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System Builder – Beyond Clothing USA
Designed to keep you mission capable from -40°F and above, the Axios clothing system can be worn in a variety of ways and customized to the users needs and dynamic environmental conditions. Layers can be added, or removed within the system to accommodate the temperature range you're operating in as well as Active and Static use profiles.
clothing  outdoor  materials  layering  waterproof  softshell  fleece  warm  comfort 
19 days ago by markhgn
StudioPro 5 Channel DMX Digital Decoder - 8A per Channel
StudioPro 5 Channel DMX Digital Decoder - 8A per Channel
StudioPro  5  Channel  DMX  Digital  Decoder  -  8A  per  led  troffer  warm  cold 
20 days ago by kilroy2
mattmoor/warm-image: A Kubernetes CRD for prefetching container images onto nodes.
A Kubernetes CRD for prefetching container images onto nodes. - mattmoor/warm-image
type:tool  kubernetes  warm  image  deployment 
11 weeks ago by endorama

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