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JavaScript Graphing Library Comparison
Great comparison between many JavaScript graph libraries.
JavaScipt  Graph  WebDeb  WebDesign 
20 hours ago by lost_in_space
BeeWare - The IDEs of Python

BeeWare is a collection of projects that can be used to help develop, debug and launch Python software. Each tool follows the Unix philosophy of doing one thing well. Unlike a traditional IDE, each tool is self contained and can be used on its own.
ide  python  programming  webdesign  toolkit  directory  reference 
20 hours ago by tdjones
Accessibility Checker Demo
CKEditor plugin that checks common accessibility problems.
webdesign  plugin  a11y 
23 hours ago by stephaniehobson
Blue Box Data URI (svg)
background image checkbox data uri
svg  vector  webdesign 
yesterday by bradbice
A curated list of awesome lists.
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yesterday by tomgrom

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