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“He’s a Coen Brothers Villain”
"How do people there see the Mueller investigation, and does what you just said affect the way you see it?
I think they see it primarily as being incredibly amusing, because finally the U.S. is as obsessed with Russia as the Russians have always fantasized that it was.* Because after spending years and hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to raise Russia’s profile abroad, suddenly they can just kick back, relax, and do nothing while the Western media do their jobs of glorifying Putin as this hypercompetent, brilliant villain for them. They absolutely don’t mind being portrayed as scheming villains, because the only thing that the Russians hate is being accurately portrayed as largely incompetent. As long as we ascribe competence to them, they will be very happy."
a:Isaac-Chotiner  a:Michael-Idov★★  p:Slate★★  d:2018.02.27  w:2500  interview  Russia  2016-election  Donald-Trump  from twitter
6 days ago by bankbryan
U.S. Secretly Negotiated With Russians to Buy Stolen NSA Documents — and the Russians Offered Trump-Related Material, Too
"In March 2017, the Russian met with the American intermediary and a U.S. official in Berlin and agreed to provide the stolen NSA data from the Shadow Brokers in exchange for payment. The U.S. government used 'certain messaging techniques' that the Russian accepted as proof that the U.S. government was behind the negotiations and the proposed deal, according to the documents obtained by The Intercept. Officials gave the Russians advance knowledge that on June 20, 2017, at 12:30 p.m., the official NSA Twitter account would tweet: 'Samuel Morse patented the telegraph 177 years ago. Did you know you can still send telegrams? Faster than post & pay only if it’s delivered.' That tweet, in exactly those words, was issued at that time."
a:James-Risen  p:The-Intercept  d:2018.02.09  w:2500  Russia  NSA  Donald-Trump  intelligence-gathering  Twitter  2016-election  from instapaper
10 days ago by bankbryan
Ellen Pompeo, TV's $20 Million Woman, Reveals Her Behind-the-Scenes Fight for "What I Deserve"
"By the way, I saw the other path. My agent once sent me to see Harvey, too. I went right up to his room at the Peninsula, which I would never normally do, but Harvey was a New York guy, so it made sense. Plus, it was in the middle of the day, and he had an assistant there. He didn't try anything on me. Had he, I'm a little rough around the edges and I grew up around some very tough people, so I probably would have picked up a vase and cracked him over the fucking head. But I also feel completely comfortable saying that I walked into that room batting the shit out of my eyelashes. My goal in that room was to charm him, as it is in most rooms like that. You think, 'Not only do I have to show that I'm a good actress, but that director also has to in some way fall in love with me and at least become enamored with me.' That never felt right or good to me. And I've had conversations with my agents 17 years later. I've said, 'You sent me into that room knowing…' They claim they didn't know."
a:Lacey-Rose  p:The-Hollywood-Reporter  d:2018.01.17  w:2500  television  gender  from instapaper
24 days ago by bankbryan
Golfing with Jonah from 'Veep'
"And then there was us, sinking into middle-aged male cliché like hippos into mud. Out on the course, Tim and I were talking about this, how one day you’re young and the next day you’re passionate about red wine and the newest irons from TaylorMade. It was sobering and exhilarating at the same time: The pleasures were real, even as they marked the end of whatever pure and idealistic notions of self we were still holding onto."
a:Zach-Baron★★  p:GQ★★  d:2018.02.07  w:2500  golf  aging  Los-Angeles  from instapaper
26 days ago by bankbryan
The Cavs' imperfect deadline was the best they could do
"'As good as peak Warriors' isn't a realistic way to judge teams. It is easy to rip the Cavs for overpaying Smith and Thompson -- fellow clients of Klutch, the agency of LeBron and friends. The Cavs did overpay them, and both have been disappointing this season. (Smith has looked alarmingly out of sorts.) They have limitations Golden State exploited on the grandest stage. The Cavs had limited means to replace them, and last season's runner-up team at full throttle was as good as almost any team we've seen in the past 15 seasons. They weren't as good as the peak Kevin Durant/Stephen Curry Warriors. So what are you supposed to do? These remade Cavs have an honest shot to at least get back to that grand stage."
