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From Pinterest: Home tour | A pair of minimalist apartments in Tokyo | These Four Walls
ifttt  pinterest  Home  tour  |  A  pair  of  minimalist  apartments  in  Tokyo  These  Four  Walls 
7 weeks ago by errehache
London blues - some photos taken around the city during the last decade
walls  blue  London  paint  signs  patterns  from twitter_favs
august 2019 by bowbrick
Repairing Structural Brickwork - Old House Journal Magazine
The first step in addressing the problem is determining where the wythes are delaminating. The simplest method is to sight down the face of the wall with one eye, studying the surface for bulges. Another approach is to look inside the wall cavity with a borescope, an inspection device consisting of long rigid or flexible tube with a lens at the end. After boring a small hole in a mortar joint, an engineer can insert the borescope and look behind the veneer bricks to examine the cavity and the condition of tie bricks or metal ties.
multi  wythe  brick  walls  mass 
july 2019 by ilublo

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