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Blood In the Water (Love on the Tide)
“Huh,” Tony says as he stares down at them.

He bends down and picks the sunglasses up carefully. They’re in perfect condition, not a single scratch on them. Tony puts them on and pushes them up to rest in his hair even as he tries to ignore the chill that abruptly races down his spine.

“Must have slid the other way instead of off the side,” he mutters to himself as he resolutely ignores the fact that he knows that’s not true.

No need to make himself paranoid out here in the middle of the ocean.

Where no one can hear him scream.
author:rayshippouuchiha  fandom:avengers  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:bucky/tony  genre:AU  genre:humor  warning:violence  warning:creature  status:inprogress 
july 2018 by slashpimp
The Subtle Body
Steve McGarrett's unwitting rejection of a Guide he's never met in the week that he comes online leads him to a cursed path that is unspeakable for a Sentinel. He can do nothing but endure and protect the Guide meant to be his in the best way he can - no matter what form his body takes.
author:keiramarcos  fandom:ncis  fandom:thesentinel  fandom:hawaii50  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:stevemcgarrett/tonydinozzo  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:angst  genre:fantasy  genre:supernatural  warning:violence  warning:creature  crossover  status:complete  count:20000-30000 
june 2018 by slashpimp
These ARE The Tentacles You're Looking For
Steve is a many-tentacled octopus-god who really just wants people to stop sacrificing to him and let him be a healer.

The Winter Soldier makes a fine sacrifice, in the waning days of Hydra.

Having found himself adopting a brain-damaged but utterly charming human, Steve sets out to figure out what the hell to do with and for him. Featuring cuddles, building trust, lots of sex (following the trust being built), an over-eager Steve who is only about 60% aware of how humans work and, eventually, a Bucky who won't get out of bed for less than double penetration because his life as the spoiled concubine to an all-powerful god is *exactly* what the universe owes him, thank you very much.
author:dietraumerei  fandom:avengers  rating:nc17  type:slash  genre:AU  genre:smut  warning:creature  warning:kink  status:inprogress  pairing:bucky/steve 
march 2018 by slashpimp
Somewhere Only We Know
There are things Max knows. People like to think that because he spent half his life - and the entirety of his young adult years, which are important to people for some reason - as a dog that he doesn’t understand. It’s actually the opposite.

Or, the one where Max is a shifter, he and Chuck are twins, Pitfall happens, Chuck doesn't die, and nothing is ever the same.
author:sublimediscordance  author:suyari  fandom:pacificrim  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:chuckhansen/maxhansen/raleighbecket  pairing:chuckhansen/herchansen  pairing:herchansen/scotthansen  pairing:chuckhansen/herchansen/maxhansen/raleighbecket/scotthansen  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:angst  genre:supernatural  warning:incest  warning:creature  status:inprogress  pairing:chuckhansen/raleighbecket  via:slashpimp 
november 2017 by Raine_Wynd
Heartbreak Incorporated
"What do you investigate?" Evie asks, nervous in front of the man's pale eyes. "Relationships. Marriages, affairs, things like that," Misha says, waving one hand vaguely in the air as he stretches his muscular body across the old leather chaise-longue. "You know how there are many agencies and apps and systems to bring people together? I do the opposite." He smiles, predatory. "I tear them apart." A feisty journalist in desperate need of a day job, Evie Cross thinks she's seen everything the crazy world of temping can throw at her. Then she starts working for the ultimate bad boy, and the story of a lifetime (of several lifetimes) lands in her lap. But if she spills Misha's secret, she will lose him forever...
author:bettenoire  fandom:original  rating:nc17  type:het  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:fantasy  warning:creature  status:inprogress 
august 2017 by slashpimp
Weapon X chose Wade Wilson because of several factors in his life. He was a preternatural. He had extraordinary abilities that could be expanded upon. The cancer just made him desperate enough to agree to whatever they wanted to do with him.

They didn't just turn him immortal. They destroyed his very soul, tearing him apart and shaping him into something new and never seen before. They took everything he had been and left him with ashes and bones. Soulless.

He killed his creators and went on with his life.

Then he met Spider-Man.

Things started to change.

Something inside him, something that had come out of the ashes and was a nightmarish, terrible thing, sat up and took notice. An intense, single-minded notice.
author:macx  fandom:deadpool  fandom:spiderman  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:deadpool/spiderman  genre:AU  genre:fluff  genre:drama  warning:violence  warning:creature  status:complete  count:100000-200000  crossover 
may 2017 by slashpimp
Series || Emergence
Gibbs is the Alpha Dragon for the east coast Wing… and the lead for the NCIS MCRT. He has two rules above all others; No other emerged dragons on his NCIS team, and no relationships with non-dragons.

Tony has no dragon blood, so hides his feelings for Gibbs behind smiles and misdirection. Things will change drastically for Tony when he mysteriously falls ill after an investigation on an aircraft carrier.
author:jillyjames  fandom:ncis  fandom:thesentinel  fandom:stargatesg1  fandom:stargateatlantis  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:dinozzo/gibbs  pairing:blair/jim  pairing:daniel/jack  pairing:mckay/sheppard  genre:AU  genre:drama  genre:angst  genre:smut  genre:fluff  warning:creature  status:complete  series:inprogress  count:200000-300000  crossover  favorite 
june 2016 by slashpimp
Somewhere Only We Know
There are things Max knows. People like to think that because he spent half his life - and the entirety of his young adult years, which are important to people for some reason - as a dog that he doesn’t understand. It’s actually the opposite.

