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Roads to nowhere: how infrastructure built on American inequality | Cities | The Guardian
"In 1942, 8 Mile was a black neighbourhood – segregated by law, segregated by culture, segregated from white Oakland County by the eponymous 8 Mile Road. It was a self-contained community, filled with not only African Americans but immigrants of all colours, some of whom had built their houses with their own hands."" If American highway spending were a country, it would have the world’s 63rd largest GDP, just behind Morocco."
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Walls always fail
Very smart thinking from the history of walls.
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The Benefits of a Retaining Wall
Have you thought about adding a retaining wall to your commercial property?
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A genetic map of the world – Gene Expression
The above map is from a new preprint on the patterns of genetic variation as a function of geography for humans, Genetic landscapes reveal how human genetic diversity aligns with geography. The authors assemble an incredibly large dataset to generate these figures. The orange zones are “troughs” of gene flow. Basically barriers to gene flow.  It is no great surprise that so many of the barriers correlate with rivers, mountains, and deserts. But the aim of this sort of work seems to be to make precise and quantitative intuitions which are normally expressed verbally.
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