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Meet the Bottomless Pinocchio, a new rating for a false claim repeated over and over again - The Washington Post
“To accurately reflect this phenomenon, The Washington Post Fact Checker is introducing a new category — the Bottomless Pinocchio. That dubious distinction will be awarded to politicians who repeat a false claim so many times that they are, in effect, engaging in campaigns of disinformation.

“The bar for the Bottomless Pinocchio is high: The claims must have received three or four Pinocchios from The Fact Checker, and they must have been repeated at least 20 times. Twenty is a sufficiently robust number that there can be no question the politician is aware that his or her facts are wrong. The list of Bottomless Pinocchios will be maintained on its own landing page.”
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At NPR, an army of temps faces a workplace of anxiety and insecurity - The Washington Post
“In interviews, eight current and former temps described their employment at NPR as a stressful, precarious experience. Most spoke on the condition of anonymity to not jeopardize current or future assignments.

“Like Botero, several said they didn’t feel prepared for some of the assignments they were given. They also described a sense of vulnerability and insecurity, given that NPR maintains a large pool of temps who can easily replace them.”
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Aleksandra Sandstrom on Twitter: "Every single one of these romances recommended by @sarahmaclean in today's @washingtonpost looks like a winner and they're all books I haven't read yet. You bet your buttons I added them all to my TBR. 🙌… https://t.c
“Every single one of these romances recommended by @sarahmaclean in today’s @washingtonpost looks like a winner and they’re all books I haven’t read yet. You bet your buttons I added them all to my TBR.”

// The books are:
• “The Duke I Tempted” by Scarlett Peckham
• “The Duke Who Ravished Me” by Diana Quincy
• “Luck of the Draw” by Kate Clayborn
• “Scoring off the Field” by Entangled
• “Thirsty” by Mia Hopkins
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That day when publishes an opinion piece written by Recep Tayyip : still has m…
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