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Washington state legalized pot; how has that affected kids? | Seattle's Child
Do adolescents who view advertising for marijuana have more positive views about it? Denise Walker, director of the Innovative Programs Research Group at UW, wants to know.
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New study aims to help soldiers with PTSD | KING 5
The UW is conducting a study to help soldiers with PTSD. The UW's Debra Kaysen, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, and Denise Walker, research associate professor of social work, are interviewed.
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Study to help veterans with PTSD | KOMO 4
UW is starting a new research study to help veterans who suffer from PTSD. Denise Walker, a research associate professor in the UW School of Social Work, is interviewed.
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When it comes to substance abuse and soldiers, confidentiality helps | KUOW
Research from the University of Washington found that allowing soldiers to assess the impacts of their drinking confidentially can help them cut down.
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january 2017 by uwnews
Pot legalization increases adult addicts’ concern for teens | KUOW
One of the most urgent questions surrounding Washington's legalization of marijuana is the affect it will have on teenagers. Denise Walker, research associate professor of social work, is interviewed.
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february 2013 by uwnews
Dueling messages call marijuana 'benign' and 'risky' | KPLU (KNKX)
KPLU looks at what sort of advertising and public messages we might expect to see if marijuana becomes legal in Washington state. Denise Walker, research associate professor of social work, is quoted.
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