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DeepCut Studio - Wargames terrain and scenery artisan studio
Deep-Cut Studio is an artisan studio manufacturing miniature and RPG games accessories. We mainly focus on miniature games mats for various wargames.
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july 2018 by qiqetin
OverTheWire: Wargames
The wargames offered by the OverTheWire community can help you to learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games.
overthewire  security  hacking  programming  learning  wargame 
february 2018 by vicchow
World War Tesla
Starter Set - Fat Dragon Games - Wargame Vault
3dprinting  wargame  game 
february 2018 by cr
HG Wells Practically Invented Modern Tabletop Wargaming
For his work on novels like War of the Worlds and The Island of Doctor Moreau, British author HG Wells is rightly lauded as a visionary. What often gets lost amongst the applause for his ideas on science fiction, though, is another area he was a pioneer: the field of tabletop wargaming.
history  wargame  games 
january 2018 by basemaly
Pavoisiers gênois (Claymore Castings / 28mm) - Peinturesdeguerre.over-blog.com
These miniatures come from "Claymore Castings" and I continue to be amaze by the quality of their work. The sculpture  (finesse and precision) is just fabulous and help a lot during the painting. On my opinion maybe the best medevial miniature on the market. New series are already in preparation wich is a fantastic news for all painters and/or gamers too.
wargame  lion-rampant  miniatures 
november 2017 by since1968

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