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Slanted: TypeCon 2016 Seattle
Coverage and review of TypeCon2016 by Patrick Gosnell, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee
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7 days ago by splorp
Smithsonian Museum of American History: Within These Walls
Discover five of the families who lived in this house from the colonial era to World War II.

At the center of this gallery is a partially reconstructed house that stood for 200 years at 16 Elm Street in Ipswich, Massachusetts, about 30 miles north of Boston. The house and the exhibition that surrounds it tell the stories of five families who lived there over the years and made history in their kitchens and parlors, through everyday choices and personal acts of courage and sacrifice. Through their lives, the exhibition explores some of the important ways ordinary people have been part of the great changes and events in American history.
The exhibition features:
the largest artifact in the museum, a Georgian-style, two-and-a-half-story timber-framed house
an 18th-century tea table
an anti-slavery almanac and the Wedgwood Anti-Slavery medallion
a Philco radio from the 1930s
World War II-era cookbooks, posters, rationing coupons
a proximity fuse, used to detonate bombs and artillery shells.
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20 days ago by dbourn
Shale industry under criminal investigation
State Attorney General Josh Shapiro is pursuing criminal investigations of “environmental crimes” committed by the oil and gas industry in Washington County and possibly throughout the state
SWPA  shale  gas  fracking  investigation  washington 
21 days ago by afunk

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