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2018.02.08  w:2500  Cavs  NBA  LeBron-James  from iphone
5 weeks ago by bankbryan
Cavs' Front Office Mistakes Pushing LeBron and Co. to Breaking Point
"Thomas' remarkable media session Saturday pulled back the curtain on all of the internal tumult that has rocked the Cavs in the past week. When asked to clarify his role in the players' questioning of Love about his whereabouts last weekend, Thomas leveled an unfathomable accusation: Nobody with the team had told the players why Love was not on the bench after leaving the OKC game, why he wasn't in the locker room afterward and why he wasn't at practice the next day."
a:Ken-Berger  p:Bleacher-Report  d:2018.01.30  w:2500  Cavs  LeBron-James  Isaiah-Thomas  Kevin-Love  Dan-Gilbert  David-Griffin  from instapaper
6 weeks ago by bankbryan
The Doctor Will See You Now
"One time Jeff told me he thought my father was square. I said, 'You’re just jealous,' which was mean. Maybe I should have just said, 'Yeah, I guess, whatever, so am I, we’re square folk!' But this would have been bullshit to me. We barely talked about my uncle after the 'you’re fat' incident, and we certainly didn’t agonize over it. I took this talent with me into adulthood. If someone crosses a line, there is no discussion, there is no agony, only the void they move into, and your new, brighter world on the other side of it."
a:Sarah-Miller★  p:Longreads★★  d:2017.10.23  w:2500  family  from twitter
11 weeks ago by bankbryan
Operation Columba
"Pigeon fanciers were warned against harboring strange birds. They were threatened with liquidation of their totes in the event of detection. Later they were told that harboring of alien pigeons was espionage and carried with it the penalty of death by shooting. No one, apparently, was ever shot for this offense, nor so far as we could find out were any lofts destroyed (although healthy apprehensions may well have hastened some of the birds, stringy as they were, into the pot rather than into the tote). Our original calculation that there is nothing self-betraying about a pigeon in a loft seems to have held up: the Germans' intentions were probably lethal enough, but they just never caught anybody. All this sound and fury, however, did have a fine subversive effect on the pigeon fanciers and their friends."
a:TJ-Betts  p:CIA★  d:1993.09.22  w:2500  intelligence-gathering  World-War-II  from instapaper
11 weeks ago by bankbryan
Google’s Long, Strange Life-Span Trip
"A hundred and seventy five years ago most people died from infections, not from old age. Thanks to vaccines, better nutrition, and all-around improvements in public health and medicine, life expectancy at birth in wealthy nations has doubled from 40 to around 80 years, an average gain of 2.5 years per decade. But now that we live longer, we have traded up to a new set of killers that are harder to beat: cancer, heart disease, stroke, and dementia. For all these diseases, aging is the single biggest risk factor. An 80-year-old is 40 times as likely to die from cancer as someone middle-aged. The risk for Alzheimer’s rises by 600 times. But what if it were possible to postpone all these deaths by treating aging itself? 'I think we have failed in our effort to attack chronic disease when we attack them one by one,' Sierra says. 'And the reason is that they have one major risk factor, which is the biology of aging.'"
a:Antonio-Regalado  p:MIT-Technology-Review  d:2016.12.15  w:2500  health  Google  aging  biology  public-health  from instapaper
12 weeks ago by bankbryan
The Little Parts of a Basketball Game Are What Make the NBA So Fun
"Basketball at any level has those little things, be it stuff you experience when you attend a game in person (watching NBA players walk around and stretch and whatnot before a game is oddly mesmerizing) or watch a game on TV (probably my favorite TV basketball-watching thing is when a game is a blowout and the announcers start talking about things not directly related to the game they’re supposed to be calling; Mike Breen and Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy are the best at this sort of thing). Let’s do more of those."
a:Shea-Serrano★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.12.12  w:2500  list  NBA  from instapaper
december 2017 by bankbryan
Lowe's 10 things: Speedy CP3, Dennis Smith Jr. and the finally fun Cavs
"My favorite subplot of the season: watching Paul adjust to the pace and freedom of Mike D'Antoni's offense. You can see his brain working: 'OK, I'm dribbling fast. Look at me go! Oh, here's Clint setting me a screen 35 feet from the hoop. My guy went under! Wait, I'm supposed to shoot, aren't I? But there are 19 seconds on the shot clock and I haven't signaled a play or yelled at anyone yet. Should I really shoot? I guess so. WHEE!' He's like a sheltered college freshman being dragged to his first frat parties. 'The beer is ... free? My parents wouldn't like this. Maybe I'll try one sip.' Five minutes later, he's doing keg stands."
