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xmobar/Weather.hs at master · jaor/xmobar
Actual source of the Weather plugin. It's hard to find a reference for what this is doing.
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yesterday by brennen
Linux newgrp command help and examples
«The newgrp command is used to change the current group ID (GID) during a login session. If a hyphen ("-") is included as an argument, then the user's environment is initialized as though he or she had just logged in; otherwise, the current working environment remains unchanged. newgrp changes the current real group ID to the specified group, or, if no group is specified, to the default group listed in the file /etc/passwd. newgrp also tries to add the group to the user groupset.»
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4 days ago by brennen
DED – Directory-Editor
«This is a long-term project. I originally began in 1984, enhancing a version of dired (a program in C, written by Jay Lepreau) while at the ITT Advanced Technology Center. There is some dispute over whether that dired is based on the emacs mode introduced around the same time (1980) or the reverse (since neither program's documentation at the time credited the other), but it is indisputable that both were inspired by an earlier stand-alone program running on Tenex available in the Stanford AI Lab (SAIL) in 1978.»
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14 days ago by brennen
Git - git-sh-setup Documentation
«The git sh-setup scriptlet is designed to be sourced (using .) by other shell scripts to set up some variables pointing at the normal Git directories and a few helper shell functions.»
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28 days ago by brennen

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