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CMS Critic
Unbiased articles and reviews of Hardware, Software and Services such as CMS, CRM, Linux and more.

We specialize in unbiased, easy to understand reviews of CMS, CRM, hosting, themes, plugins and marketing Platforms to name a few. With several years of experience serving businesses and helping match people and companies to the right products, our aim is to eliminate that overwhelming feeling you can get when you don't know what to choose.
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yesterday by vincentjacobs
Awesome Self Hosted
A directory of free software solutions and web applications which can be hosted locally.
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yesterday by vincentjacobs
Design Systems Engineering - Scaling User Interfaces @trivago // Speaker Deck
The slides of my talk about Scaling User Interfaces @trivago_tech. Thanks for having me @code_europe
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yesterday by jgerhold
What is the Future of Front End Web Development?
I was asked to do a little session on this the other day. I'd say I'm underqualified to answer the question, as is any single person. If you really needed hard answers to this question, you'd probably look to aggregate data of survey results from lots of developers.

I am a little qualified though. Aside from running this site which requires me to think about front end development every day and exposes me to lots of conversations about front end development, I am an active developer myself. I work on CodePen, which is quite a hive of front end developers. I also talk about it every week on ShopTalk Show with a wide variety of guests, and I get to travel all around going to conferences largely focused on front end development.

So let me take a stab at it.
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yesterday by josephaleo

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