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Joey Ellis on Twitter: "Last night I gave a local Dribbble talk and @bashfulbirdie drove almost 4 hours to be there. 400 miles round trip. 400. She's got great work… https://t.co/dkuoSrNEvP"
@dribbble : RT @joeyellis: Last night I gave a local Dribbble talk and @bashfulbirdie drove almost 4 hours to be there. 400 miles round trip. 400. She's got great work and I'd like to have her website retweeted at least 400 times. https://t.co/3iAZ2aCpoX http://twitter.com/dribbble/status/931628062160097280
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9 hours ago by dcolanduno
What is WebAssembly? The Dawn of a New Era – JavaScript Scene – Medium
Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and a few other people have been secretly toiling away in a new W3C WebAssembly Community Group, and what they have been working on is no small thing. For more depth, see…
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10 hours ago by jmnf

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