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Portability and Interoperability – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Facebook, for obvious reasons, has come to regret the entire Open Graph 1.0 era, in large part because of attention paid to privacy issues. In fact, the company had started restricting the data it shared with the release of Graph 2.0 in 2014; now 3rd-party developers could only see a user’s friends if those friends also used the same app, much like the Twitter Facebook app of old.
facebook  walled  privacy 
5 days ago by dancall
Above Avalon: AirPods Are Becoming a Platform
Apple is turning AirPods into the second platform built for what comes after the App Store. Instead of being about pushed snippets of information and data via a digital voice assistant, something that will likely remain ideal for mobile screens, AirPods will be all about augmenting our environment by pushing intelligent sound.

AirPods Pro wearers are able to experience the early days of this dynamic with Transparency mode. Switching between Transparency mode and ANC is equivalent to augmenting our environment. We are receiving two different experiences despite being in the same location.
apple  airpods  trends  walled 
18 days ago by dancall
Endemol Shine launches trio of channels on Samsung’s TV Plus – TBI Vision
The super-indie – which is in the process of being acquired by Banijay Group – has launched a trio of UK channels on the smart TV platform, with further channel launches planned in the US and across Europe in the coming months.

Established in 2016, Samsung TV Plus is a free, ad-supported video service covering news, sports, entertainment and more. It comes pre-installed on all 2016 to 2019 Samsung smart TVs. Endemol Shine is distributing its content to TV Plus via Wurl, a provider of streaming video distribution and advertising services for connected TV.

The three UK channels to launch on TV Plus are Reel Truth, Masters of Food and All Drama.

The Reel Truth channel initially launched on YouTube in 2017, and will host a variety of factual documentaries and series, such as Crime Investigation Australia, Drug Lords and Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections.
tv  content  walled  future  hardware  partnerships 
21 days ago by dancall
Facebook Pay is a new payment system for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook - The Verge
Facebook is launching a new payments system today, appropriately named Facebook Pay. It will be available across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and it’s designed to facilitate payments across Facebook’s popular social networks and apps. You’ll be able to use Facebook Pay to send money to friends, shop for goods, or even donate to fundraisers. The service will be separate from Facebook’s new Calibra wallet and the Libra network, and it’s “built on existing financial infrastructure and partnerships,” according to the company.

Facebook is planning to start rolling out Facebook Pay on Messenger and Facebook in the US this week. It will initially be available for fundraisers, person-to-person payments, event tickets, in-game purchases, and some purchases from pages and businesses that operate on Facebook’s Marketplace. “Over time, we plan to bring Facebook Pay to more people and places, including for use across Instagram and WhatsApp,” explains Deborah Liu, Facebook’s vice president of marketplace and commerce.
facebook  finance  payment  future  walled  ecommerce 
27 days ago by dancall
How Google Maps Predicts The Payments Future | PYMNTS.com
In such cases, of course, maps are pointing the way toward not only further restaurant innovations — the restaurant industry being among the most exciting in all of retail in terms of innovation and disruption — but also the emerging and lucrative connected vehicle ecosystem. Indeed, the likes of Google, Amazon and others are fighting for better placement of their various apps and technologies within that ecosystem — a fight that will greatly influence the future of connected cars and trucks. One of the latest examples of that comes from General Motors, which plans to add Google apps capability to its cars in 2021.

As for Amazon, a little over a year ago it launched the Alexa Auto software development kit (SDK) before rolling out the corresponding piece of hardware — the Alexa Auto device, designed to wire Alexa OS directly into the car via Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE or an auxiliary jack.

