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Twitter (A-Bomb Thread)
My goodness this thread was educational.
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august 2018 by RosenJ
Heddy Lamarr Invents Radar
RT : When she presented this work to the military, they patted her on the head and asked her to sell war bonds.…
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august 2017 by RosenJ
Guns into Plowshares - YouTube
RT : Watch a blacksmith at NYC church forge a gun into a ploughshare, (They'll give it to de Blasio) honoring MLK.
religion  video  war/military  from twitter
january 2014 by RosenJ
morituri te salutamus
Sherlock & John, set in the thirties (they can be younger iuw, I just love this time).
bonus points for
-angst at john signing up
-even tiny discussion of the politics of the time
trope:  travelling  trope:  war/military  pairing:  sherlock/john  character:  john  watson  character:  sherlock  holmes  rating:  g  genre:  romance  genre:  au  from delicious
march 2013 by sherlockbbcfic

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