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Apify · Page analyzer
This tool helps you find ways how to scrape data from a specific web page. For example, it looks for Schema.org tags, AJAX requests, finds CSS selectors for specific attributes etc.
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26 days ago by ilijusin
It is *not* possible to detect and block Chrome headless
A few months back, I wrote a popular article called Making Chrome Headless Undetectable in response to one called Detecting Chrome Headless by Antione Vastel. The one thing that I was really trying to get across in writing that is that blocking site visitors based on browser fingerprinting is an extremely user-hostile practice. There are simply so many variations in browser configurations that you’re inevitably going to end up blocking non-automated access to your website, and–on top of that–you’re really not accomplishing anything in terms of blocking sophisticated web scrapers. To illustrate this, I showed how to bypass all of the suggested “tests” in Antione’s first post and pointed out that they hadn’t been tested in multiple browser versions and would fail for any users with beta or unstable Chrome builds.
chrome  headless-browser  testing  web-scraping 
8 weeks ago by danwin
Mozilla Science
ContentMine provides tools for getting papers from many online sources, normalising them, then processing them to lookup and/or search for key terms, phrases, patterns, statements, and more - all highly configurable and open source
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10 weeks ago by hschilling

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