These recent moves might directly involve maps, but you can bet those technologies will be tied as closely as possible to automobile and road navigation systems, and in-car mapping offerings.
maps  ai  walled  google  amazon  automotive 
9 weeks ago by dancall
Facebook's Oculus To Integrate With Core App | PYMNTS.com
Facebook has revealed new links between its virtual reality (VR) headset and the company’s core app.
“Starting late this year, we will begin to roll out a completely new social layer across the Oculus platform powered by Facebook,” Oculus exec Meaghan Fitzgerald said at the Oculus Connect 6 keynote, according to TechCrunch.  “This is going to enable a lot of new ways to connect on the Facebook — on the Oculus platform.”
Fitzgerald explained that Oculus users will soon be able to use their Facebook logins to gain access to their headsets, as well as enjoy more social features, including direct-posting to the social media site. In addition, users will be able to message their Oculus friends inside the headset and on non-VR devices, as well as create events and invite friends.
facebook  oculus  vr  walled  identity 
10 weeks ago by dancall
OC6: Facebook In Development Of AR Glasses, Announces Plan To Map The Entire World - VRScout
LiveMaps relies on crowd-sourced data, such as geotagged images, obtained from various smart devices to create a point cloud system. This information can then be used to generate photorealistic replications of real-world locations, allowing users to travel to any destination around the globe in a matter of seconds. This technology can also capture data regarding specific objects and locations, providing users with additional references and reminders. 
facebook  augmented-reality  maps  glass  hardware  future  trends  walled 
10 weeks ago by dancall
Apple, services and moats — Benedict Evans
This is why Apple and Google’s TV dongles feel like such an anti-climax, and it also makes me think that Apple’s decision to spend actual money commissioning TV shows is an admission of failure - after all, it never set up a record company or a mobile network (or MVNO). TV isn‘t getting Napstered or iTunesed - it isn’t getting swallowed by someone else’s aggregation platform (or at least, not so far). And yet, Apple is reportedly spending $6bn (over an undefined period) on commissioning TV shows, which is more than its total operating cash flow in the year the iPhone and Apple TV were first announced ($5.47bn), but now just a line-item in the marketing budget. A mobile computer turned out to be a much bigger opportunity than TV.
It should be clear that I’m pretty skeptical of the TV Plus project, but that shouldn’t take away from the broader story - that Apple is, mostly, doing things that are entirely natural and correct for this stage of the smartphone S Curve. 4bn people now have a smartphone, 5bn have a mobile phone and there are only about 5.5bn people over 14 on earth - this is a maturing market, with a maturing product. Apple won the high-end, Google won the rest, and this is now the time to optimise, iterate and execute, while thinking about what might be next. Glasses? Cars? Remember, Apple was working on the iPhone for 5 years before it launched, and Apple’s R&D budget is now larger than its total revenue in 2005.
apple  iphone  tv  netflix  films  walled 
12 weeks ago by dancall
The iPhone and Apple’s Services Strategy – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Not only can you get a new iPhone for less if you trade in your old one, you can also pay for it on a monthly basis (this applies to phones without a trade-in as well). So, in the case of this slide, you can get an iPhone 11 and Apple TV+ for $17/month.

Apple also adjusted their AppleCare+ terms yesterday: now you can subscribe monthly and AppleCare+ will carry on until you cancel, just as other Apple services like Apple Music or Apple Arcade do. The company already has the iPhone Upgrade Program, that bundles a yearly iPhone and AppleCare+, but this shift for AppleCare+ purchased on its own is another step towards assuming that Apple’s relationship with its customers will be a subscription-based one.
apple  iphone  membership  hardware  walled 
12 weeks ago by dancall
Apple TV+ launches in November at £4.99 |
Apple has announced that its SVoD service, Apple TV+, will launch on November 1st in over 100 countries and regions. The service will be available on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac and other platforms, for £4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial.

The service will be priced at $4.99 per month in the US, and across Europe will also fall in line with that figure at €4.99.

Starting today, customers who purchase any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch or Mac can enjoy one year of Apple TV+ for free. Through Family Sharing, up to six family members can share one Apple TV+ subscription.

“With Apple TV+, we are presenting all-original stories from the best, brightest and most creative minds, and we know viewers will find their new favourite show or movie on our service,” said Zack Van Amburg, Apple’s head of Worldwide Video. “Each Apple TV+ original offers its own unique story, fresh perspective and powerful message — all meant to entertain, connect and inspire cultural conversations.”
apple  tv  appletv  video  films  membership  walled 
12 weeks ago by dancall
Amazon unveils new Fire TV devices & partners |
Amazon has announced a lineup of more than 15 new Fire TV Edition products for customers around the globe, including the first Fire TV Edition smart TV with built-in far-field voice control, the first OLED Fire TV Edition smart TV, and the first-ever Fire TV Edition soundbar.

