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Warner Music Launching Standalone Elektra Music Group
The company, Elektra Music Group, will launch October 1 and consist of WMG's labels Elektra Records, Fueled By Ramen (FBR), Roadrunner Records, Low Country Sound, and Black Cement Records, marking the first time in 15 years that the storied Elektra label will operate independently. Heading the new 60-person team will be FBR/Roadrunner president Mike Easterlin and Elektra's current president Gregg Nadel.
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8 weeks ago by motiveunknown
Warner Music, Sony/ATV, Beggars and more sign licensing deals with app developer portal OCL
A number of rights owners including Warner Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing,  Beggars Group and Bucks Music have signed licensing deals with technology company OCL to provide music to app developers. The agreements mean that developers will be able to access and host licensed music alongside user generated content (UGC), using OCL’s Totem service as they build and beta test their products. Totem has a micro-licensing engine which ensures every use of media can be monetised and enables right owners to track interactions.
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9 weeks ago by motiveunknown
Here's exactly how many shares the major labels and Merlin bought in Spotify - and what those stakes are worth now
Here’s perhaps the most noteworthy thing about all of this: in its recent public announcement regarding its Spotify proceeds, Sony said: “Sony Music and The Orchard are committed to sharing with their artists and distributed labels any net gain they may realize from a sale of Sony Music’s equity stake in Spotify.” Do you spot it? “… any net gain”. In other words, Sony is publicly committing to passing a slice of profits to artists from Spotify stock which it actually paid for with its own money. An interesting addition to the ‘greedy majors’ narrative, no?
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may 2018 by motiveunknown
Warner Music Quietly Launches Free Tunecore Competitor
Level Music has launched as a digital distribution platform for unsigned artists. Controlled by Warner Music Group, Level will deliver music for release to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, TIDAL, Pandora, Deezer, and Napster "without any upfront charges or fees." Artists will keep "100% of your rights, royalties and earnings." Level also offers free tools to showcase releases including Linkfire powered intelligent landing pages that route fans to their preferred music service.
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may 2018 by motiveunknown
Warner has sold $400m of Spotify stock - and says it will share money with artists and label partners
Warner’s share sale transaction was either made in April or the first few days of May (after the major’s last fiscal quarter), according to Cooper. It suggests that Warner’s total pre-sale shareholding in Spotify was worth somewhere between $500m and $550m. Speaking on a quarterly earnings call today (May 7), Cooper tackled the thorny issue of what will now happen to the Spotify equity banked by his company. The exec confirmed, for the first time, what Warner’s distributed label partners can expect as a result. “We’ll share these proceeds [the same way] we share revenue from actual streams and so-called digital breakage,” said Cooper. “In addition, we will be sharing equity proceeds with distributed labels – if [this is] included in their agreements with us.”
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may 2018 by motiveunknown
Warner Music Revenues Rise 16.7 Percent to $963 Million as Digital Keeps Driving
Warner Music Group has reported a $1 million net income loss on revenues of $963 million, versus $20 million in net income in the prior year quarter when sales were $825 million. Overall, net revenue grew 16.73 percent during the quarter, ended March 31, 2018. "We showed strong revenue and OIBDA growth in our second quarter," said Eric Levin, WMG's executive vice president and CFO. "This is our eleventh consecutive quarter of year-over-year revenue growth and we're proud of our ability to deliver robust results on a consistent basis."
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may 2018 by motiveunknown
Warner Classics adds its catalogue to streaming service Idagio
Idagio is one of the streaming services focusing on classical music, with a catalogue of more than 650k tracks. That catalogue is getting bigger from this week, thanks to a new deal with Warner Classics. Over the coming weeks, WMG’s classical division will add its new and recent releases to the platform, as well as its back catalogue, which encompasses labels of the past including EMI Classics, Teldec and Virgin Classics.
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april 2018 by motiveunknown
Warner buys A&R scouting tool Sodatone to boost 'search for the superstars of tomorrow'
Founded in 2016, Sodatone’s tech combines streaming, social and touring data with machine learning to identify the unsigned talent that it believes has the best chance of future success. The platform uses indicative data to determine such predictions – including the loyalty and engagement level of online fans, as well as the potential ‘virality’ of a track or demo. Sodatone has previously been used by multiple top-tier label and publishing executives across the industry; indeed, the startup has claimed that it is utilized ‘by the most influential people in music’.
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march 2018 by motiveunknown
Warner Music Group Signs Licensing Deal With Facebook
Facebook has completed another licensing deal with a major record label, announcing a partnership with Warner Music Group that will make the company's recorded and publishing catalogs available to users of the social media network. Under the agreement, users of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Oculus will be able to upload and share videos containing licensed music in the Warner Music and Warner/Chappell catalogs. The WMG deal follows a similar licensing agreement with Universal Music, as well as like-minded pacts with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing, Global Music Rights, HFA/Rumblefish and, most recently, the pan-European rights hub ICE. The deal-athon is all part of Facebook's expanding music strategy to establish itself as a valuable ecosystem for music rights holders.
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march 2018 by motiveunknown
MelodyVR keen for more publishing deals after Warner/Chappell
Music virtual-reality company MelodyVR announced a multi-year licensing deal with publisher Warner/Chappell yesterday. The agreement covers VR distribution of the publisher’s catalogue of songs around “an extensive library of original content, throughout numerous European territories”. MelodyVR has been signing a succession of deals with labels and collecting societies, but executive chairman Anthony Matchett said that publishers are also high on its priorities list.
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february 2018 by motiveunknown

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