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Bless the overclockers: In the data center world, liquid cooling is becoming king
"Truly, the primary reason for the recent boom in the liquid cooling industry is necessity. Today’s CPUs are too hot and servers are packed too densely for air to effectively cool them anymore, as Google itself noted. Water has approximately 3,300 times the heat capacity than air, and a water cooled system can move 300 liters of water per minute, as opposed to 20 cubic feet of air per minute. To state it plainly, water can cool much more efficiently and in a much smaller space. So after years of trying their best to keep power consumption down, CPU vendors can now throw power to the wind and crank up the voltage to get maximum performance—they know liquid cooling can handle it."
a:Andy-Patrizio  p:Ars-Technica★★  d:2019.02.04  w:3500  data-centers  hardware  efficiency  from instapaper
6 days ago by bankbryan
Super-tall, super-skinny, super-expensive: the 'pencil towers' of New York's super-rich
"So what does Stern make of the criticisms that these silos of billionaires are casting ever-longer shadows across Central Park, and that the negotiations happen well away from public scrutiny? 'The shadow argument has been debunked completely,' he insists. 'Shorter, blockier buildings cast bigger, long-lasting shadows than tall slender buildings, which have longer shadows that move more quickly. If all of the air rights were built out in slender towers, rather than blocky buildings, the shadow impact would be much less. The density is finite, so isn’t it better that it’s used in a taller, slender building, rather than a short, fatter one?' As for the lack of public review, he is adamant that it is the foundation of the city’s success. 'One of the great things about New York, compared to other cities, is that, as a developer, you can rely on as-of-right zoning: there is a certainty about your building rights. What makes the economy go is the fact there isn’t a discretionary review of everything.'"
a:Oliver-Wainwright  p:The-Guardian★★  d:2019.02.05  w:3500  architecture  NYC  zoning  regulation  from instapaper
5 weeks ago by bankbryan
Why Charles Barkley's Collusion Comments Are Misguided
"Such a hypothetical scenario might meet the dictionary definition of 'collusion'. Merriam-Webster, for instance, defines collusion as a 'secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose'. Here, the agreement would be carried out in secret since the conspirators know that it violates the NBA’s anti-tampering policy. Also, while the agreement’s purpose wouldn’t be illegal in a criminal sense, it would violate a league contract and reflect deceit of sorts. The dictionary definition of collusion may be interesting to apply, but it is not the determinative definition for the NBA."
a:Michael-McCann★★  p:Sports-Illustrated/The-Crossover★★  d:2019.02.01  w:3500  NBA  Anthony-Davis  from instapaper
11 weeks ago by bankbryan
It Used to Be Okay for Parents to Play Favorites
"I’ve read many thousands of pages on managing sibling conflict, and Dreikurs’s method is the one I’ve come to favor, though I’m not sure if it’s because it works, because it’s what my parents did, or because it literally requires me to do nothing. I often fail, however, because doing nothing is often the hardest thing to do. It is very, very difficult to listen to two screaming children and think, Carry on; and it is very, very easy to scream yourself."
a:Jennifer-Traig  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2019.01.16  w:3500  parenting  children  from twitter
11 weeks ago by bankbryan
dropgangs, or the future of darknet markets
"It is far from unlikely that these developments will lead to a breakdown of control and regulation over low weight, low volume goods. The black markets are upon us."
a:The-Real-Smugger  p:opaque.link  d:2018.12.26  w:3500  economics  process  recreational-drugs  future  law-enforcement  from instapaper
12 weeks ago by bankbryan
What Jrue Holiday wants and why it makes him special
"He knows he will not win every possession, or even most of them. 'I don't need any accolades,' Holiday says. 'I don't like being famous. But I can always tell people I used to defend guys like Kevin Durant, and they respect my defense. Maybe he likes my offense too. But I know one thing: He'll remember how I played defense on him. That's the only accolade I want.' Is he right? 'No fucking doubt,' Durant says. 'He causes more problems for me than guys my own size. I don't even want to give him that because he'll use it to his advantage.'"
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2019.01.25  w:3500  NBA  from instapaper
12 weeks ago by bankbryan
The Science of Dreaming
“What was it like for you to choose from your own dreams to share with a public audience, and how do you feel knowing that this book is going to come out and your dreams are in it?”
“I just pretend it’s not happening. [Laughs] That’s the answer.”
a:Jessica-Gross  a:Alice-Robb  p:Longreads★★  d:2018.12.27  w:3500  interview  sleep  dreaming  mental-health  from twitter
january 2019 by bankbryan
Why do stars like Adele keep losing their voice?
