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Vue.js + Brunch: The Webpack Alternative You've Been Hungry For
Do you develop your Vue.js app in a lo-fi ES5 environment without cool features like single-file components? Or do you use Webpack and spend forever on config? Brunch is a simple build tool that provides a happy medium.
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10 hours ago by eownis
Interface font family
Interface is a font for highly legible text on computer screens.
Download the latest release or try it out in the playground.
Interface is a free and open source font family. You are free to use this font in almost any way imaginable. Refer to the SIL Open Font License 1.1 for exact details on what the conditions and restrictions are.

Using the font is as easy as download & installing locally on your computer.

You're free to bundle copies of Interface with your software, even if it's commercial and you charge money for your software. Interface can also be used on the web by either hosting the font files yourself or by including this CSS:
@import url('https://rsms.me/interface/interface.css');
Use the following CSS rules to specify the Interface family:
font-family: Interface, sans-serif;
fonts  opensource  design  webdev  css 
11 hours ago by Chirael

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