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Top Responsive Website Builder - Webflow
Design production-ready websites, not just mockups.
webdesign  responsive  webapps 
18 hours ago by assbach
Social Kit - Free Photoshop plugin with social templates
Customizable templates for your social network profiles
23 hours ago by MrBrezina
Towards declarative touch interactions
This page outlines Slalom, a system with prototype implementation for concisely describing and implementing a class of touch interactions. Various examples demonstrate Slalom's versatility.
animation  javascript  webdesign 
23 hours ago by alterecco
Typesettings.css | Minimal Type Boilerplate
the typography boilerplate for your minimal website or blog project
typography  CSS  webdesign 
23 hours ago by alterecco
Fullstopnewparagraph — Tell Stories Brilliantly
Fullstopnewparagraph— Tell Stories Brilliantly Brilliant portfolio site by freelance copywriter
webdesign  marketing  from twitter
yesterday by marketplicity
Animating from “display: block” to “display: none” | Impressive Webs
Kind of works, but so does animating on 'visible';
.box {
transition: opacity 2s linear;
opacity: 1;
.hidden {
opacity: 0;
css  animation  transition  messagebox  ui  webdesign  webdwevel  solution 
yesterday by kme

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