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[Threepenny Opera] Hungry and Hollow, by privatesnarker
Other men might have relied on a smuggled dose of poison as a last resort, a concealed blade or an improvised rope. Mack relied on Jackie.

(A Threepenny Opera vampire story)
fandom:threepenny.opera  author:privatesnarker  rating:t  warning:violence  warning:consent.issues  pairing:macheath/tiger  fanfiction  m/m  warning:dark  genre:alternate.universe  theme:vampires  au:supernatural 
november 2014 by carmarthen
[Blood Feud] Born in the Purple, by bunn
To pay for the Viking army that helped the Emperor Basil defeat the Bulgars, the Princess Anna was sent to the North to marry the barbarian prince, Khan Vladimir. She wasn't happy about it.

This is not a graphic story: there's no sex and no violence. But it is a story about a woman who is forced into a marriage she doesn't want at all.
author:bunn  fandom:blood.feud  pairing:anna.porphyrogenita/khan.vladimir  m/f  gen  historical:viking.era  historical:byzantium  historical:10c  fanfiction  theme:arranged.marriage  warning:consent.issues 
november 2014 by carmarthen
How many slams in an old screen door?, by dandelioness
(15,684 words) In which Castiel is a theatre major terrible at first impressions; Dean is a set designer who likes Cas anyway; and the most chaotic production of Les Miserables in history somehow manages to go off without a hitch. Or, just as you should never give a moose a muffin (because he'll want some jam to go with it), you should never give a blank check to a university theatre department.
pairing:dean/cas  dandelioness  host:AO3  words:10k-20k  rating:PG  warning:consent.issues 
february 2014 by Writing2Death
[Roman History RPF] Surpassingly, by skazka
Antinous considers how one might become unlovable. [warning for offpage consent issues, likely rape; thoughts of self-mutilation and suicide)
fandom:historical.rpf  historical:2c  historical:rome  pairing:hadrian/antinous  m/m  rating:m  warning:consent.issues  fanfiction  author:skazka 
december 2013 by carmarthen
[Richard II] With No Less Terror Than the Elements: notes toward uncovering Act IV, Scene ii of Richard II, by angevin2 and commodorified
Once away from the sight of the court they were gentler with him, and the chamber they led him to was high and spacious; they saw him in courteously enough, if briskly, and left him alone with his jagged thoughts.

From the window it was possible to watch the light fading over the river; he sat silent on the ledge, arms wrapped around his knees as if he were a boy again -- so soon the careful pride of a king fell away from the body when it ceased to bear a crown -- and thought of nothing.
author:angevin2  rating:not.rated  author:commodorified  fandom:richard.ii  fandom:shakespeare  warning:consent.issues  historical:15c  to-read  m/m  fanfiction  pairing:richard.ii/henry.iv 
november 2013 by carmarthen
[Rómeó és Júlia] Seven Sins, by Fyre
So, anyone who has seen the Budapest cast will know that Bereckzi Zoltan has chemistry with everything, right down to a punchbag and skipping rope. I rewatched every scene he was in and this fic was borne. [Mercutio/everyone but the one he really wants; consent issues; implied incestuous feelings and some cousin incest. A darker take on Mercutio than quite works for me, but a good story.]
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  fandom:roméo.et.juliette  fandom:romeo.and.juliet  author:fyre  fanfiction  m/m  m/f  rating:r  pairing:mercutio/escalus  pairing:tybalt/mercutio  pairing:mercutio/lady.capulet  pairing:mercutio/romeo  pairing:mercutio/nurse  pairing:mercutio/benvolio  theme:unrequited.love  warning:dubious.consent  warning:consent.issues  warning:incest 
august 2013 by carmarthen
Carry On, by TamrynEradani
(148,088 words) When Sam gets into Stanford, Dean needs a bigger paycheck than Bobby's garage can give him. Luckily, he knows a guy.
Fandom:Supernatural  tamryneradani  pairing:Dean/Cas  host:AO3  words:>50k  warning:consent.issues  rating:NC-17  !favourite  _Locked 
july 2013 by Writing2Death
Both Sides Now, by TamrynEradani
(21,609 words) Dean solves a hunt and realizes he's in love. He does most of this while cursed into a female body which means he's also dealing with being a woman, and it's more complicated than he had realized.
Fandom:Supernatural  tamryneradani  pairing:Dean/Cas  host:AO3  words:20k-30k  warning:consent.issues  rating:R  _Locked 
july 2013 by Writing2Death
[The Lantern Bearers] Bearing Gifts, by UrsulaKohl
"Isn't it always so?" Flavia said. "The men fight, and after the fighting, the women fall to the conquerors."
fandom:lantern.bearers  pairing:flavia/saxon.husband  rating:t  historical:5c  author:ursulakohl  fanfiction  m/f  warning:consent.issues 
june 2013 by carmarthen
[The Lantern Bearers] A Singing Magic, by bunn
Flavia, brought up in the last lingering light of Roman Britain, was carried off from her burning home by a 'laughing giant' of a Saxon, in a raid during which her father and friends were brutally killed. Three years later, her brother found her again - married, and with a child by that same 'laughing giant'. Given the chance to escape back to the part of Britain still held by the Roman British, with her brother and her child, she chose to stay with her husband rather than go with her brother.

