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Big Pacific Northwest warmup coming just in time for Father's Day, solstice celebrations | KNKX
A high pressure system is building over Western Washington, allowing a big warmup just in time for summer solstice celebrations this weekend and Father’s Day on Sunday. Cliff Mass, a UW professor of atmospheric sciences, is interviewed.
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This is our experimental GOES-EAST data viewer. This page, its features and contents are currently in a phase of rapid and active development. Nothing you see here is final, and is certainly open to suggestion from our users as we move forward. Our primary goal with this page is to try to make the most of what the new GOES-EAST satellite (GOES-R Series) can now offer. For the time being this means providing the full suite of data for every sector (minus a couple exceptions) at higher resolution than our operational page. With time, we plan on adding our "Mapping" and "Mesoscale Analysis" overlays and providing a markedly better mobile experience. We thank you for your support and patience during this process. Enjoy this wonderful new data!
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Trump’s Pick to Lead Weather Agency Spent 30 Years Fighting It - Bloomberg
What Santorum does recall about the meeting is that his visitor had a gripe about the National Weather Service. The NWS was giving away forecasts on its website, radio stations, and elsewhere, when businesses such as AccuWeather charged its clients for theirs—never mind that AccuWeather relied on the service’s free data to formulate its own predictions. Santorum agreed that commercial weather companies deserved protection. That year he introduced a bill calling for the NWS to issue forecasts via...
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yesterday by max_read
It's time for Melburnians to embrace 'hygge'
Recently, Scandinavian design has come into vogue, and with it the Danish concept of "hygge". You can buy an assortment of books about it and how to incorporate hygge in your life and decor. Hygge essentially means "cosiness". It's about rugging up inside in front of the fireplace, it's talking with friends over a hardy calorie-dense meal, it's lighting candles to create your own light in the dark winter. Hygge – and equivalent concepts in other Scandinavian languages – is the reason why Nordic folk are still happy even if it's minus 20. Because it's understood that cold isn't something that should make you miserable, but rather an opportunity for polar fleece and hot chocolate.
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Was planning on doing something else last evening, but being a , looked at the radar/satellite & call…
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The bar has been raised for forecasts. Wow. “Meteorologist solves Rubik's cube during weather forecast...6…
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Why Is It So Hard to Paint Lightning? - Atlas Obscura
William Nicholson Jennings, of Philadelphia, spent most of his days photographing wrecked or damaged infrastructure for the Pennsylvania Railroad. When it got dark and stormy, though, he pointed his camera up and tried to record bolts of lightning as they crackled across the sky.
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4 days ago by kch
Earth, Wind, and Temperature interactive real-time map, with many options
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4 days ago by stevecarufel
The ESA Just Discovered a Second Magnetic Field Surrounding Our Planet
Ions dissolved in our oceans' waters also produce an incredibly weak field as they move about in currents and tides. The faint patterns created by movements such as the Gulf Stream are difficult to tease apart from the bold background of the stronger magnetic field. But the ebb and flow of the tides as they're pulled by the orbiting Moon produces a clear pulse, one that makes those weak signals stand out.
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