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Trail Toes Store | Trail Toes, LLC
Anti-blister, foot care products for ultrarunners and alike.
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yesterday by mjlassila
Anthony Hernandez Interview: Forever | #ASX
Anthony Hernandez:
“Walking in LA is hard. Not like New York. I know it also helps having brown skin walking in places like Watts, South Central. I have made a lot of good work in LA and it’s all because I loved walking. For me walking is the only way you can really discover a place as vast as Los Angeles. It’s interesting that in all the years walking I never bumped into any other photographers except for Garry Winogrand years ago. I used to see Garry everywhere.”

“…when I was a kid, instead of taking the streetcar home or to school I would rather walk. These walks became a way of seeing and experiencing the spaces around me. I remember that I loved walking through the alleys and would change the route I’d take home or to school just to see something new.”
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6 days ago by metaproof
Get out now
Outside lies utterly ordinary space open to any casual explorer willing to find the extraordinary. Outside lies unprogrammed awareness that at times becomes directed serendipity. Outside lies magic.”
—John Stilgoe, Outside Lies Magic
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7 days ago by gpe
Why those controversial balls on Compton Avenue are a good and necessary thing - and very important for improving pedestrian safety in a city than runs on pedestrians | STLMag
Glamour is a pedestrian in Tower Grove East, and supports the balls, reporting that crossing at intersections is now safer for those on foot because cars are having to slow down and turn more carefully. What do the critics of the balls have to say to pedestrians who now feel safer? And to be perfectly blunt, I’m sick of everyone being an expert on everything in South St. Louis, and the confirmation bias that runs rampant. I am not a traffic engineer, so I will defer to the conclusions of experts. The real experts said we needed those balls. And can we quit bashing city leaders who are doing their best to respond to their constituents’ concerns?

I guess all I’m asking is for people to express the same amount of outrage towards the reckless, nihilist driving that has become such a serious quality of life issue in St. Louis. We can’t spare any more people giving up and moving to the suburbs. The balls need to stay.

MoBikeFed comment: The "Slay Balls" in St. Louis have been a source of controversy--but it seems that it comes mostly from drivers who are annoyed by the fact that the balls make them slow down, watch where they are driving, and obey the law.

The balls are certainly no the be-all and end-all of road design. But they are a cost-effective way of making our streets safer, especially for everyone who walks and bicycles on them.

Kudos to leadership at the City of St. Louis for taking pro-active steps to make a better city. We need to see more of this type of leadership, not less.
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11 days ago by mobikefed
E99 Crown xtralite - Fischer Sports
Early users of the E99--then called the Europa 99--routinely skied them with three-pin, 75mm bindings. But Fischer now advocates their BCX boot-binding combination, a sleeker system that conforms to the ski's waist, rather than overlapping it.
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14 days ago by asaltydog
This is perfect for those with as there is a large open area that is great for .…
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14 days ago by stevechic

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