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Our goal is to create a machine-readable Wikipedia for WEB APIs. If you have an API spec in any format (OpenAPI, Swagger, RAML, WADL, API Blueprint etc.)
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june 2016 by moalex
Swagger 2.0
really cool api concept, during a calll looker said they use this pattern
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march 2015 by mgan
Web Application Description Language
<response status="200">
38 <representation mediaType="application/xml"
39 element="yn:ResultSet"/>
40 </response>
41 <response status="400">
42 <representation mediaType="application/xml"
43 element="ya:Error"/>
44 </response>
WADL  responses  response  representation 
january 2015 by earth2marsh
Web Application Description Language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maybe Sun will decide to move this forward? "WADL was submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium by Sun Microsystems on 31 August 2009[1], but the consortium has no current plans to standardize it[2]."
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november 2014 by earth2marsh
Creating Truly RESTful APIs
create slideshow-presentation on restful api design, talks about several constructs. relates to the new restful api book from oreily.
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december 2013 by mgan

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