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Monster Under the Bed - BasementVampire - My Chemical Romance
“You’re not real. Go away,” Gerard ordered.
“If I’m not real, then who are you talking to?” it countered.
“My imagination.”
“Can your imagination shake the bed?”
Gerard screeched. “Stop that!”
There was a sigh from underneath the bed. “It makes me sad to be told I’m not real. Sad and angry.”
Gerard whimpered and squeezed his eyes shut. “All right—you’re real! Stop shaking the bed!”
"<5k  host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  =BasementVampire  %frank/gerard  &fantasy  *smut  /act(anal)  /sex-rough  /breathplay  /crying  /bloodplay  /humiliation  /namecalling  /D/s  /sm  warning:dubcon  warning:violence 
9 days ago by LadyLame
Sweetbriar15 - let the shadows fall behind you - Descendants (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
[blockquote]"You don't understand what you're asking. My world doesn't work the way yours does." Nevertheless, Mal tells her mother no...and suffers the consequences, alongside the captured royalty of Auradon, as the villains rampage and her trusted best friends remain unfettered, feigning loyalty to their parents. Divided, the Isle-born rotten quartet must rely on old allies to survive, as well as their tenuous relationships with their Auradon-born peers. They don't have much time to uncover their strengths and make their choices, but... ("Our parents made their choice. Now you make yours.") They have nothing to lose.[/blockquote] AU ending of first film, because segregating evil villains from the rest of society does not logically look like a half-humorous cohort of “has-beens”.
!fic  fandom:disneydescendants  site:archiveofourown  note:series  status:work-in-progress  rating:PG13-R  warning:canon-typical-warnings  warning:abuse  warning:violence  warning:other/unspecified  character:mal  character:jay  character:evie  character:carlos.de.vil  character:ben  character:VKs  character:HKs 
5 weeks ago by shamelessly_mkp
Unholyverse - Bexless - Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Stigmata (1999)
“He thinks I have stigmata,” Frank said, because what the fucking hell, it couldn’t get any worse. He might as well just lay it out.
“Oh, well,” said Brian into his hands. “Of course.”

Religion! Horror! Exorcisms! Piercings! And Gerard is a priest.
"100k+  host:ao3  rated.e  =Bexless  #mcr  #falloutboy  %frank/gerard  %ray/mikey  *horror  *action  *adventure  *slowburn  +religion  !***  +pining  +happy.ending  +angst  warning:violence  +found.family  &tattoo.parlor  +tattoos  &priest  +hurt/comfort  +grief  &fighting.evil  series:Unholyverse 
6 weeks ago by LadyLame
Guys Like Us - bgoodg - My Chemical Romance
"You know how it is for guys like us. All we have is our word and our loyalty. Without that, we're just guns with legs."
Frank is the muscle, Mikey is next in line and Bob is the police officer investigating them. Shoot em up yeah.
rated.e  host:ao3  "20-50k  #mcr  %frank/mikey  %bob/frank/mikey  =bgoodg  *action  &mob  &crime  warning:violence 
6 weeks ago by LadyLame
Letters to Bucky
Stuck in rehab after a near-fatal accident, Tony reaches out via letters to a soldier overseas, and Bucky is more than happy to write back, drawn to Tony for a reason he can't quite name. One or two letters turn into a years worth, then come the phone calls, with Tony quickly realizing that Bucky's voice, with that rolling Brooklyn accent might be his new favorite sound.
When Bucky shows up unannounced at Tony's door, one thing leads to another and maybe a confession or two is made. But Bucky's tour overseas isn't over yet, not even close, and they have months more of distance between them.
Then Bucky disappears, missing in action, and Tony doesn't know if he will ever get his soldier back. And if Bucky DOES make it home, will he be the same boy from Brooklyn who sent Tony love poems, or has his time away and his injuries changed him for good?
author:notevenclosetostraight  fandom:avengers  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:bucky/tony  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:fluff  genre:angst  warning:violence  status:complete  count:40000-50000  favorite 
august 2018 by slashpimp
Series || Something Interesting
Shawn and Gus were celebrating the opening of a new nightclub near Shawn’s apartment. The night was turning enjoyable, drinks were reasonably priced, the music was deafening but danceable and with a magnificent feat of wingwomanship, Shawn had found Gus a girl. A true miracle indeed.

Not to sound smug, but this had been a brilliant idea on Shawn’s part.

But then Shawn wakes up in an alley early the next morning, covered in cuts and bruises, miles away from the club and her apartment, with no memory as to how she got there.

And Shawn is scared.

For the first time Shawn finds herself on the other side of the thin blue line, not as a suspect, but as a victim.

And Shawn thinks she preferred being the suspect.
author:vanyainstance  fandom:psych  rating:pg13  type:slash  type:het  genre:drama  genre:AU  pairing:lassiter/spencer  warning:violence  warning:sexswap  status:complete  series:inprogress  count:50000-100000 
august 2018 by slashpimp
Series || The Components of Construction
So Jarvis is the one who pulls her up onto her feet, presses a tool into one hand and a book into the other and tells her to create. Tells her that if the numbers and the shapes and images in her mind hurt so bad then she should build them, should give them form so that they can finally leave her alone.

Jarvis is the one who finally teaches her how to breathe.


Toni Stark grows up with the tale of Icarus swirling in the back of her mind. Instead of taking it as a precautionary tale about hubris and overreaching she decides it's more about the limitations of wax.

Years later when she builds herself wings of her own she makes sure to build them out of better material.
author:RayShippouUchiha  fandom:avengers  rating:r  type:slash  type:het  pairing:bucky/tony  pairing:bucky/steve/tony  pairing:steve/tony  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:angst  warning:violence  warning:abuse  warning:threesome  status:inprogress  series:inprogress  favorite 
july 2018 by slashpimp
Blood In the Water (Love on the Tide)
“Huh,” Tony says as he stares down at them.

