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Appcues—Create Code-Free Experiences for Customer Engagement
Improve user onboarding, feature activation & more — no code required! Stop waiting on dev. and start increasing customer engagement today. Try it now for free.
web  software 
15 hours ago by eschalon
A curated directory of boilerplates to help jump start projects
development  web  programming  gallery  examples 
15 hours ago by mycotn
The Website Obesity Crisis
The Crisis
Fake Fixes
Fat Ads
Fat Assets
Chickenshit Minimalism
Interface Sprawl
Heavy Clouds
Stirring Conclusion

I don't care about bloat because it's inefficient. I care about it because it makes the web inaccessible.

Keeping the Web simple keeps it awesome.
internet  web  open  simplicity 
15 hours ago by mat_jack1
Local IP discovery via WebRTC (Firefox)
Mozilla Firefox: "about:config” - “media.peerconnection.enabled”=false
WEB  webrtc  ip  firefox 
16 hours ago by raulsiles

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