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anja kanngieser on Twitter: "this is a long thread on #nauru, where i spent last week. nauru is currently most visible as a site for australia’s offshore detention of asylum seekers and refugees. it is also the location of a longstanding #phosphate mine
"this is a long thread on #nauru, where i spent last week. nauru is currently most visible as a site for australia’s offshore detention of asylum seekers and refugees. it is also the location of a longstanding #phosphate mine which covers over 2/3 of the island 1/22

#nauru is experiencing considerable #climatechange. im going to outline some of the social-environmental stresses i observed that nauruans, refugees and asylum seekers are facing, and why we need to talk about #colonialism and #environmental racism for #climatejustice 2/22

#nauru is a beautiful island. its main resource is #phosphate. germany colonised nauru in the late 1800s and in the early 1900s the british found phosphate and started to exploit it for fertiliser and munitions with australia and nz, who became nauru’s trustees in the 1920s 3/22

during both world wars #nauru was a strategic imperial site and was occupied by multiple nations. in the 1960s nauru gained independence and took over mining activities 4/22

these days its extremely hard to get onto #nauru. i was invited to do work on community #mitigation and #adaptation measures. my work involves speaking with community leaders, environment organisations, government workers, activists 5/22

it also involves making #bioacoustic recordings of environments - #nauru's mine, the reef, the lagoon. this means i spend a lot of time listening. this is some of what i was told: 6/22

#nauru is running out of land. there are too many people living on the coast, as topside (the mining site) has not been rehabilitated. its a moonscape up there - huge phosphate pinnacles segregated by steep drops. its hot - it feels like 50 degrees, and its super humid 7/22

no one really goes up there, except people working in the mine, ihms employees and the border force. and refugees and asylum seekers, because thats where the detention centres are. you cant play there or just hang out, its too hot, and if youre not in aircon its unbearable 8/22

#coastal erosion is bad around the north of #nauru. sea walls protect one area but then other areas get flooded. #kingtides flood the single road that runs around the island, meaning people cant get around to access services 9/22

houses on the coast side of the main road on #nauru get #inundated. because of a lack of land, people cant really move far 10/22

much of the ground water in #nauru is #contaminated, by waste, from overpopulated cemeteries leaking into the water lens, run off from the mine and sea water. there is a huge stress on water supplies 11/22

most of #nauru gets its water from the desalination plant, but it takes a long time to get water and if it breaks experts need to be flown in to fix it. not everyone has a water tank, so there are water shortages 12/22

its hard to grow food on #nauru so food is imported. there are long lines of people whenever a shipment of rice is due to arrive. cucumbers cost $13AUD, a punnet of cherry tomatoes $20AUD. people do not earn anywhere near enough money to be able to afford it 13/22

kitchen gardens have been established on #nauru, but they only feed the families that have them, a lot of people feel their soil is not adequate to growing food 14/22

reef fish stocks are depleted on #nauru, so there is a plan to build milkfish supplies in peoples home ponds. as the water is contaminated that means that the fish are contaminated. if people feed the fish to the pigs and eat the pigs, then that meat is also contaminated 15/22

the #phosphate dust from the mine causes respiratory issues in #nauru. it covers houses near the harbour and people refer to it as snow. while primary mining is almost complete, secondary mining is planned. this should last around 20 years, then the phosphate is gone 16/22

#nauru is getting hotter. its so hot that kids dont want to walk to school, which is not aircon. its so hot that no one is really outside during the day. the heat on the coast is not as bad as the heat on topside. but its still hot enough that you dont want to move 17/22

i was told that people remember it being 20 degrees cooler when they were kids. #nauru goes through extreme #droughts 18/22

there are issues with #biodiversity loss and strange movements of sea creatures. i recorded a dusk chorus at a mining site and heard only one bird. at the start of the year dead fish littered the reef. this happens periodically, no one could tell me why 19/22

the noddy birds, which people rely on for food, got a virus earlier this year and there were fallen noddy birds all over the roads. people have spotted orcas in #nauru’s waters. a dugong also washed up on shore. they are not known to inhabit that area 20/22

as i said, these issues affect everyone on #nauru. nauru is highly vulnerable to #climatechange. it is also hugely economically reliant on aid, on the money from the incarceration of refugees and asylum seekers and a rapidly diminishing natural resource: phosphate 21/22

