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Hikepack: Clever Hiking Maps
All trails, topo and satellite maps, route planning and navigation. Offline, with one map download only.
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3 days ago by mandarine
On foot or by bike? While Paris walks, Amsterdam pedals
It goes without saying that there is an almost mathematical correlation between urban intensities and transit choices — with the added fact that we now have a much better idea of how to characterize this correlation, at least when it comes to home-work commutes.

This is where we start to penetrate the reasons behind the differences in sustainable mobility between the two cities: Paris, one of the densest cities in the world, is 6 times denser than Amsterdam. If we consider jobs, hospitals, universities, entertainment and other urban amenities, central Paris is 7–10 times more “intense[4]” than Amsterdam.
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5 days ago by juliusbeezer
MoDOT I-44 Meramec River Bridge project to include bike/ped path after MoDOT listens to citizens| MoDOT.gov
After MoDOT’s public informational open house on the Meramec River Bridge project, the department received a great deal of feedback from the community on their thoughts about a connection between the east and west sides of the Meramec for cyclists and pedestrians. The majority of that feedback was in support of some form of a cyclist/pedestrian crossing near I-44.

Since that time, MoDOT has partnered with Great Rivers Greenway and the surrounding municipalities to come to an agreement about constructing a shared-use path across the river.

On March 13, 2018, the department came to a formal agreement with Great Rivers Greenway about a partnership to construct a 12-foot protected path for walking and biking on the bridge, and it continues to work with local municipalities about funding to connect that bridge path to existing trails on either side of the bridge.

Ultimately, the intent is to link to the existing Meramec Greenway, Emmenegger Nature Park , Powder Valley Center and Conservation Area and Possum Woods Conservation Area.

As the project continues toward the start of construction in fall 2018, we will continue to provide updates on the details of this solution.

MoBikeFed comment: This is a great example of local citizens correctly identifying an important bicycle/pedestrian need, MoDOT listening to citizen concerns, and working together with local partners--including Great Rivers Greenway, Trailnet, and interested neighboring communities--to find a way to make it happen.

Kudos to the citizens who stood up and asked for this important connection, to MoDOT staff and leadership for listening, and for partners on the project for finding the funding and political will to support it.

More information on the UrbanSTL web site here:


Map of the location (just west of the I-44/I-270 interchange, near Sunset Hills, Fenton, and Kirkwood) here:

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5 days ago by mobikefed
Revealed: radical plan to pedestrianise key Edinburgh streets - Edinburgh Evening News
Edinburgh city centre could become a “largely traffic free zone” under a radical proposal to be put to the public.

One of three options put forward by the city council says “key streets could be pedestrianised” while hubs could be built for buses to drop off passengers to use “less impactful transport”. It is not yet clear whether buses would be able to travel through the city centre.
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10 days ago by juliusbeezer

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