"The moment Crippa said hello, Brilla and Paglin knew there was something very wrong with her voice. She exuded tension, as if bracing for confrontation, and took big, gulping breaths before speaking. Brilla and Paglin often see this problem with singers; their vocal cords are so used to having great quantities of air shoved at them that the cords won’t respond without that force. 'Once you start pushing, you’re condemned to push for the rest of your life,' Paglin told me. 'Unless you learn a new way of doing it.'"
a:Bernhard-Warner  p:The-Guardian★★  d:2017.08.10  w:3500  music  health  from twitter
january 2019 by bankbryan
What Is Glitter?
"It’s impossible to recreate the light-catching effect of glitter without using tiny particles of something, which means that if an object looks glittery upon close inspection (a credit card design; an N.F.L. helmet; a jet ski paint job), there are good odds that it contains glitter. Researchers and zookeepers sometimes mix glitter with animal feed to track animals (polar bears; elephants; domestic cats) via sparkly feces. Plywood manufacturers insert hidden layers of colored glitter in their products to prevent counterfeiting. Because glitter is difficult to remove completely from an area into which it has been introduced, and because individual varieties can be distinguished under a microscope, it can serve as useful crime scene evidence; years ago the F.B.I. contacted Glitterex to catalog samples of its products. The average American, said Mr. Shetty, sees glitter every day. Most of it is hexagonal."
a:Caity-Weaver★★  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.12.21  w:3500  manufacturing  from instapaper
january 2019 by bankbryan
Rise of the Zombie King
"'The food of my people was Chinese,' he says of that sunny childhood. 'In the mid-sixties, the tiki craze had peaked at such a point that regular, old-school Cantonese restaurants figured out that they were already serving Polynesian food, which is just Chinese food under different names. All they had to do to cash in on the trend was to retrofit their restaurants with decor.' When Berry was eight years old, his folks took him to Ah Fong's, a joint owned by Benson Fong, who played the Number Three Son in the Charlie Chan film series in the 1940s. The people around him were drinking flaming punches and sipping Navy Grogs through ice cones, and Berry was immediately transfixed. 'It was a complete Disney World when I walked in there. My parents were there just for the chow mein; I wanted to live there. It had been art-directed to a tee.'"
a:Robert-Simonson  p:Eater★★  d:2104.10.22  w:3500  food  alcohol  bars  from twitter
january 2019 by bankbryan
Gluten Free Antarctica
"My favorite breakfast passenger is Bill, who has been married for 50 years and is a man of habit. His wife sits at the furthest table and waits for him to bring the tea. He fills both mugs to the rim, times his run so the ship is just level, and then shuffles forward, screaming, as the boiling liquid scalds his hands. Every morning."
a:Maciej-Ceglowski★★★  p:Idle-Words★★★  d:2018.12.20  w:3500  story  travel  food  Russia  from instapaper
january 2019 by bankbryan
Can Special Effects Be Special Again?
"Franklin and Lambert furthered that process on Damien Chazelle’s Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, which also mostly avoided using green screens. This time, instead of using projectors to throw images on a screen, they built a massive wraparound high-definition LED screen outside of the set, so that performers could act against images that otherwise would have been added months later in post. The intensely beautiful X-15 experimental flight sequence that opens the film was shot this way, and the realism achieved also meant that the camera captured little offhand details that would have taken VFX artists weeks to do with computers. 'Because you had the content on the screen, when you see Ryan [Gosling] bursting through the atmosphere, you can then see the beautiful chromatic shift on the horizon,' recalls Lambert. 'That shot is in camera; Ryan is actually looking at the horizon. It’s reflected in his visor, and *it’s reflected in his eye*. I used to do that work myself. I used to be a compositor. I know how tricky it is to do that in post.'"
a:Bilge-Ebiri  p:Vulture★★  d:2018.12.10  w:3500  film  technology  acting  from instapaper
december 2018 by bankbryan
Why Does Mount Rushmore Exist?
