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The Women Who Walked Into History | History Today
Stoddart Hazlitt was not the only woman to develop a love for adventurous and challenging walking, though existing histories of pedestrianism might have us believe otherwise. Walking had been a constant feature of the lives of women – and men – of a certain class for centuries and there is a rich and long-standing literature celebrating the old ways used by drovers, fish-wives, creel-haulers, servants, tinkers, soldiers, gypsies and beggars throughout Britain. The sort of walking for which the likes of William Wordsworth, Edward Thomas and Robert Macfarlane have been celebrated – rapturously and creatively alone in nature – has, however, been considered almost exclusively a male activity, and most books about the history of walking mention only men. Since the 18th century, though, women have found walking to be as creative, inspiring and necessary to their lives as men have, even if the accounts of those experiences have been ignored or dismissed.
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2 days ago by bradleyrturner
Sustainable cities: Madrid announces new rules of the road in bid to banish traffic from center | In English | EL PAÍS
Madrid City Council is set to approve a new Sustainable Mobility Ordinance that will change the way residents move around public spaces.

The new measures, which will take effect between five and 15 days after the council approves them on Friday, introduce a speed limit of 30km/h on all one-way streets and on single-lane two-way streets.
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's heart rate rose as he testified to Congress — Quartz at Work
He reportedly meditates and works out daily, and for the past two years has been doing his five-mile commute on foot for the extra exercise and thinking time.
10 days ago by craniac
Walkingworld - Britain's walking community
On Walkingworld you can find over 7000 routes, contributed by more than 500 walk authors. This huge library of carefully prepared guides means you can find a selection of walks, of varying lengths and grades, pretty well anywhere in the country. The walks come in a unique format making them very easy to follow, with photographs to illustrate every important decision point and a proper OS 1:25,000 Explorer map.
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11 days ago by realjimbob
Hiking a new mega-trail in the Balkans | Travel | The Guardian
A long-distance wilderness route will eventually link seven Balkan countries. We walk a stretch from Bosnia to Montenegro
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