Developers across the UCSF community can borrow and contribute patterns, making it easier to forge functional, beautiful websites or applications with less effort.
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30 minutes ago by frankfarm
Tabs on desktop, accordion on mobile
A simple solution for having tabbed content on a large screen but turn it into accordion on a smaller one. Just resize your screen below 800 pixels to see the tabbed interface transforming into an accordion.
webdev  tabs 
47 minutes ago by frankfarm
@dribbble : Today on the blog, we're sharing a small-but-mighty directory of libre, open-sourced fonts created by womxn from @LoraineFurter at https://t.co/mz9SFzLWH2 https://t.co/ofA5E5XI02 http://twitter.com/dribbble/status/1053353600527798273
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1 hour ago by dcolanduno
RT @sarah_edo: I asked my stepdaughter if she wanted to learn some terminal commands. Her answer: YEAH! LET'S BURN DOWN THE INTERNET! 😳: http://twitter.com/smashingmag/status/1053353174470483968
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1 hour ago by dcolanduno

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