"Funding for Mount Rushmore was touch-and-go, as was political and public support. But Borglum would not give up. The project took far longer, and cost far more money, than anyone could have imagined. Logistics were murderously complex. Men were lowered over the rock face on sling chairs; carving was done mainly with dynamite and jackhammers. At one point, a crack running through the stone threatened to break Thomas Jefferson’s nose, so his face was blown off the mountain and started again in a different spot."
a:Sam-Anderson★★  p:The-New-York-Times-Magazine★★  d:2017.03.22  w:3500  nature  United-States  from instapaper
december 2018 by bankbryan
The Monster in the Mirror
"In the past two and a half months, Gritty has proved to be an overwhelming success as a mascot. More than that, he’s become a legitimate cultural phenomenon, a weird and scary avatar for a weird and scary time. He is all things to all people. 'Gritty is fairly appalling, pretty insurrectionary for a mascot, and I don’t think there’s any question that that’s our kind of symbol,' says Helen Gym, an at-large member of the Philadelphia City Council. 'There’s nothing more Philly than being unapologetically yourself.'"
a:Michael-Baumann  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2018.12.14  w:3500  sports  politics  Philadelphia  from twitter
december 2018 by bankbryan
Meet the Safecracker of Last Resort
"I spent more than six months shadowing Santore because I wanted to know what the city looks like through the eyes of a safecracker, a person for whom no vault is an actual barrier and no safe is truly secure. There are a lot of safecrackers, I learned, but the good ones, like Santore, live in a state of magical realism, suspended somewhere between technology and superstition. The safecracker sees what everyone else has been hiding—the stashed cash and jewels, the embarrassing photographs. He is a kind of human X-ray revealing the true, naked secrets of a city."
a:Geoff-Manaugh★★  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2018.12.13  w:3500  Los-Angeles  privacy  security  from instapaper
december 2018 by bankbryan
Aimee Mann on writing sad songs
"Tim had written a song that was a parody of a Bob Dylan song and he had written it a couple of years ago when people were saying that Bob Dylan was gonna perform at the Super Bowl. So he wrote a song called 'Running Out the Clock' where he sings it like Bob Dylan and it actually sounded like it was him. But here’s the thing… it was really a great song. So I wrote a parody of that song that was about how Trump supporters are attacking Tim online and I called it 'Liberal Snowflake Cuck' instead of 'Running Out the Clock'. Anyway, it was really dumb and I can’t believe I’m telling you this."
a:T-Cole-Rachel  a:Aimee-Mann  p:The-Creative-Independent★  d:2017.03.20  w:3500  interview  music  writing  from twitter
december 2018 by bankbryan
The Sound of ‘Housewives’ Everywhere
"'Vanderpump Rules' is a 'Real Housewives' spin-off that features a cast with lower ages, inhibitions and net worth, but a music mix with higher drum levels."
a:Caity-Weaver★★  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.10.20  w:3500  television  sound  process  from twitter
november 2018 by bankbryan
Space Harrier – Developer Interview Collection
"The thing with Nakayama was, if he saw that the graphics were complete in your game, he would tell you it was done and it was time to release it. Nevertheless, we couldn’t just hide the game from him and show him nothing when he came by. So I rigged up a little switch underneath my desk... (laughs) When I pressed that switch it would wipe the color RAM. You could wipe the color RAM, and it wouldn’t affect the rest of the game—everything would keep running, just the colors would get all glitched. To a layperson, it would look like the game wasn’t complete yet. Well, one time we did this, and randomly, the colors of the sky looked extremely striking. Then I used our development tool ICE to stop the CPU and extract the color RAM data, and those became the colors we used for Space Harrier."
a:Blackoak  p:shmuplations  w:3500  games  color  from instapaper
november 2018 by bankbryan
'Britney Spears wanted to be a star': An oral history of '...Baby One More Time'
"The public perception is that this is all created, that the record company created this — the artist, the music, the image. I have to tell you, if the record company could have created more than one Britney Spears, they would have done it, and they tried! And people, Mandy Moore is an actress."
a:Jessica-M-Goldstein  p:Entertainment-Weekly  d:2018.10.23  w:3500  oral-history  music  pop-culture  teens  from instapaper
november 2018 by bankbryan
All In: The Hidden History of Poker and Crypto
"As you might imagine, most of these licenses are going to well-established organizations. In fact, many professional poker players I talked to think the whole point of the UIGEA was to bulldoze the industry, kicking out the first wave of innovators so that the big boys could eventually make their entry—the Caesars, the Harrahs, the MGMs. These powerhouses missed their opportunity in during the initial rise of online poker, and they are the ones who stood to gain the most with a hard regulatory reset."
a:Morgen-Peck  p:Breaker  d:2018.10.04  w:3500  Bitcoin  gambling  regulation  blockchains  from instapaper
november 2018 by bankbryan

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