“Customers have told us how much they use and love Fire TV Edition smart TVs in the United States and Canada, with millions of devices sold and an average rating of more than 4 stars across all models,” said Marc Whitten, Vice President of Amazon Fire TV. “Today we’re thrilled to introduce innovative Fire TV Edition smart TVs and the first-ever Fire TV Edition soundbar from global brands that customers know and love. We can’t wait for customers to experience these new devices with the Fire TV experience built-in.”
amazon  tv  hardware  walled 
september 2019 by dancall
TripAdvisor usage falls over past year | Feed It Back
Feed It Back’s latest social review tracker reveals a significant drop in TripAdvisor usage, with its market share falling from 33.9% in August 2018, to 25.1% in August 2019.
The data, taken from thousands of reviews left of the restaurant, pub and bar and quick service industries, shows that, over the same period, Facebook experienced a positive year-on-year increase, of 3.1%, with the platform now accounting for 10.3% of reviews.
Google remains the biggest player in the industry, with its percentage of reviews in August sitting at 64.3%.
The rise in prevalence of Facebook and the decrease in TripAdvisor usage has impacted the average social review score in the industry, which has risen from 4.0 out of 5 in August 2018, to 4.3 in 2019.
restaurants  stats  google  facebook  walled  trends  future  ownlabel 
september 2019 by dancall
Less than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click | SparkToro
We’ve passed a milestone in Google’s evolution from search engine to walled-garden. In June of 2019, for the first time, a majority of all browser-based searches on Google.com resulted in zero-clicks.
search  stats  trends  future  walled  google 
august 2019 by dancall
WeChat looks even more like an OS now, thanks to Samsung
New Samsung handset models sold in China will give users direct access to WeChat’s in-app mini programs without having to open WeChat first. Users can swipe right on the phone’s home screen to find their five most recently used mini programs, or they can swipe left from the edge of the display to see their 10 favorite mini programs. Tapping an icon will bring up the mini program.

Since their launch in 2017, mini programs have become a key part of WeChat. These “apps within an app” are no bigger than 10 MB each, so they can be downloaded and installed almost instantly inside WeChat. And like any normal app, they can perform any number of different functions, including hailing a cab, playing games, or ordering food online.
wechat  walled  mobile  im  widgets  hardware 
august 2019 by dancall
Candy Crush adds exclusive AR content for Samsung Galaxy phones | Mobile Marketer
Candy Crush Friends Saga launched an augmented reality (AR) feature called Hungry Yeti exclusively for gamers on a Samsung Galaxy device. The latest version of the game will be released on Aug. 30 to coincide with the release of the Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus, according to an announcement.
K-pop stars Lisa and Jisoo of musical group Blackpink appeared in a promotional video showing them playing with the AR feature at the Stockholm office of King, the Activision Blizzard-owned game developer that makes Candy Crush.
Hungry Yeti lets players feed cookies to Yeti, a main character in Candy Crush Friends Saga, to score a daily gift that can help players progress in the game. Galaxy owners must point their mobile cameras at a flat surface to open a portal and see the character come to life. Owners of a Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus will also be able to activate an exclusive Yeti dance by shaking the S Pen.
GAMES  mobile  hardware  partnerships  trends  future  walled  content 
august 2019 by dancall
Google Stadia launches 4K game-streaming in November for $9.99/mo | TechCrunch
It’s not quite a “Netflix for games” but Google Stadia is making an aggressive sell for their service that’s aiming to kill game consoles.
We got the full rundown on Google’s Stadia game-streaming platform this morning in the company’s livestream launch ahead of E3 next week. The Stadia platform will let you play console-quality games across a variety of systems on the Chrome browser.
Top-level details are the company’s Stadia Pro service will launch in November for $9.99 per month. The price gets you 4K 60fps streaming but you’ll need at least a 35 mbps internet connection to get that speed. Alongside the streaming capabilities, you’ll get access to some Stadia games with the Pro subscription.
google  gaming  future  trends  paid  membership  netflix  walled 
june 2019 by dancall
Apple’s Audacity – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Sign In with Apple, though, is much more aggressive and strategic in nature: it is a new capability, that could both hurt competitors and attract new users. It is the move of a company looking outwards for opportunity, and motivated by something more intrinsic than revenue. It is very Apple-like, and while there will be a lot of debate about whether leveraging the App Store in this way is illegal or not, it is a lot more interesting for the industry to have Apple off the iPhone plateau.
apple  identity  walled  privacy  trends  future 
june 2019 by dancall
Acast launches Acast Access to make paywalled podcasts available on any player | TechCrunch
With Acast Access, on the other hand, publishers should be able to create versions of their podcasts that are only available to subscribers, but are still accessible from any app.
Chief Product Officer Johan Billgren said that Acast works with a publisher to create two different podcast feeds — the public feed, which is available to everyone for free, and the “accessed-RSS” feed, which should include all the public content but also extra episodes, episodes released early or episodes with bonus content inserted.
podcast  paid  future  trends  walled 
may 2019 by dancall

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