Or, the one where Max is a shifter, he and Chuck are twins, Pitfall happens, Chuck doesn't die, and nothing is ever the same.
author:sublimediscordance  author:suyari  fandom:pacificrim  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:chuckhansen/maxhansen/raleighbecket  pairing:chuckhansen/herchansen  pairing:herchansen/scotthansen  pairing:chuckhansen/herchansen/maxhansen/raleighbecket/scotthansen  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:angst  genre:supernatural  warning:incest  warning:creature  status:inprogress  pairing:chuckhansen/raleighbecket 
june 2016 by slashpimp
Series || Metatheria
Operation Pitfall was a success. The Breach had been closed. There had been losses, but there had also been survivors. Like Chuck Hansen, who had been found in an escape pod, seriously and rather badly injured, but alive. His recovery opens Raleigh's eyes to something he hadn't known about the other pilot, that only a select few actually do.
He finds himself stunned and slightly awed, and very much drawn to the other man... even in the shape he is in.
And maybe, just maybe, he can get away with calling Chuck Hansen an adorable fuzz face in the future, too....
author:macx  fandom:pacificrim  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:chuckhansen/raleighbecket  genre:fluff  genre:drama  warning:creature  status:complete  series:complete  count:20000-30000 
may 2016 by slashpimp
Series || Old Dog, New Tricks
When Raleigh nearly dies during Pitfall, Chuck surprises everyone (but Herc) by surviving and, for some reason, biting Raleigh. It turns out, Chuck is also a dog and has been since birth, and now Raleigh is a dog, too. A puppy, actually, because he's new. But hey, he's alive, right?

Even if he needs lessons on the whole "how to dog" thing.
author:gutterball  fandom:pacificrim  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:chuckhansen/raleighbecket  genre:fluff  genre:postcanon  warning:creature  status:complete  series:inprogress 
may 2016 by slashpimp
You cannot live as I have lived (and not end up like this)
It's not that no one knows about werewolves and other things that go bump in the night, but the giant Lovecraftian monsters rising out of the sea seemed slightly more important at the time. The life and times of Raleigh Becket, born werewolf and erstwhile Jaeger pilot.
author:puppetinthecorner  fandom:pacificrim  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:chuckhansen/raleighbecket  genre:fluff  genre:AU  genre:supernatural  warning:creature  warning:mpreg  status:complete  count:50000-100000 
may 2016 by slashpimp
Nature of the Beast
Darcy has only had a few months to learn to control himself as a werewolf when he accompanies Bingley to Netherfield, where he meets Elizabeth who has strong magic with plants and animals, and Wickham, the werewolf who turned him.
author:autumnd  fandom:prideandprejudice  rating:pg13  type:het  pairing:elizabethbennet/fitzwilliamdarcy  genre:AU  genre:drama  genre:angst  genre:supernatural  warning:creature  status:complete  count:100000-200000 
february 2016 by slashpimp
Series || The Swan-King
There was little to be done the day Gary Unwin was born. Like any other child, he was born into the world small and weak. But unlike other children in his neighborhood, he was born different.
author:cortesia  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:eggsyunwin/harryhart  genre:drama  genre:angst  genre:AU  warning:creature  status:complete  count:50000-100000  series:inprogress 
december 2015 by slashpimp
Earning Your Stripes
How 'Bunny' became Aster again (or how the last Pookan Warrior doesn't have to be a warrior, Pookan, or the last one at all).
author:proser132  fandom:riseoftheguardians  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:bunny/jack  genre:postcanon  warning:creature  status:complete  count:10000-20000 
november 2015 by slashpimp
My Eyes Choose to Blur (and my body unwinds)
For the past twenty-three and a half years, Matt Farrell has been hiding what he is from everyone he knows, save the odd friend or two. Discovering, at the tender age of thirteen, that he was gay wouldn’t have been so upsetting if he didn’t already have to deal with being a low-ranking werewolf as well. But just as Matt resigned himself to a life of solitude, bigger-than-life John McClane blows into his life, and after that, nothing is the same, not even Matt.
author:faeryqueen07  fandom:diehard  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:farrell/mcclane  genre:postcanon  warning:creature  warning:kink  status:complete  count:50000-100000 
november 2015 by slashpimp
Most of Owen’s family were shifters. As it turned out, Owen wasn't any different.

(What he could shift into, on the other hand...)
author:tardisistheonlywaytotravel  fandom:jurassicworld  rating:g  type:het  pairing:claire/owen  genre:fluff  warning:creature  status:complete  count:10000-20000 
july 2015 by slashpimp
Twelve Moons
"Come hang out with us this summer," Jordie said. "It'll be fun. You can meet our family, do some fishing."

This? Is absolutely not what Tyler signed on for.
author:ladyjanelly  fandom:hockey  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:jamiebenn/tylerseguin  genre:AU  genre:supernatural  warning:realperson  warning:creature  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
june 2015 by slashpimp
Birth of the Serpent King
What if Lucius Malfoy had interfered and saved Harry Potter’s life during the third task? The Harry that returns to Hogwarts after the resurrection of Voldemort has been tempered by fire, the Potter Family legacy, and a relationship he couldn’t have ever expected. In the wake of his father’s redemption—Draco Malfoy finds everything he could have ever wanted in the man that was once his enemy.
author:keiramarcos  fandom:harrypotter  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:draco/harry  genre:AT  genre:drama  genre:angst  warning:violence  warning:creature  status:complete  count:100000-200000 
july 2014 by slashpimp

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