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Best bad idea ever? Why Putin’s nuclear-powered missile is possible… and awful | Ars Technica
Nuclear-powered cruise missiles? The US worked on them in the 1950s.
In a March 1, 2018 speech before Russia's Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed new strategic weapons being developed to counter United States ballistic missile defenses. Two of these weapons are allegedly nuclear powered: a previously revealed intercontinental-range nuclear torpedo and a cruise missile. As Putin described them:
Russia’s advanced arms are based on the cutting-edge, unique achievements of our scientists, designers, and engineers. One of them is a small-scale, heavy-duty nuclear energy unit that can be installed in a missile like our latest X-101 air-launched missile or the American Tomahawk missile—a similar type but with a range dozens of times longer, dozens—basically an unlimited range. It is a low-flying stealth missile carrying a nuclear warhead, with almost an unlimited range, unpredictable trajectory and ability to bypass interception boundaries. It is invincible against all existing and prospective missile defense and counter-air defense systems.
Defense and nuclear disarmament experts did a double take. "I'm still kind of in shock," Edward Geist, a Rand Corporation researcher specializing in Russia, told NPR. "My guess is they're not bluffing, that they've flight-tested this thing. But that's incredible."
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US-China tensions soar as 'new cold war' heats up | World news | The Guardian
Rivalry escalates amid concerns over trade, as warships nearly collide and an FBI trap angers Beijing
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Walter Kempowski’s Epic Novel of Germany in Collapse | The New Yorker
Set in the final days of the Third Reich, “All for Nothing” is a tale of national and personal defeat.
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