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Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA
The traditional CAPTCHA approach asking users to identify obscured text in an image remains common, but other approaches have emerged. All interactive approaches require users to perform a task believed to be relatively easy for humans but difficult for robots. Unfortunately the very nature of the interactive task inherently excludes many people with disabilities, resulting in a denial of service to these users.
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11 weeks ago by janoewen
WebAIM: The WebAIM Million - An accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages
In February 2019, WebAIM conducted an accessibility evaluation of the home pages for the top 1,000,000 web sites using the WAVE stand-alone API (with additional tools to collect site technology parameters). While this research focuses only on automatically detectable issues, the results paint a rather dismal picture of the current state of web accessibility for individuals with disabilities.
accessibility  analysis  web-dev  web-standards 
11 weeks ago by janoewen

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