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Creepy military-style watchtower sold to police
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12 weeks ago by nelson
Regent of the Sky
Batman gets to troll the Justice League as Bruce Wayne when he and others receive a tour of the Watchtower
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september 2016 by Kateri
Favorite: Grand Canyon National Park Cloud Inversion from Desert View: November 29, 2013 photo 0801, by Grand Canyon NPS
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august 2015 by pauljacobson
Favorite: the watchtower, by jaumescar
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august 2015 by pauljacobson
Yes, This Is the Study Edition! — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY
As is explained in this month’s issue, a new feature, “From Our Archives,” is being added to show significant developments in the modern-day history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Also, true-life experiences will occasionally appear under the heading “They Offered Themselves Willingly.” These will vividly describe the joy, satisfaction, and happiness that brothers and sisters have experienced by serving where there is a greater need for Kingdom proclaimers.
watchtower  wol  from-our-archives  archives 
june 2015 by interactivelogic
Beth Sarim - Wikipedia
"Beth Sarim (Hebrew בית שרים "House of the Princes") is a ten-bedroom mansion in San Diego, California, constructed in 1929 in anticipation of various resurrected Old Testament biblical patriarchs or prophets such as Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah and Samuel. It was maintained by the Watch Tower Society, the parent organization used by Jehovah's Witnesses, and was also used as a winter home and executive office for Watch Tower president Joseph Franklin Rutherford."

[Address (private residence): 4440 Braeburn Rd ]
bethsarim  sandiego  kensington  tovisit  1929  josephfranklinrutherford  jehova'switnesses  watchtower 
december 2014 by robertogreco

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