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i wanna see you lookin' up
“I have a theory that you’re the best here at giving head.”
Shane misses his mouth with his drink, and absolutely does not notice.
“You have?”
“Out of everyone here, yeah. Theoretically. In my opinion. That’s the game,” Ryan replies, and Shane can’t tell if Ryan’s actually desperately trying to keep his cool and succeeding, or he’s just drunk enough that he doesn’t care that he’s just said that. “You just have that vibe.”
fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  pairing:shane/ryan  author:sarcasticfishes  Loc:AO3  WC:0-5k 
january 2019 by khyie
Accustomed To Disguise
Jingyan tucked his hands into his sleeves and said with serene and infinite calm, “I am going to kill him.”
fandom:nirvana  in  fire  pairing:suzhe/jiaojingyan  author:emilyenrose  Loc:AO3  WC:0-5k 
december 2018 by khyie
In Other Hands
“Missing your boy, Little Red?” Rachel Sunborn asked.
“No,” Elliot said. He was not. He was independent and self-assured and didn’t care if all his friends were off at a tournament without him, throwing things at people for a week for absolutely no good reason and probably getting themselves killed.
Or: Five times someone suggested Elliot or Luke sleep with someone else, and one time they didn’t need to.

(This book was pretty much everything I loved about SRB's writing when she was doing fanfic and, despite what I would consider an unfortunate cover, absolutely worth the read and I want there to be all the fanfic for it)
fandom:inotherlands  author:linsky  pairing:luke/elliot  WC:0-5k  Loc:AO3  trope:fivetimes 
june 2018 by khyie
Like blood and bruises and his mouth
LOVE this. A perfect rendering of Adam's state post Fiona's death.
author:hestia8  fandom:spooks  pairing:adam/zaf  wc:0-5k 
april 2018 by nubreed73
Recreational Use Only
Oh god this is so perfect and I just love Zaf so much it hurts.
fandom:spooks  author:saffronra  wc:0-5k  pairing:adam/zaf 
march 2018 by nubreed73
Hearth and Home
Palebluedot does it again. Ahhhhhhh so gorgeous and full of need but also lovely and calm and mmmmmm
fandom:black_sails  pairing:flint/hamilton  author:palebluedot  wc:0-5k  hnnnghhotness 
march 2018 by nubreed73
This is INSANELY HOT and wonderfully inline with canon - Thomas needs to shut up and James is a magnificent bastard.
fandom:black_sails  pairing:flint/hamilton  wc:0-5k  author:neery  hnnnghhotness 
march 2018 by nubreed73

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