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RT : talking now about Artificial Intelligence for humans.
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may 2018 by codepo8
The Lost Typefaces of W.A. Dwiggins - Atlas Obscura
The Lost Typefaces of W.A. Dwiggins
The pioneering designer created dozens of fonts, only a few of which are still around today.

Cara Giaimo, Atlas Obscura. May 19, 2017
W.A.Dwiggins  WAD  typography 
may 2017 by asfaltics
RT : head to G-A-Y bar for an instant test & they'll donate £5 to for every test. 's video…
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december 2016 by parsingphase
Brutal Doom 64 mod - Mod DB
Doom 64 is a not so well known port of Doom for the Nintendo 64. Unlike the ports for other consoles, it's not exactly a port, but a completely new game, featuring completely new levels, textures, sprites, enemies, and a new plot that takes place right after the events of Doom 2, and it's plot strongly suggests to be the prequel to "Doom 2016" as it be considered a reasonable explanation of how the Doom Marine stayed in Hell and became known as the "Doom Slayer" (thus being considered canonical to the series by many fan theories, and being the TRUE Doom 3). In 2003, Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal was able to extract all textures, sprites and sounds from the N64 ROM and faithfully recreate the levels in the Doomsday engine, thus creating the Doom 64 Absolution TC, and later making Doom 64 EX (an emulator for the ROM for PC). The Doomsday engine is today considered obsolete, and a Doomworld user called Nightside successfully ported all maps to work on GZDoom, but has given up the project.

Brutal Doom 64 aims to continue this project of "porting" (actually recreating from scratch) Doom 64 to GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Unlike Doom 64 EX or Doom 64 Absolution the goal of this project is not to make a 1:1 port of Doom 64 for PC, but to enhance it in every possible way, bringing the satisfying gore and gunplay of Brutal Doom, new sounds and special effects that greatly enhances the oppressive atmosphere of D64, and attempting to include all the content cut from the original game due the cartridge space of the N64.
doom  wad  mod 
november 2016 by awhite
Ancient Aliens - A megawad for Boom - Doomworld Forums
Ancient Aliens is a megawad featuring 32 colorful, action-packed maps for Boom compatible ports and a soundtrack composed by stewboy. 

Ancient Aliens began as a personal project but eventually mappers AD_79, esselfortium, Joshy, lupinx-kassman, Pinchy, stewboy, and Tarnsman joined the fun and left their mark on the project. Special thanks to dew, AD_79, Altazimuth, and Tarnsman for helping out with testing. And of course a huge thanks to stewboy for all the awesome music!
doom  wad  mod  Videogames 
may 2016 by amason
Twentieth-Century Book Design (minus the name-dropping) - The Offices of Kat Ran Press
Twentieth-Century Book Design (minus the name-dropping)
11 September 2014
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In 1919, William A. Dwiggins published Extracts from An Investigation into the Physical Properties of Books as they are at present published. It was fairly critical of publishers and unions for putting profits and jobs ahead of the craft of bookmaking. It was also critical of the public for being distracted by automobiles, the motion-picture drama, professional athletics, and the Saturday Evening Post. The publishers, the printers, and the public were deemed to be collectively responsible for the decline of printing and standards of book production.
book.history  book.design  WAD 
november 2014 by asfaltics

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