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TonyGermaneri/canvas-datagrid - Canvas based data grid web component. Capable of displaying millions of contiguous hierarchical rows and columns without paging or loading, on a single canvas element.
• Support for unlimited rows and columns without paging or loading.
• Drawn in immediate mode, data size does not impact performance.
• Native support for touch devices (phones and tablets).
• Extensible styling, filtering, formatting, resizing, selecting, and ordering.
• Rich API of events, methods and properties using the familiar W3C DOM interface.
• Works with Firefox, IE11, Edge, Safari and Chrome.
• Support for hierarchal drill in style row level inner grids as well grids in cells.
• Customizable hierarchal context menu.
• Built in and custom styles.
• W3C web component.
• Per-user styles, view preferences and settings using localStorage.
• Very small file size, no dependencies.
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