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Should we marry each other?
same as marriage, do first think later
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2 hours ago by nickwanhere
Deploy4Me pricing for professional cloud deployment services. How much Deploy4Me services costs?
They install Confluence on DigitalOcean for 5? credits. Buy 15 credits for $17.
outsource  install  webapp 
2 days ago by wellsa
Trailer Nite - Sit back and enjoy trailers from the latest movies
probably you could save your movie ticket by watching bunch of trailers now
experiment  movie  fb  webapp 
3 days ago by nickwanhere
cdubz/babybuddy · GitHub
A buddy for babies! Helps caregivers track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and tummy time to learn about and predict baby's needs without (as much) guess work.
free  webapp  tool  opensource  baby 
7 days ago by sebbi
Demo Swedish Genealogy - ArkivDigital
From Forrest: an app where the both web version and the download are made w/Opal and clearwater ( a react like framework that Jamie Gaskins wrote from scratch in opal), the desktop app is an electron app using electron-clearwater
opal  webapp  electron 
7 days ago by scottnelsonsmith
Thum.io | Fast real-time website screenshot API
> Thum.io provides real-time screenshots of websites. We are the only website snapshot generator to stream screenshots as soon as you request them.
free  technology  webapp  images  startup  screenshot  screenshots  work  website  tools 
8 days ago by jefftriplett

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