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How to Win a War on Drugs - The New York Times
Interesting details on how Portugal is doing. (I appreciate that it doesn't gloss over that Portugal's system isn't perfect.)
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september 2017 by mindways
The United States War on Drugs
Some history, some statistics, and a short summary of the three fundamental approaches to dealing with drug addiction.
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july 2017 by mindways
14 Years After Decriminalizing Drugs, This Chart Shows Why Portugal’s Bold Risk Paid Off
...though comments in Hacker News (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14877342) make the good point that you can't disentangle "increased spending on treatment" from "decriminalization" - it's likely the former which results in many of the good stats shown in the article - though on the other hand trying to treat and destigmatize without decriminalizing doesn't seem likely to do much.
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july 2017 by mindways
The emotional hysteria that stems from misinformation related to certain illegal drugs often leads
to more harm than the drugs themselves. In the United States during the mid-1980s, for example,
crack cocaine was believed to be so powerfully addictive that even first-time users would
become addicted. Even more worrisome was the perception that the drug produced unpredictable
and deadly effects. Despite the fact that there was virtually no real evidence supporting these
claims, in 1986, the United States Congress passed the now infamous Anti-Drug Abuse Act
setting penalties 100 times harsher for crack than for powder cocaine convictions
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august 2016 by StJohnBosco
Top Neuroscientist Explains How Big PharmaΓÇÖs Adderall Is Essentially Crystal Met...
the only major difference between crystal meth and Adderall is public perception.
Hart explains that this perception of illicit meth is largely due to misinformation put out by public service messages.
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august 2016 by StJohnBosco
Federal judge: Drinking tea, shopping at a gardening store is probable cause for a SWAT raid on your home - The Washington Post
The investigation leading to the raid began at least seven months earlier, when Robert Harte and his son went to a gardening store to purchase supplies to grow hydroponic tomatoes for a school project. A state trooper had been positioned in the store parking lot to collect the license plate numbers of customers, compile them into a spreadsheet, then send the spreadsheets to local sheriff’s departments for further investigation. Yes, merely shopping at a gardening store could make you the target of a criminal drug investigation.
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january 2016 by mariafarrell

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