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. Just dropped one of Rorschach's best lines 🙌🏻
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8 days ago by jgd3
RT : . Just quoted Rorschach from . 🙂
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8 days ago by theory
Nite Owl is a Filthy Liar (With Nice Hands) - Chapter 1 - etherati - Watchmen - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
One beer leads to many beers leads to headaches leads to mistaking ED meds for aspirin. Leads to porn, naturally. A sexicomedy in eight acts.
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9 weeks ago by unread
Between the Brushstrokes - etherati - Watchmen [Archive of Our Own]
The future: A human clockwork machine stripped of its spirit, unexpected puppetstrings, hidden resistance, a dissociated and buried brilliance at the helm, two displaced vigilantes and, apparently, there are still Waffle Houses.
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9 weeks ago by unread
Vessel - Steals_Thyme (Liodain) - Watchmen - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
It's always Daniel who caters to your needs, and his kind attentiveness is rarely reciprocated. Not because you don't want to, but because you can't. You tell yourself you can't.
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11 weeks ago by unread
Damon Lindelof's return to HBO is officially one year away:
is coming in 2019! Here are the full details,…
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august 2018 by acdlite
The night shift - Chapter 1 - old_fashioned_gal - Watchmen - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Post Keene act, Dan trains as a doctor. One night, a certain ginger hobo is brought into the ER.
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july 2018 by unread
Pagliacci Clown Joke Variant (spacetwinks on Twitter)
doctor: treatment is simple. go see orville, very funny clown

pagliacci: what about pagliacci?

doctor: pagliacci? man i could not name a more suckass clown


doctor: just downright dogshit of a clown
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april 2018 by davextreme

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