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Strapdown.js - Instant and elegant Markdown documents in the browser
Strapdown.js - Instant and elegant Markdown documents in the browser
Strapdown.js makes it embarrassingly simple to create elegant Markdown documents. No server-side compilation required. Use it to quickly document your projects, create tutorials, home pages, etc. (For example, the page you are reading was generated by Strapdown).

GitHub - https://github.com/arturadib/strapdown
Project - https://github.com/arturadib/strapdown
Plugin - Strapdown Topbar - https://github.com/joedf/strapdown-topbar
Plugin - Strapdown Topbar Demos - http://joedf.github.io/strapdown-topbar
JavaScript  Markdown  HTML  Dev-Tools  Docs  Documentation  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  WebDevAppTools  Generator 
2 days ago by jasondavis
Events As First-Class Citizens – Hacker Noon
We’ve all heard of events and event-driven programming, but in my experience, events are not used nearly enough in our (software) lives. We often don’t appreciate how powerful this tool can be in our…
6 days ago by daniel.zappala
Cutting the mustard - 2018 edition
Using Javascript modules is a nice way of including JS only for browsers that support ES2015 syntax.
javascript  web-development  web-design 
9 days ago by tremolo

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