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🌟 Introducing Dash 🌟 – plotly – Medium
Dash is a Python library for creating reactive, Web-based applications. It is open-source and MIT licensed.
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21 hours ago by rona25
It’s Gotten Much Worse: ADA Trolling A Year Later | The New Hofstader.com
"As we now have at least two law firms into double digits in caseload, I think the first bad result of the Carlson/Lynch activity is that other attorneys are jumping on the ADA Internet accessibility trolling bandwagon to ride the gravy train of what I’ll call robo-suits. You set your web checker into web crawler mode and sue all violators worth suing, which in the Carlson/Lynch case means a company as small as a Tulsa pizza joint. The cost is minimal, all of the lawsuit threat letters offering a less costly way out than litigation (a statement that reminds me of mobster movies, “you got a nice little business here, it’d be terrible if something would happen to it.) are virtually identical (some name specific consulting companies, most say that Carlson/Lynch would be happy to recommend one) so the only labor there is changing the name of the accused and then sending the threat letter to the unsuspecting defendant. For an average return of $42,500 this seems like a highly profitable protection racket being run by these law firms."
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21 hours ago by mechazoidal

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