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BeeFree the free online email editor
BeeFree is MailUp's free online email editor. Our objective is to build the Best Email Editor. Help us with your feedback!
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october 2014 by inrgbwetrust
The New Safari Improves Text Underlining. - Designer News
Safari 8でリンクの下線が少し変わり、ディセンダの周囲に空白が確保されるようになった?
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october 2014 by hail2u
CodeKit: THE Mac App For Web Developers
CodeKit helps you build websites faster and better. See its flagship features below, then get a real feel for the app on the Videos page.
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october 2014 by vscarpenter
demosthenes.info – Slash Page Load Times With CSS Font Subsetting
The wide availability of web fonts has enabled sites to become typographical wonderlands, at the cost of increased page size and longer load times. Performance-focused developers already optimize their images and CSS; it makes sense that we should also optimize web fonts.

The good news is that doing is fairly easy: by creating your own custom font or supplying your web font hosting service with a simple variable value, you can load only the glyphs that you need for the text you have on the page, rather than the entire range of characters, numbers and symbols in the font, reducing page load times.
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october 2014 by sashabe

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