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Racket-lang static site, with focus on nice-looking CSS. Likely useful incorporated into Hakyll or similar as well.
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5 hours ago by tlavoie
Website Accessibility Begins with Responsive Web Design
I recently asked a friend who happens to be blind if he’d share some sites that were built really well—sites that were beautifully accessible. You know what he said? “I don’t use the web. Everything is broken.”

Everything is broken. And it’s broken because we broke it.
accessibility  webdesign  design  html 
8 hours ago by leereamsnyder
Building Your Mobile-Friendly Site : The Distilled Best Practice Guide
With just under 30% of traffic coming from mobile devices (and some sectors seeing an even higher proportion of mobile traffic), making your website mobile-friendly is a worthwhile effort, and can push you ahead of your competitors. The only problem is: how? Where do you get started? What makes a site good for mobile devices? To help you determine the best approach to handle your mobile traffic, we’ve put together an outline some considerations you'll need to bear in mind.
mobile  design  reference  webdesign  responsive  tutorial 
19 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Resilient Web Design book
I wrote this book to highlight some of the approaches to web design that have proven to be resilient. I didn’t do this purely out of historical interest (although I am fascinated by the already rich history of our young industry). In learning from the past, I believe we can better prepare for the future.
book  online  webdesign  design 
19 hours ago by cyberchucktx
7 Principles of Rich Web Applications
This is a writeup based on a presentation I gave at BrazilJS in August 2014. It builds on some of the ideas I’ve been blogging about recently related mostly to UX and performance.

I want to introduce 7 actionable principles for websites that want to make use of JavaScript to control their UI. They are the result of my experience as a web developer, but also as a long-time user of the WWW.
javascript  webdesign  webapp  html  reference  inspiração  performance  latency  frontend 
20 hours ago by rtopitt
What’s on — website redesign – ACMI LABS
The What’s On Calendar is notoriously tricky as it has to be a one-stop shop for all of our different programs and audiences. There’s a lot of information to get on a small amount of real estate — title, description, time, pricing, recommended age and location.
webdesign  Australian_Centre_for_the_Moving_Image  calendar 
21 hours ago by stacker

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