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MIT Self-Driving Cars: Sacha Arnoud, Director of Engineering, Waymo - YouTube
Via “Jack Creasey” on LinkedIn:

Video from MIT 6.S094 course on Self-Driving cars

It's rare to get any real details from Google/Waymo, but this presentation is a bit of an exception.
The first 20 mins is historical and can be skipped ....but the presentation is well worth watching.

The biggest takeaway from Sacha, when you are 90% complete in your solution you still have 90% (of the time) left to get to release.
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10 days ago by cwr
Amir Efrati on Twitter: "Just out: The truth about Waymo... https://t.co/q9Oet5j5Ck"
Errors in digital maps that Waymo’s vans rely on. Hardware failures or miscalibrations have been common too, including with lidars and cameras. “Shit like that pops up all the time,” said one person who has examined data on this at Waymo
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27 days ago by jomc
RT : Is Worth $175 Billion Even Before Launching Its Self-Driving Cars via
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4 weeks ago by TomRaftery

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