He bends down and picks the sunglasses up carefully. They’re in perfect condition, not a single scratch on them. Tony puts them on and pushes them up to rest in his hair even as he tries to ignore the chill that abruptly races down his spine.

“Must have slid the other way instead of off the side,” he mutters to himself as he resolutely ignores the fact that he knows that’s not true.

No need to make himself paranoid out here in the middle of the ocean.

Where no one can hear him scream.
author:rayshippouuchiha  fandom:avengers  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:bucky/tony  genre:AU  genre:humor  warning:violence  warning:creature  status:inprogress 
july 2018 by slashpimp
Death of Silence
When Tony is seriously injured during a routine assignment to collect voiceprints, Gibbs must deal with his conflicted feelings for Tony, as well as the destruction of his team.
author:jillyjames  fandom:ncis  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:dinozzo/gibbs  genre:drama  genre:angst  warning:violence  warning:abuse  status:complete  count:20000-30000 
july 2018 by slashpimp
Tony DiNozzo was used to his life changing unexpectedly. A broken leg in college turned him in the direction of becoming a police officer, a gunshot wound that nearly crippled him brought him to forensics, and now, coming online as a guide was going to take him someplace a little vicious.
author:jillyjames  fandom:ncis  fandom:thesentinel  crossover  rating:pg13  type:slash  pairing:dinozzo/gibbs  genre:drama  genre:fluff  genre:AU  warning:violence  status:complete  count:30000-40000 
july 2018 by slashpimp
Tony has known Tony for as long as he can think, their relationship starting as a tender friendship, established between two lonely boys in a boarding school, outlasting as an unbreakable bond well into adulthood. Both have been through a lot, and when life inevitably takes a dip into the unbearable again, one Tony is there for the other, unconditionally. It’s nothing they advertise, hell, sometimes, it is the only thing they have left that keeps them sane. Either Tony is comfortable with the other, yet, they are not so secretly pining for someone else, and they are aiming high – the one fell for his boss a long time ago (even though the bastard’s really working hard on breaking his heart), and the other has set his eyes (and his heart) on nothing less than a God. But Loki is damaged and the last thing he wants is a high-maintenance mortal, and Gibbs does not care anymore. At least that’s what they think…
author:nessaiya  fandom:ncis  fandom:avengers  type:slash  pairing:tonydinozzo/tonystark  pairing:dinozzo/gibbs  pairing:loki/tony  crossover  genre:AU  genre:drama  genre:angst  warning:violence  status:inprogress  rating:nc17 
june 2018 by slashpimp
Series || Wild
Set shortly after the 'Verbrechen and Strafe' OVA. A blend of sequential ficlets and longer stories.

"If only he would let me. If only I could talk to him!" Omi lifted his face, his eyes huge puddles of tears.
author:scribblemoose  fandom:weisskreuz  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:aya/yohji  pairing:crawford/ken  genre:drama  genre:angst  genre:horror  warning:violence  warning:dark  status:complete  count:20000-30000 
june 2018 by slashpimp
The Subtle Body
Steve McGarrett's unwitting rejection of a Guide he's never met in the week that he comes online leads him to a cursed path that is unspeakable for a Sentinel. He can do nothing but endure and protect the Guide meant to be his in the best way he can - no matter what form his body takes.
author:keiramarcos  fandom:ncis  fandom:thesentinel  fandom:hawaii50  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:stevemcgarrett/tonydinozzo  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:angst  genre:fantasy  genre:supernatural  warning:violence  warning:creature  crossover  status:complete  count:20000-30000 
june 2018 by slashpimp
Expect the Unexpected
In the field, everyone knows Steve is top dog. He’s the alpha of the Avengers in battle, the head honcho, the one calling the shots. He takes care of them all, makes sure everyone comes home.

Behind closed doors, though, Tony is the pack alpha. Which was, you know. Weird at first. The weeks post-Loki had been a little, uh, tense. What with everyone trying to figure out their place in the team hierarchy. Tony had thought Steve was the pack alpha, the team’s center. As it turned out, though, everyone- even Steve- deferred to him. What movie were they watching together? Oh I don’t know, Tony, you pick. Tony can you hold me. Tony can you sit with me. Tony I need you. Tony thank you so much.

Steve is alpha in battle. Tony is alpha in home. It had chafed at first, all his nasty self-confidence issues and self-doubt and self-loathing rearing their ugly heads. He could barely take care of himself. How the fuck was he supposed to take care of a pack?

But things had come naturally, surprisingly enough. If Steve was the pack’s strength, then Tony was its heart, however odd that struck him at times.


Bucky Barnes needs a place to stay. Tony Stark has that place.
author:jaspermoore  fandom:avengers  rating:pg13  type:slash  pairing:bucky/tony  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:angst  genre:AT  warning:abo  warning:torture  warning:violence  status:inprogress 
june 2018 by slashpimp
(I Fought the War) The War Won
“Finish it,” Tony tells him, face bruised, chest broken, and heart just … gone.

It has been ripped out by the roots again, like it had been once before not so long ago, on a couch in Malibu, with a familiar buzzing in Tony’s ears and betrayal high and sick in his throat.

And Tony doesn’t want to feel like this again, didn’t want any of the things that led to this.

Hadn’t wanted them right from the start.

All Tony had wanted was to keep their family safe.

Just like all he really wants Steve to do right now is stop.
author:rayshippouuchiha  fandom:avengers  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:steve/tony  genre:drama  genre:angst  warning:dark  warning:violence  status:inprogress  pairing:bucky/tony 
june 2018 by slashpimp

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