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Interactive Water Exhibits at tomegan.net, contact tom@tomegan.net, 1-785-342-5886
Tom has been creating deeply engaging water exhibits for Science Centers and Museums around the World for 18 years.
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17 hours ago by tonious
Benefits Of An In-ground Irrigation System
Have you given any thought into investing in an in-ground irrigation system? They are a tremendous investment that will benefit you in a number of ways.
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20 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Scientists now know exactly how lead got into Flint's water • Smithsonian Magazine
Ben Panko:
<p>Haizhou Liu, an environmental engineer at the University of California at Riverside who studies corrosion and water quality, praised the study’s “careful sampling,” and said it shows how crucial phosphates are to controlling corrosion in water systems. More importantly, he says, it portends the future America faces with outdated water systems in the 21st century. “In my opinion, the Flint story reveals the challenges to maintain our aging water infrastructure nationwide,” says Liu, who was not involved in this study.

While not a new revelation to experts, Edwards says this study exemplifies how lead from main service pipes can build up in the galvanized iron pipes used inside and outside of many American houses built before 1987, and leach from those pipes into the water even after the lead pipes are gone. Using samples taken by Walters in January 2015 and sections of the iron pipe that connected Walters’ house to the lead service pipe, Edwards was able to pinpoint the contamination patterns.

Curt Guyette, an investigative reporter with the Michigan branch of the ACLU who helped expose the lead crisis in Flint, profiled Walters in 2014 for a documentary on the city’s growing water problems. “There’s just a very severe lack of trust,” says Guyette about Flint residents’ current relationship with both their water supply and their government officials.

This suspicion isn’t limited to Flint. Guyette says that on his travels across the country, he’s encountered many Americans who now know and worry about lead in their own drinking water. “What this study does is only add to the evidence of how widespread the concern should be,” he says. Edwards is now working to study the efficacy of Flint’s citywide efforts to replace lead pipes, and says this study is just the first step in getting the full picture.</p>

The article is a little confusing - it talks about lead in the houses coming from the rust in the non-lead galvanised iron pipes; only later do you realise that the rust trapped lead leaching from the (lead) service pipes, but then the rust leached out (due to phosphates).

But also: the externalities of underinvestment in infrastructure (in favour of low taxes) eventually come back to bite you.
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2 days ago by charlesarthur
Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Bigger and Mostly Made of Fishing Gear
"Microplastics make up 94 percent of an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic in the patch. But that only amounts to eight percent of the total tonnage. As it turns out, of the 79,000 metric tons of plastic in the patch, most of it is abandoned fishing gear—not plastic bottles or packaging drawing headlines today."
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2 days ago by pacpost
4 Benefits Of An Irrigation System
Have you ever considered investing in an irrigation system for your yard? Although they may seem like a costly expense, they are a tremendous investment.
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2 days ago by Adventure_Web

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