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Advanced Web Scraping: Bypassing "403 Forbidden," captchas, and more | sangaline.com
The DOM inspector can be a huge help at this stage. If you were to right click on one of these page links and look at it in the inspector then you would see that the links to other listing pages look like this
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5 weeks ago by damli
Advanced Web Scraping: Bypassing "403 Forbidden," captchas, and more | sangaline.com
The full code for the completed scraper can be found in the companion repository on github . Introduction I wouldn’t really consider web scraping one of my…
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5 weeks ago by jazzgumpy
Advanced Web Scraping: Bypassing "403 Forbidden," captchas, and more
I’ve tried out x-ray/cheerio, nokogiri, and a few others but I always come back to my personal favorite: scrapy. In my opinion, scrapy is an excellent piece of software. I don’t throw such unequivocal praise around lightly but it feels incredibly intuitive and has a great learning curve.

You can read The Scrapy Tutorial and have your first scraper running within minutes. Then, when you need to do something more complicated, you’ll most likely find that there’s a built in and well documented way to do it. There’s a lot of power built in but the framework is structured so that it stays out of your way until you need it.
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5 weeks ago by rcyphers

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