this is why conversations about human rights and environmental justice in #nauru and the #pacific also need to include strong critiques of #neocolonialism, #racism and #paternalism. nauru wasnt always like this. these are ongoing impacts of colonisation 22/22"
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Learning to Swim - by sunshine (sunshinepiveh)
The man ducked under the strung up plastic beads and swam gracefully under the water to the ladder, then hoisted himself out of the water with one great tug, water slicking off his toned body, and Spock sat, entranced. The man pulled his goggles off his face and up onto the top of his head, wiping any residual moisture from his eyes with damp hands (inefficient) and blinked up at Spock, his face splitting into a wide grin.

“Hey man. I saw you watching. You swim?”

Spock blinked, caught off guard. He stared at the man before him. His eyes were blue, Spock noted. Startlingly blue. And he had dark impressions under his eyes from where the goggles had cut in. Spock tried to parse what had just been said. He'd been caught out in his watching? When? “Negative. However, I intend to do so presently,” he explained, distracted as the man fished his towel off of one of the bleachers and began to wipe off his face, finally freeing his hair from its silicone confines to reveal a bright blond cap of hair.

The man searched Spock for a moment with a curious look to his face. “You're Vulcan, right?” he observed. “I can't imagine there's much water on your planet.”

“You are correct.” Spock stated simply. “However, it is Starfleet regulation that I should pass a basic swim test if I intend to fly. As I am soon to graduate and do intend to fly, I am required to acquire the necessary skills.”

“Do you have a teacher then?” the blond arched a brow at him.

Spock straightened his already impeccable posture. “I do not. However, I have studied the theory at length --”

The blond burst into a hearty, tinkling laughter, and Spock stiffened. He'd never been comfortable with people laughing at him, regardless of his long attempts at ignoring it. However, the man's laughter died out and he looked surprisingly un-malicious in response to Spock's own cutting glare. “Listen, theory is one thing but practice is something else.” He ran a hand through his damp hair. “Why don't you let me teach you? We've both got Tuesday evenings free at the very least. I come every week night from nine to ten. You show up, I'll help you out.”
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Field visit to a village in Rajasthan who aim to capture all their rainwater. This well shows how high the t…
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Grace Foundation
"The Grace Foundation raises funds and engages people with resources (money, knowledge, influence) to invest in a system change. [...] We further the creation of Terra Nova by supporting a network of comprehensive cultural models which we call healing biotopes. These centers aim to be self-sufficient thus laying the base for an alternative economy, decentralized and free from the conventional mechanisms of interest, debt and exploitation. This alternative economy is key to humanizing money. We support the implementation of this network by funding education and knowledge-sharing."

"Established in 2007 by Sabine Lichtenfels and Rainer Ehrenpreis (Schweibenalp). The original inspiration to create a conduit for diverting money into large-scale peace work came to Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn during a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. The strategy of building models for bringing about system change is based upon a political theory developed by Dr. Dieter Duhm and brought to life in the community of Tamera in Southern Portugal which we recognize as the first model ‘healing biotope’."

Ethical Principles:
"1) Work towards decentralized regional self-sufficiency in water, food and energy thus providing the complicity-free material base for a new culture.

2) Give equal attention to inner and outer peace work. It is seldom that a project fails due to external pressure alone. Egoic structures like struggles for power and attention, jealousy and envy need to be addressed and transformed for the healing of our culture of separation. This work must be held in balance with the needs of and the service to the larger whole.

3) Accept and address love and sexuality as aspects of the dominant culture which are in particular need of healing. These issues must be released from the domain of privacy and brought into public discourse for the healing and learning of all.

4) Support a spiritual practice which places the sacredness of life at its center.

5) Create an economy based on reciprocity, communal sharing and giving. One in which economy and ecology are restored to their right relationship – with economy serving ecology."

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Bob le mini lave-vaisselle - Daan Technologies
Bob, le lave-vaisselle compact et écolo made in France est disponible. Pensé pour les petits appartements, il consomme cinq fois moins d'eau par cycle qu'un lavage à la main.
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The Story of Cork | Flaska
glass botle made in Florence Italy.
Made in Slovenia
Cork from Spain Miguel Pacheco.
Health  Water 
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