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James Baldwin - An Open Letter to My Sister Miss Angela Davis (1970)
Or, to put it another way, as long as white Americans take refuge in their whiteness—for so long as they are unable to walk out of this most monstrous of traps—they will allow millions of people to be slaughtered in their name, and will be manipulated into and surrender themselves to what they will think of—and justify—as a racial war. They will never, so long as their whiteness puts so sinister a distance between themselves and their own experience and the experience of others, feel themselves sufficiently human, sufficiently worthwhile, to become responsible for themselves, their leaders, their country, their children, or their fate. They will perish (as we once put it in our black church) in their sins—that is, in their delusions. And this is happening, needless to say, already, all around us.
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US military released bacteria to test biological warfare - Business Insider
"I would never swear on your life or my life that nothing illegitimate is happening, but based on what I do know, I don't have any sense that there's illicit activity now that would involve risking exposure to tons of people, as happened in the 50s and 60s,"
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The West’s war on itself - Synaps, 2018
Absent demonstrable results, PVE has nonetheless served a straightforward purpose: projecting the necessary aura of “doing something,” in a manner supposedly distinct from that of the previous administration. The NGO director referenced above suggested that this factor was in play from the start of Obama’s tenure: “CVE was about Obama really wanting to draw down the military dimension of the war on terror; something just had to be done instead.” Another consultant working on PVE echoed this premise: “Every time a new administration comes in, they want innovative solutions. So you put a new coat of paint on what’s already being done.” The Islamic State’s rise only increased this imperative dramatically.

PVE, then, is first and foremost a narrative device: a tool used, largely unconsciously, to inject fresh legitimacy into a war on terror that by 2008 had fallen into disrepute. More specifically, PVE appears to dampen the queasiness felt at pursuing a course of action that quite obviously conflicts with Western liberal values, wrapping hard-edged counterterrorism in gentle language. In that sense, it renovates a long-held tradition.

A second set of concerns relates to how PVE unfolds at the micro level, in the distribution of humanitarian and development assistance by local and international NGOs. In Nigeria, a senior regional donor noted that “policy focus and funds have been redirected to fighting terror in the North, allowing the many other conflicts around the country to worsen and metastasise.” As Western attention increasingly prioritises security, grassroots organisations have found themselves effectively forced to adapt their work to the trend—including by diverting resources from other thematic focal points in which they have proven experience.

This dynamic manifests starkly among both grant-makers and their partner NGOs, whose financial health often depends on alignment with international funding priorities. An NGO worker in Jordan thus noted that his organisation—whose original mission focused on civic engagement and public policy—had largely repurposed itself:

“Our leadership seems to have convinced itself about PVE, but I can guarantee you that if we didn’t have the funding constraint we wouldn’t be doing this stuff. Honestly, almost all our work has shifted in this direction, and deep down we’re frustrated with this diversion from our core mission.”
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Opinion | Erdogan: How Turkey Sees the Crisis With the U.S. - The New York Times
Unilateral actions against Turkey by the United States will undermine American interests and force Turkey to look for other friends and allies.
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The Cannons on the B-29 Bomber Were a Mid-Century Engineering Masterpiece
The WWII era B-29 bomber didn't require fighter escorts because it had a computer aided gunnery systems that allowed incredible firing accuracy against attackers. One B-29 was attacked by 79 fighters at once, but was able to fight them off and down 7 of them in the process.
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