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A10340 - LM555CH in T0-99 Metal Case (National)
should be easy to cut open and view the die
WANT  electronics 
yesterday by joem
PE6502 - Putnam Electronics
Apple 1 replica using modern parts
electronics  computer  diy  WANT 
2 days ago by joem
Brass Mechanical Pen - INVENTERY Refined Goods
Specification - Weight: 57g Length: 12.5cm/5" Diameter: 11mm - Material - Machined Brass Unibody Black Oxide Treatment Chrome Plating Brushed Chrome Refill + Parts - Schmidt P8126 Capless Rollerball Schmidt SKM88 Clock Mech - Features - Lifetime Warranty Anti-Roll All Metal Parts +
3 days ago by mwean
Shop — AltDynamic
Orbiform - solid of constant width
3 days ago by mwean

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