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13 hours ago by everdaniel
Why Web Design is Dead, Long Live UX | UX Magazine
Here’s the good news: designers are really far from being obsolete. Quite to the contrary, you can see that the demand for UX designers is still on the rise, and everyone seems to be redesigning their digital products these days. ...
It’s time for us to grow up, because we have been part of the problem: we have helped to give birth to self-righteous web pages that assume they deserve to be watched and awarded just for the time we invested in crafting them. Now more than ever, in a world flooded with cognitive noise, the world needs simple, intelligent, integrated ecosystems of information. The sooner designers embrace this need, the better prepared we’ll be for the future.
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14 hours ago by alittlecode
Is Web design becoming irrelevant? The Importance of UX
Experience and knowledge of UX is what defines the value of true web design today.
webdesign  ux  webdesign-future 
14 hours ago by alittlecode

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