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8 days ago by ckatzenbach
The World's First E Ink Tattoo @ YouTube
The future is here: a Bluetooth-connected, kinetic-battery-charged display that lives in your body. Learn more about the E Ink Tattoo technology at: http://goo.gl/D7mQMV
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10 days ago by cyberchucktx
Leslie Saxon, M.D. — USC Center for Body Computing
"Dr. Saxon participates in the pre-clinical and clinical  development and testing of wearable and implanted technology, including networked devices used in medicine, wellness, and performance. She has active research with programs involving connected sensors with elite athletes, military groups and patients. Her work is dedicated to providing users with continuous and protected information about their health or performance status. . With  her clinical  expertise, she  is a valuable strategist in developing device models and software solutions that offer engaging user-feedback based on real-time physiologic data."
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25 days ago by danhon
Kitty Yeung On Tech-Fashion Designs and the Wearables Industry | Hackaday
If there is a field which has promise verging on a true breakout, it is that of wearable electronics. We regularly see 3D printing, retrocomputing, robotics, lasers, and electric vehicle projects whose advances are immediately obvious. These are all exciting fields in which the Hackaday community continually push the boundaries, and from which come the astounding pieces of work you read on these pages daily. Of course the projects that merge textiles and electronics are pushing boundaries in the same way, except for that it’s often not obvious at first glance. Why is that?

Wearables are a field in which hard work and ingenuity abound, but pulling off the projects that stand out and go beyond mere ordinary garments adorned with a few twinkly LEDs or EL wire is hard. Wearables have a sense of either still seeking its killer application or its technological enabler, and it was this topic that physicist, textilist, and artist Kitty Yeung touched upon in her talk at the recent Hackaday Superconference.
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27 days ago by cyberchucktx

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