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orbiting_saturn: All Their Favorite Rags are Worn
The truth is, Dean wants someone to see him, even if that someone is his fifteen year old brother who will probably go into paroxysms over his tough-ass brother in a pair of pretty pink panties.
SPN  Sam/Dean  Wincest  nc-17  FirstTimeTogether  Underage  CrossDressing  Bottom!Dean  SecretlyBottom!Dean  SizeKink  a:orbiting_saturn  wc:2-5k 
april 2012 by honeynougat
fr333bird: Straight and Strapped - oneshot
Prompt: Merlin and Arthur meet doing something like this - NSFW.
Merlin needs the money for whatever reason; Arthur lost a bet. Doesn't have to be something where they're required to show their faces on camera. IMO, more believable Arthur would do it if he didn't have to show his face.
wc:2-5k  a:fr333bird  BJ  AU  PornStar  nc-17  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin 
december 2011 by honeynougat
ladyvader: A Knight to Remember
Merlin attends Gwen's hen night, and finds that the strippers are even more than he could hope for.
Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  nc-17  PWP  AU  AU:Modern  FirstTimeTogether  firsttime  BathroomSex  Stripper!Arthur  MatchMaker  a:ladyvader  wc:2-5k 
june 2011 by honeynougat
fathomlessspite: they would always get there eventually
Merlin is late bringing Arthur his breakfast, when Arthur tracks him down he is unconscious in Lancelot's bed. In the quest to wake Merlin, Arthur uncovers more than one hidden truth.
Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  PG-13  p:Lancelot/Merlin  FirstTimeTogether  Cute  a:fathomlessspite  wc:2-5k 
may 2011 by honeynougat
pyroclastic: Picking Out All the Stars That We Like
Sequel to Taste the Warming Glow "Just remember that when New Directions wins, I'll still want to be your boyfriend." Kurt grins cheekily and ducks in for a kiss.

Blaine pulls his head away so Kurt is left hanging. "You mean when the Warblers win. Doesn't the audience always root for the underdog? Besides, who can resist our schoolboy charms? I know you can't."

Kurt laughs. "No, I can't. I guess I just have a thing for prep school uniforms."
Glee  Blaine/Kurt  PG-13  Romance  Humor  a:pyroclastic  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
preromantics: take me by the hand and tell me
First kiss fic featuring movies, car singing, picnics, and Brittany's ninth sense. They don't hold hands, not really, but when Kurt takes his hand away for a moment in the middle of the movie to rub some warmth back into his fingers before putting his hand back, Blaine takes it and presses his palm over the back of Kurt's hand, reaching with his fingers to rub circles against his knuckles.
Glee  Blaine/Kurt  PG-13  Schmoop  Dating  a:preromantics  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
lookninjas: Endearing
Three times Wes and David talked to Blaine about Kurt, and one time they talked to Kurt about Blaine.
Glee  Blaine/Kurt  angst  GayCrisis  Homophobia  a:lookninjas  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
sotto_voice: Garcon & Somewhere Only we Know
Kurt never should have left his iPhone with Tina. It's hard to keep a secret when someone is reading your texts.
Glee  Blaine/Kurt  Pre-Slash  PG-13  a:sotto_voice  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
tzi & zaganthi: Do I Know You From a Frat Mixer, or Another Galaxy?
No one there knew he was fourteen, which was the best part. Someone had guessed he was eighteen, and he'd let them think that he was that old, old enough to have probably been drinking the booze in his parents' cupboards.
SGA  Mcshep  NC-17  Earthside  MetPriorToCanon  Underage  Pre-Series  Dub-Con  Angst  a:tzi  a:zaganthi  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
giddygeek: Go Out Swinging
Sleeping with Sheppard does not kill his...feelings for Jennifer. It just takes up a lot of the time he might have otherwise spent thinking about her. It's problematic, though. He reconciles it in his head as sex with his best friend, who is surprisingly passionate and affectionate, but still not likely to give him what he's almost surprised to find he wants -- a home, family.
SGA  Mcshep  NC-17  Pining!John  Clueless!Rodney  LastToKnow  FirstTimeTogether  Schmoop  ToothAche  PickMeUp  Humor  a:giddygeek  wc:2-5k  Jealous!John 
november 2010 by honeynougat
alyse: Sixty-Eight
They have, by Rodney's calculations (and Rodney's calculations are never wrong) had sex sixty-eight times.
SGA  Mcshep  NC-17  PWP  EstablishedRelationship  Hot  GUH!  69  BJ  a:alyse  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
trinityofone: Applied Mathematics
McKay sometimes watches him when he flies, sitting in the co-pilot’s chair, looking pensive but somehow carefree. John doesn’t get that: how McKay’s interest can be so vague, like he’s intrigued, but never really enraptured by anything. There’s something oddly cold about his stare.
SGA  AR  Mcshep  au:MENSA  Math  PG-13  Angst  FirstTimeTogether  a:trinityofone  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
thegrrrl: Not A Love Song
"I'm not gay, all right?" John announced, dropping his tray on the table with a thud.
SGA  Mcshep  NC-17  FirstTimeTogether  DADT  LastToKnow  a:thegrrrl  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
flowerfaerie17: The Mind of Mckay
Zelenka strapped the metal band to Mckay's head and took a step back to were the crowd stood waiting.
SGA  Gen  Angst  VisibleThoughts  a:flowerfaerie17  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
apple_pi: Everyone Knew Her as Nancy
“Don’t try to look all angry and hot at me, Colonel,” Rodney snapped. “Your ex-girlfriend is trying to kill me, you don’t get to be the pissed-off one."
SGA  Mcshep  R  Sentient!Atlantis  FavoredSon  EstablishedRelationship  Jealous!Atlantis  a:apple_pi  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat
mmmchelle: Passion Put to Use
John was staring at him, narrow-eyed, aroused, full of desire and wanting and it was all for him. Rodney was certain that even if John looked at him like that for the next thirty years he wouldn't get used to it. Or the way it made him feel.
SGA  Mcshep  NC-17  PWP  EstablishedRelationship  Bottom!John  Hot  RollyPolly  Schmoop  a:mmmchelle  a:thegrrrl  wc:2-5k 
november 2010 by honeynougat

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