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Invite the Pack - samyazaz
Stiles knows to be careful in the woods, he knows how to avoid poison oak, but whatever he's fallen into during one of Derek's latest pack exercise, he's very sure no one ever warned him about it, and that is epically unfair.

It started off as a flush as he jogged after the rest of the pack. By the time they'd finished their run, he was hot all over, but figured a run would do that to you. But several hours and one icy shower later, he's still feeling flushed and his breath is short and he's very sure something is very wrong.

He texts Derek because Scott may be his best friend, but they'll never be able to look each other in the eye again if they have this conversation. Sos need ur help stat. He unlocks the window, then falls into bed feverish and aching.
!teen.wolf  *derek/stiles  *stiles/others  2013  wc:0-1k  =NC-17  author:samyazaz  sex.pollen 
september 2013 by teprometo
Status Quo - samyazaz
It's easy, holding himself back. Arthur's the guy who's got a new girl on his arm every other week, the sort of guy who groans and covers his eyes and objects loudly should he be witness to even the briefest glimpse of male nudity in a TV show or movie. It makes it easy for Merlin, knowing he's straight, knowing there's no chance.
author:samyazaz  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  wc:0-1k  2013  intoxication  gay.for.you  first.time  scent.kink 
july 2013 by teprometo
Overflow - flammablehat
Arthur knows Merlin likes him. It's textbook hero-worship with a twist. Merlin dawdles after class, actually answers when Arthur asks after his weekend, and he goes smiley and squirmy when Arthur compliments or teases him. It's very pleasant — what Arthur imagines it would feel like to get a nice scratch behind the ears if he were a dog — and it's dangerous.
author:flammablehat  =NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  modern.au  age.disparity  2013  first.time  power.imbalance 
july 2013 by teprometo
Newlyweds - ifyouweremine
They fuck on the floor of the honeymoon suite, too impatient to reach the bed.
=NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  marriage  2009  modern.au  author:ifyouweremine 
may 2013 by teprometo
Drunken Shagging in a Flying Death Basket: A Romance - ifyouweremine
“If you’ve liquored me up to take advantage of me sexually,” said Merlin, leaning against him, “I’d like you to know that it’s working, and please continue.”
=NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  intoxication  *arthur/merlin  2009  modern.au  author:ifyouweremine 
may 2013 by teprometo
How Alexander Graham Bell Helped Arthur and Merlin Get Their Freak On from Long-Distance - ifyouweremine
“Prat. I don’t even know why I miss you.” “Probably because your life would be cold and empty without my heroic good looks and vivacious personality. Plus, I have a huge cock.”
wc:0-1k  !merlin  =R  phone.sex  *arthur/merlin  dialogue.only  modern.au  2009  author:ifyouweremine 
may 2013 by teprometo
Untitled porny porn - ifyouweremine
500 words of Arthur and Merlin having sex. That’s it, basically.
=NC-17  pwp  wc:0-1k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  2009  author:ifyouweremine  canon.era 
may 2013 by teprometo
Into You - Violette_Royale
Oil wrestling had been Arthur's idea. It'd looked fun when they first saw it in one of the dodgy taverns Gwaine frequented.
=NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  wrestling  *arthur/merlin  canon.era  2012  author:violette_royale 
may 2013 by teprometo
Untitled Microfics - lettered
"What would you have been," Six says (always with that scythe of a smile), "if it hadn't been for me?" Gaius thinks about it--for the first time, honestly thinks about it: endless lines of code, defense software, databases; that sleek apartment, all glass--always still too close to the sick stench of sweet hay, always escaping the rough furrows of the plough, never far enough away (until now). "A machine," he tells her; the most basic command of any program is run.
wc:0-1k  *gaius.baltar/caprica.six  =PG  microfic  !battlestar.galactica  2013  author:lettered 
april 2013 by teprometo
Bet on it - vlaffles
They made a bet they could go a month (or whatever) without sex with each other and they don't intend to lose. But there's always a loophole, and nobody said they couldn't watch each other.
masturbation  =NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  established.relationship  modern.au  2013  author:vlaffles 
march 2013 by teprometo
Almost True - anon
As a cruel pratical joke, Morgana steals/empties the boys' stash of condoms. They don't realise until they are both hard and ready to have sex. Merlin finds the situation very amusing, and explains that there are other things they can do besides fucking. They end up fucking anyway.
barebacking  =NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  2013  author:anon 
march 2013 by teprometo
A Friend in Need - SPowell
Merlin has two broken hands and could use some help.
=NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  modern.au  2013  author:spowell 
march 2013 by teprometo

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