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CSS Grid For Visual Learners – Over 40 Diagrams
Learn CSS grid visually with over 40 diagrams explaining key CSS grid features for visual learners. The complete (comprehensive) free course-like CSS grid tutorial, explaining gaps, columns, tracks, rows, inner cells, numbering of lines, naming of lines, joining cells, implicit and explicit cells, templates and template names. All visual diagrams are color-coded for maximum education value!
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5 minutes ago by basemaly
The (Switch)-Case for State Machines in User Interfaces ◆ 24 ways
Describing all the possible user flows and business logic of an application can become tricky. Ironically, user stories might not tell the whole story – they often leave out potential edge-cases or small yet important bits of information.

However, one important (and very old) mathematical model of computation can be used for describing the behavior and all possible states of a user interface: the finite state machine.
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4 hours ago by pietvanzoen
The App Shell Model  |  Web Fundamentals  |  Google Developers
An application shell (or app shell) architecture is one way to build a Progressive Web App that reliably and instantly loads on your users' screens, similar to what you see in native applications
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4 hours ago by tero
The Anchoring Principle | nNg 2018
People tend to focus on a single, initial piece of information, which influences how they estimate value and make subsequent decisions.
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19 hours ago by emerysnyder
Website Critique Service (audio format) - One Page Love
A short but sweet 3-5 minute Audio Critique of your One Pager or Landing Page covering first impressions, design, code & suggestions.
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20 hours ago by cnu

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