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Daimler und BMW kooperieren: Gemeinsam stärker - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Auch wollen die beiden Autohersteller näher beim Thema Batteriezellen für Elektroautos zusammenarbeiten. Daimler will ebenso wie BMW seine Energiespeicher von CATL beziehen. Der Markt für Elektroautos ist angespannt. Die Rohstoffkosten steigen, weil die Nachfrage nach Zellen hoch ist. Gerade einmal drei Hersteller dominieren das Geschäft: CATL in China, LG Chem im Rest der Welt und Panasonic als Partner von Toyota und Tesla. Womöglich wollen die beiden deutschen Premiumhersteller mit ihrer gemeinsamen Allianz dem Batteriegiganten aus China mit einer Stimme entgegentreten - denn CATL verlangt teils saftige Preise.
Welche Konkurrenten gibt es?

Die deutschen Hersteller haben zunehmend starke Konkurrenten aus dem Silicon Valley wie die Google-Tochter Waymo, die Milliarden in die Entwicklung von autonomen Fahren investiert. Das Unternehmen will zwar selbst keine Autos bauen, aber das Betriebssystem für selbstfahrende Autos liefern. Damit könnte Google den Standard für autonome Fahrzeuge setzen.
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Self-Driving Cars Will Always Be Limited. Even the Industry Leader Admits it.
However, even Waymo’s CEO, John Krafcik, now admits that the self-driving car that can drive in any condition, on any road, without ever needing a human to take control — what’s usually called a “level 5” autonomous vehicle — will never exist. At the Wall Street Journal’s D.Live conference on November 13, Krafcik said that “autonomy will always have constraints.” It will take decades for self-driving cars to become common on roads, and even then they will not be able to drive in certain conditions, at certain times of the year, or in any weather. In short, sensors on autonomous vehicles don’t work well in snow or rain — and that may never change.
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12 days ago by unclespeedo
The Deadly Recklessness of the Self-Driving Car Industry
At least one major executive in Google’s autonomous car division reportedly exempted himself from test program protocol, directly caused a serious crash, injured his passenger, and never informed police that it was caused by a self-driving car.

..."A car was damaged nearly every other day in February. We shouldn’t be hitting things every 15,000 miles. Repeated infractions for poor driving rarely results in termination. Several of the drivers appear to not have been properly vetted or trained.”
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Waymo’s driverless taxis are not free of labour costs
December 10, 2018 | Financial Times | Ashley Nunes.

After years of work, Waymo — Alphabet’s self-driving subsidiary — has finally unveiled its driverless taxi service. Dubbed Waymo One, it is available to locals in some Arizona suburbs. ....Competitors including Ford, General Motors and Mercedes hold similar aspirations. All three are expected to launch robotaxi services. For now, Waymo is leading and equity analysts are cheering.....A bigger problem for Waymo is its pricing. The company says fares are competitive with ride-hailing apps Uber and Lyft. However, they are lossmaking enterprises that rely on investors to subsidise fares. Self-driving technology is expected to change this by eliminating the cost of human drivers. But there is a problem. Waymo’s driverless cars arguably use even more human capital than the manned set-up employed by Uber and Lyft.

First, there is the safety driver. Every Waymo robotaxi has one. The company says these individuals, “supervise vehicles for riders’ comfort and convenience”. Additional support personnel are also on hand to answer rider queries — things like: “What if I want to change my destination during the trip?” There is also the fleet response team — a dedicated group of Waymo engineers whose job is to solve vexing road problems, such as what to do when a lane is blocked.
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