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Amazon exec says robots won't replace warehouse workers anytime soon - Business Insider
Scott Anderson, director of Amazon robotics fulfillment, told a group of reporters during a visit to Amazon's Baltimore warehouse on Tuesday that the company is 10 years away from replacing certain human jobs.
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7 weeks ago by areadevelopment
Urban Logistics – multistory warehouses - JLL
New multistory distribution centers are hitting the U.S., where land is scarce and population centers are dense. The growth of e-commerce and increasing customer service expectations have intensified the need for fast delivery. Logistics players are reexamining all aspects of their distribution networks to keep pace.
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10 weeks ago by areadevelopment
How faster deliveries could open the door to on-demand warehousing - JLL Real Views
As the pressure mounts on retailers and logistics companies to meet ever-faster delivery times, the idea of on-demand space within warehouses is gaining traction.
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10 weeks ago by areadevelopment
4 Critical Considerations for Your Next Big Box - Cushman & Wakefield Blog
Opening a massive regional distribution center or fulfillment center is a huge decision that requires input from various stakeholders. While rent on a 1-million-plus square foot (sf) building is not likely to be a small number, several other key factors may have an even bigger financial and operational impact—especially if you do not take a strategic approach to site selection.
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12 weeks ago by areadevelopment
E-Commerce & Logistics Firms Dominate Largest Warehouse Deals in 2018 - CBRE
E-commerce and logistics companies accounted for 61% of the 100 largest warehouse deals (leases and sales) by square footage in 2018, totaling 100.3 million sq. ft. and ranging in size from 742,000 to 2.3 million sq. ft. The e-commerce industry’s share of these top deals (41) includes more retailers that are implementing omnichannel strategies.
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february 2019 by areadevelopment
Trade War with China May Hurt U.S. Warehouse Sector - National Real Estate Investor
Thousands of manufacturing jobs in Western U.S. depend on components and raw materials imported from Asia.
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february 2019 by areadevelopment
Amazon could replace dead Rolling Acres shopping mall: report - Business Insider
Amazon is reportedly taking over the site of a once thriving mall in Akron, Ohio, that was abandoned after falling victim to the retail apocalypse.
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february 2019 by areadevelopment
Trading Places: Retail Properties Converted to Industrial Use - CBRE
Shifting consumer shopping preferences for e-commerce and in-store omnichannel platforms have caused developers and users to convert some vacant retail properties to industrial/logistics space. There are 24 retail-to-industrial projects that have commenced since 2016, turning 7.9 million sq. ft. of retail space into 10.9 million sq. ft. of new industrial space either by converting the existing retail structure or replacing it with new industrial construction on-site.
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february 2019 by areadevelopment
Developers Woo Retail Tenants With Tallest-Ever Warehouses - WSJ
To bring tenants closer to urban consumers, developers in New York, North Carolina and Wisconsin are building four-story warehouses.
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january 2019 by areadevelopment
What distribution centers can learn from high-end offices - JLL
Identifying markets with stronger labor pools, as well as how to attract and retain skilled employees, is what’s keeping supply chain professionals “up at night” these days.
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january 2019 by areadevelopment
Warehouses Test a New Breed of AI Robots - WSJ
XPO Logistics, Rakuten are among companies rolling out automation to boost productivity, increasing human-machine collaboration
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january 2019 by areadevelopment
Smart city logistics is the future of urban infill supply chain - JLL
Cities are reacting to the onslaught of e-commerce deliveries by enacting new policies designed to help make urban logistics more efficient.
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december 2018 by areadevelopment
Urban infill: the route to delivery solutions - JLL
With growth in e-commerce sales expected to double over the next ten years, the competition for consumers continues to heat up. And now, same-day delivery expectations have forced many companies to consider a number of different urban infill options in order to reach consumers in and around major U.S. cities.
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november 2018 by areadevelopment
Why retailers are taking the reins on last mile delivery - JLL Real Views
Retailers around the world are rethinking the final stage of deliveries as the pressure mounts to meet consumers’ rising expectations around how and when goods arrive on their doorsteps.
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november 2018 by areadevelopment
Brad Porter, VP of Robotics at Amazon, on Warehouse Automation, Machine Learning, and His First Robot - IEEE Spectrum
Amazon's chief roboticist discusses the latest advances in the field and how his team is using machine learning to make its robots smarter
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october 2018 by areadevelopment

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