This story explores what those years were like for Flavia, and how she could come to make that choice.

Although there is a threat of rape in this story, I don't feel it counts as non-con within the setting and culture of the period. Contains suicidal thoughts, Christianity, culture clash, Anglian pagan religion, magic.
fandom:lantern.bearers  pairing:flavia/saxon.husband  character:flavia  character:rowena  rating:t  gen  m/f  historical:5c  fanfiction  author:bunn  warning:consent.issues 
june 2013 by carmarthen
[fic] The Pretence of an Unacknowledged Truth
28 130 | He’s decided to just be himself, cliché as it sounds. The lie about being Sherlock’s mate will be difficult enough to keep up, he’s not going to think up more of a charade regarding himself on top of that.

If he uses the wrong fork at dinner, fine. If someone calls him on it, he’ll just stab them with it. Job done.

First attempt at Omegaverse because a very good friend of mine likes it, and I like my friend. She asked for: alpha!John/omega!Sherlock; age difference; pretend bondmates to meet Sherlock's family; synthesised bond scent; and bonding in Sherlock's old bedroom. I think I'm managing to cram it all in for you, sweetpea ;)

No mpreg, I'm afraid. That was a stretch too far.
kink:concent  trope:alpha/beta/omega.dynamics  by:stickleworting  fandom:sherlockbbc  kink:knotting  pairing:sherlock/john  alpha:john  omega:sherlock  trope:mating.cycles/in.heat  warning:consent.issues 
may 2013 by aqua_eyes
All the Hours Wound, by Fossarian
(47,145 words) Alone and wandering, Castiel struggles to survive on his own with little memory of who he is or how he got to be that way, until he is followed by a man who knows his name, and seems to know much more than that.
Fandom:Supernatural  fossarian  pairing:Dean/Cas  host:AO3  rating:NC-17  warning:consent.issues  warning:mental.health.issues  words:>30k 
march 2013 by Writing2Death
[The Eagle] Ashes on His Tongue, by osprey_archer
Marcus’s face pinches still further. He is going to say no. Esca feels a flutter of panic. Only he could fail at seducing a Roman. He cannot fail, at this as at everything else.

Warning for consent issues, self-loathing, general distressingness.
fanfiction  author:osprey_archer  m/m  fandom:the.eagle  pairing:esca/marcus  rating:t  warning:consent.issues  historical:2c  historical:roman.britain 
february 2013 by carmarthen
I Need Both My Hands (To Hold My Own), by wirewrappedlily
(15,869 words) "You've been locked in this apartment, scared, for days. I can smell it. What's going on?" Derek ground out, voice protectively angry.

"It's so stupid…" Stiles sobbed, covering his hands over his face in shame.

Derek reached up, taking both Stiles's wrists in one hand, hold firm but gentle as he pulled his hands away, wiping at tears with his fingertips, "Stiles," Derek was using his eyes, his completely unfair eyes that Stiles usually caved to, "it's never stupid."
Fandom:Teen.Wolf  wirewrappedlily  pairing:Derek/Stiles  host:AO3  words:10k-20k  rating:PG-13  warning:consent.issues 
january 2013 by Writing2Death

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