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ficlicious: Fic: The Stars Through Her Soul
A dark-haired man crouches over Stark, brushing back her hair, gently caressing her cheek, cradling her head in his lap. A man with a metal arm and a sniper rifle slung over his back. A familiar man, he realizes, and the world crumbles as Bucky Barnes stares furiously at him, torn between absolute rage and utter joy.
Fic  het  slash  marvel  avengers  Ironman  opposite_sexAU  captainamerica  wintersoldier  black_widow  Hawkeye  hulk  soulmates  soulmate_marks  pre-series  steve/tony/bucky  clint/tony  captain_marvel  rhodey/carol  warmachine  bed_sharing  bucky/tony  steve/tony  amnesia  AoS  mockingbird 
august 2018 by pkoceres
miss_aphelion: Fic: Dig No Graves
Tony froze. "Okay," he echoed. "I tell you I came here to kill you and your response is 'okay'?"

"I am being decommissioned," the soldier said, and for one horrible moment Tony thought he actually seemed relieved. "I understand. I will comply."
fic  slash  bucky/tony  amnesia  marvel  Avengers  wintersoldier  Ironman  captainamerica  Black_Widow  Falcon  hawkeye  warmachine  WIP 
april 2018 by pkoceres
Arvensis5: Fic: Scars
“It’s like you don’t recognize the reflection, even though you know it’s you?” Tony finished.
fic  slash  amnesia  marvel  Avengers  wintersoldier  Ironman  captainamerica  homelessness  Falcon  Black_Widow  warmachine  Vision  kidnapping  hostagesituation  psychological_issues  ptsd 
march 2018 by pkoceres
RurouniHime: Fic: Yet Knowing How Way Leads on to Way
“It has been forty-three days,” he says, “since I attacked my friend on the suggestion of a kid who’d wanted us dead.”
fic  slash  marvel  Avengers  Ironman  captainamerica  sexualidentity_issues  steve/tony  hawkeye  scarletwitch  Black_Widow  warmachine  angst  tony/pepper  breakup 
march 2018 by pkoceres
RurouniHime: Fic: Mailbox Full Series
He can never have both his worlds. Tony, or Bucky. Always apart. He wishes he’d never known anything different.
fic  marvel  Avengers  civil_war  angst  steve&tony  steve/tony  extremis!tony  hurt!tony  hurt!steve  Ironman  wintersoldier  captainamerica  Black_Widow  Black_Panther  hawkeye  warmachine  Antman 
march 2018 by pkoceres

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abandonment_issues  accessories  adoptionau  age-regression  agent13  agent_carter  ai  alcoholism  alien_abduction  aliens  amnesia  angst  antman  aos  avengers  bed_sharing  bitly  black_panther  black_widow  blackpanther  bonding  breakup  bruce/darcy  bucky/darcy  bucky/natasha  bucky/pepper/tony  bucky/pepper  bucky/rhodey  bucky/sam  bucky/steve  bucky/tony  cacw  canonau  cap  captain_marvel  captainamerica  captony_big_bang  caught_in_the_act  character_death  christine_everhart  civil_war  clint/natasha  clint/tony  closeted  coming_out  conversion  cryx  cuba  cyriss  dad!tony  dancing  darcy&jane  deadpool  diary  did/mpd  dimensionaltravel  doom  doppleganger  drones  drstrange  earth-3490  earth-616  ebola  ebolaoutbreak  empathy  everybody/darcy  everybody_livesau  extremis!tony  falcon  familyau  fandral/darcy  fantasticfour  fantasyau  fatherdiscovery  femslash  fertility_issues  feudalau  fic  five_times  friendship  galactus  games  gen  guardiansofthegalaxy  hammer/tony  harley_keener  hawkeye  het  historicalau  homelessness  hordes  horror  hostage_situation  hostagesituation  how-to  howto  hulk  humor  hurt!clint  hurt!peter  hurt!steve  hurt!tony  icarus_chained  ifttt  immortality  infidelity  infinity_war  ironheart  ironman  jealous!steve  kept_boy  khador  kidnapping  kids  kink:a  kink:af  kink:age_difference  kink:aliensmadethemdoit  kink:alpha/beta/omega  kink:awkward/funny/badsex  kink:barebacking  kink:bondage  kink:borrowed_clothing  kink:carrying  kink:comeshot  kink:coming_untouched  kink:cunnilingus  kink:d/s  kink:dp  kink:electricity  kink:heat  kink:multipleorgasms  kink:nippleplay  kink:overstimulation  kink:publicsex  kink:rimming  kink:shy  kink:size  kink:snowballing  kink:voice  kink:voyeurism/exhibitionism  length-short  loki/tony/pepper  loki/tony  loki  love_triangle  marriage  marvel  matchmaking  meet_the_family  mercenary  mockingbird  model  modelling  modernau  mpreg  ms_marvel  mutual_obliviousness  nakia  namor  natasha/darcy  natasha/peggy  nebula  nomad  noncon  obadiah/tony  ofc/tony  omc/peter  omc/tony  opposite_sexau  painting  peggie/angie  pet_robots  pets  polyamory  postseries  pov-rhodey  powers!tony  pre-series  pretend_relationship  privateerpress  prosthesis  protective!bucky  protective!jarvis  protective!rhodey  protective!steve  psychological_issues  ptsd  quicksilver  rarepairing  rejection  relationship_discovery  rescue  resurrection  rhodey/carol  rhodey/darcy  rhodey/pepper  rhodey/tony  rhodey  robots  rocket_raccoon  rumiko_fujikawa  sam/shuri  sam/steve  sarcy_stark  scarletwitch  secret_identity_discovery  secret_relationship  selfinjury  sexpollen  sexualidentity_issues  sharon_carter  shovel_talk  shuri  skorne  skrulls  slash  slavery  soulmate_marks  soulmates  spiderman  spy!darcy  steampunk  steve&natasha  steve&sam  steve&tony  steve/bucky  steve/darcy  steve/sam  steve/tony/bucky  steve/tony/johnny_storm  steve/tony/pepper  steve/tony  suicide  t'challa&peter  t'challa/tony  tactics  telepathy  terrain  thanos  thefalcon  thor&loki  thor/darcy  thor/jane  thor  threesome  tiberius/tony  timetravel  tiny!steve  tony&kamala  tony&laura  tony&natasha  tony&nebula  tony&peter  tony&rhodey  tony&sharon  tony&t'challa  tony/darcy/rhodey  tony/darcy/thor  tony/darcy  tony/johnny_storm  tony/omc  tony/pepper/darcy  tony/pepper  tony/peter  tony/rhodey  tony/steve  tonystark  tumblr  undercover  unplanned_pregnancy  unrequited/pining  valkyrie  vision  wade/peter  wargames  wasp  winter_soldier  wintersoldier  wip  wolverine  wtc  xmen     

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