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RT : New in JMIR: Reduced , Emergency Room Visits, and Costs Associated with a -Based Liter…
Health  Hospitalizations  Web-Based  from twitter
november 2019 by mshook
Weava: Premium
it's seriously about capturing and organizing info in relation to a research project

has limited but still useful free option
researching  web-based 
october 2019 by GreggInCA
At research event
announced that -based interactive narrative…
web-based  from twitter_favs
september 2019 by verwinv
A free tool which enables presenters to conduct live polls during a talk. Put up a QR code to link everyone to the polls and Q&A forms, then get feedback as you go.
web-based  polling  free  presentation  service  tool 
july 2019 by rsgranne
CodiMD - Collaborative markdown notes
The best platform to write and share markdown.
collaboration  web-based  markdown 
june 2019 by rsgranne
Real-time, interactive and organic -studies. R&D for an upcoming project. 1/3
motion-studies  Web-based  fluid  from twitter_favs
may 2019 by cshier
RainLoop Webmail
"Simple, modern & fast web-based email client Modest system requirements, decent performance, simple installation and upgrade, no database required - all these make RainLoop Webmail a perfect choice for your email solution. "
opensource  server  homeserver  sysadmin  email  client  web-based  diigo 
april 2019 by doglord
BDD Editor
So whether you are new to Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) or an old hand then you’ve come to the right place.

Use the Feature Editor to create your own BDD features without worrying about syntax and format.

If you find you don’t know where to start or you’re getting caught up on scenario outlines, tables, and backgrounds in your feature files then try browsing our sample files to give you a starting point for your Three Amigos sessions.
bdd  web-based  testing 
april 2019 by pfctdayelise

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