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Rapid API: Building Blocks to Supercharge your App
Discover and connect to thousands of APIs in the world's largest API Hub
development  web-development  rest  software  api 
5 days ago by obxdesignworks
Need to store some data? - CodePen Blog
A round-up of third-party tools for storing data (specifically, data that can be accessed by otherwise more-or-less static websites)
web-development  tools  data 
5 days ago by tremolo
Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?
"Sadly, software developers usually don't do a good job of explaining this situation. Countless times I've talked to development teams who say "they (management) won't let us write good quality code because it takes too long". Developers often justify attention to quality by justifying through the need for proper professionalism. But this moralistic argument implies that this quality comes at a cost - dooming their argument. The annoying thing is that the resulting crufty code both makes developers' lives harder, and costs the customer money. When thinking about internal quality, I stress that we should only approach it as an economic argument. High internal quality reduces the cost of future features, meaning that putting the time into writing good code actually reduces cost."
software  technology  web-development  work 
10 days ago by tremolo
The A11Y Project
A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.
web-development  accessibility 
12 days ago by squeg

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