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Finally set a date for Recovery Cafe, it will be on the 27th of September!! for mor…
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august 2018 by jennifermjones
The FT dev team are building interesting things.
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july 2018 by oliver.turner
RT : We’ll be announcing a number of new associates joining our team soon 💡
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june 2018 by stuartberry1
Unlisted snippets (#13235) · Issues · / GitLab Community Edition · GitLab |
I would like to have snippets that are viewable by everyone, but not listed everywhere (IE you have to know the URL). Just like secret gists on GitHub Gist.
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may 2018 by kme
We've got a big announcement to make! Can you guess what it is?
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april 2018 by sophiebessemer
MySQL Bugs: #5159: Views: Comments are not preserved |
This feature request is 18 years old now. People still express interest about this and other related feature requests. You may not consider it vital, but please don't understimate what Bruno Aquino Filardi Filho wrote: self documenting database is really important.
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april 2018 by kme
Almost there with the new extension to the brewery.
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march 2018 by shawnday
3:49.44 in the Mile today for

Next up: 3000m at tomorrow

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february 2018 by pjmorse
MySQL Bugs: #15975: Optional parameters support in stored procedures |
The workaround as mentioned here ( is to pass the "optional" parameter in as NULL and check 'is NULL' with an 'IF' statement inside the procedure.
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january 2018 by kme

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