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Peter van Agtmael’s Eye on America - The New York Times
“There’s this pressure that war can be a shortcut to becoming a man that was appealing,” he explained. “I understood war was screwed up, but I also liked the idea of being respected for bravery,” he said, adding, “along with other dark and immature reasons.”

In his early stints, he said, he looked at the war mainly from the perspective of an American on the front lines. But he soon realized that the war was more about America in the Middle East and the people who lived there. Those people, he said, were the ones affected by it, the ones “who we generally refuse to see as three-dimensional human beings.”

As the wars continued, he said, he grew more interested in knowing what it was about America that made it “keep on fighting these reckless wars in reckless ways.”

In truth, he knew little about his own country.

“I started discovering America while on embeds in Iraq and Afghanistan because I was suddenly seeing a cross culture of race and class in American society that I hadn’t been exposed to growing up,” he said.
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Technology Will Make War Even Worse - The Atlantic
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Global Firepower
A ranking of all the worlds' militaries
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ZCommunications » Reviving the Nuclear Disarmament Movement: A Practical Proposal
To be fully effective, such a campaign requires international solidarity—not only to bring domestic pressure to bear on diverse nations, but overseas pressure as well. The Freeze movement worked closely with nuclear disarmament movements around the world, and this international alliance produced striking results in both East and West. Today, a new international alliance, enhanced by the current strong dissatisfaction of non-nuclear nations with the escalation of the nuclear arms race and the related dangers of nuclear war, could help foster significant changes in public policy.
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TRANSCEND MEDIA SERVICE » Why the Moral Argument for Nonviolence Matters
The civil rights movement was led largely by leaders who believed in nonviolence as a moral imperative. It was not only the most effective thing, but also the right thing. While Martin Luther King Jr. and his closest allies held to this belief, some other movement leaders — as well as the vast majority of people who mobilized for the movement — only understood nonviolence as a strategy.
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Who gets into more wars, kings or queens? - Princesses of the blood
WOMEN were less likely than men to support the Vietnam war, the Gulf war, or the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. They commit far fewer murders. They are less likely to favour drone strikes.
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The Time Napoleon Was Attacked by Rabbits | Mental Floss
Berthier arranged an outdoor luncheon, invited some of the military’s biggest brass, and collected a colony of rabbits. Some say Berthier took in hundreds of bunnies, while others claim he collected as many as 3000. Regardless, there were a lot of rabbits, and Berthier’s men caged them all along the fringes of a grassy field. When Napoleon started to prowl—accompanied by beaters and gun-bearers—the rabbits were released from their cages. The hunt was on.

But something strange happened. The rabbits didn’t scurry in fright. Instead, they bounded toward Napoleon and his men. Hundreds of fuzzy bunnies gunned it for the world’s most powerful man.

Napoleon’s party had a good laugh at first. But as the onslaught continued, their concern grew. The sea of long-ears was storming Napoleon quicker than revolutionaries had stormed the Bastille. The rabbits allegedly swarmed the emperor’s legs and started climbing up his jacket. Napoleon tried shooing them with his riding crop, as his men grabbed sticks and tried chasing them. The coachmen cracked their bullwhips to scare the siege. But it kept coming.

Napoleon retreated, fleeing to his carriage. But it didn’t stop. According to historian David Chandler, “with a finer understanding of Napoleonic strategy than most of his generals, the rabbit horde divided into two wings and poured around the flanks of the party and headed for the imperial coach.” The flood of bunnies continued—some reportedly leapt into the carriage.

The attack ceased only as the coach rolled away. The man who was dominating Europe was no match for a battle with bunnies.

It was Berthier’s fault. Rather than trapping wild hares, his men had bought tame rabbits from local farmers. As a result, the rabbits didn’t see Napoleon as a fearsome hunter. They saw him as a waiter bringing out the day’s food. To them, the emperor was effectively a giant head of lettuce.
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