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.12.01  w:2500  NBA  from instapaper
december 2017 by bankbryan
Lawsplainer: How Federal Grand Juries Work, Part One
What's your question?
Well, it's kind of a dumb question.
Believe me when I say I have thoroughly prepared myself for that eventuality.
a:Ken-White★★★  p:Popehat★★★  d:2017.08.07  w:2500  explainer  law  from twitter
november 2017 by bankbryan
How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met
"When Steinfeld wrote 'a friend or someone you might know', he meant anyone—any person who might at some point have labeled your phone number or email or address in their own contacts. A one-night stand from 2008, a person you got a couch from on Craiglist in 2010, a landlord from 2013: If they ever put you in their phone, or you put them in yours, Facebook could log the connection if either party were to upload their contacts. That accumulation of contact data from hundreds of people means that Facebook probably knows every address you’ve ever lived at, every email address you’ve ever used, every landline and cell phone number you’ve ever been associated with, all of your nicknames, any social network profiles associated with you, all your former instant message accounts, and anything else someone might have added about you to their phone book."
a:Kashmir-Hill★  p:Gizmodo★  d:2017.11.07  w:2500  Facebook  privacy  mobile  from twitter
november 2017 by bankbryan
Do The Celtics Have Enough Star Power To Win a Title? Not Yet.
"All you need is an Alpha, a Beta and a Gamma and — presto! — you win an NBA championship? Actually, your options are more flexible than that. A team with an Alpha and a Beta — say, this year’s Houston Rockets — could probably skip the Gamma if they had a deep rotation. A team with no Alphas but three Betas — say, Jimmy Butler, Antetokounmpo and Kyle Lowry — would more than likely be good enough to contend for a title. A team with a very strong Alpha could go without a Beta and make up for it with two or more Gammas instead — that’s sort of how the current Cavaliers are constructed."
a:Nate-Silver★★  p:FiveThirtyEight★★  d:2017.07.07  w:2500  NBA  statistical-analysis  Cavs  from instapaper
october 2017 by bankbryan
Nylon Calculus: In search of the ideal talent distribution for an NBA roster
"The most evenly-distributed teams had smaller-than-expected championship returns relative to model predictions based on team VORP in the regular season. Aside from the Solo Acts group, the least evenly-distributed teams were the most likely to exceed the model’s predictions, producing more championships than expected from regular-season VORP. More formally, including the standard deviation of individual VORP scores across the roster as an additional predictor of title odds in the model indicated a statistically significant positive relationship between roster imbalance and title odds. In other words, for a given level of overall team quality, an unbalanced roster was more likely to produce a championship than a balanced one. Intuitively, this finding makes sense. In the playoffs, benches tend to get 'shorter' as fewer players are given an opportunity to play in the most-important moments of the season. Thus, sacrificing depth in favor of star power seems like a logical strategy for championship success. Still, there was obviously an upper limit to this type of beneficial imbalance, with no more than a 50:50 split between an alpha dog and his pack yielding a title."
a:Todd-Whitehead  p:Fansided/Nylon-Calculus  d:2017.07.18  w:2500  statistical-analysis  NBA  from instapaper
october 2017 by bankbryan
The Rules of the Gun Control Debate
"There are subtle, sophisticated, and nuanced approaches to the gun problem that balance the rights of gun owners against the imperatives of gun safety. They may well even make some difference at the margin. But they are unlikely to make any significant difference. Americans debate these approaches not because they are likely to be effective, but because the methods that will work—that have worked in every other advanced society—are here politically taboo."
a:David-Frum  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2017.10.06  w:2500  guns  from twitter
october 2017 by bankbryan
How Moscow's Spies Keep Duping America—Over and Over Again
"The Bush administration came in with fresh eyes, and the same slightly egotistical presumption that they could do it better than the last guy. Bush officials saw an opportunity when Putin was among the first to reach out after the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington to offer help against the Taliban who were hosting al-Qaeda. 'In a very American way, a lot of people who did not deal with the Russians day-to-day just assumed they would be natural allies,' said former CIA officer Sipher of the days just after the attacks. 'Those of us who had been working on Russia for years and years had become pretty jaded because the Russians are sort of a police state… writ large."
a:Kimberly-Dozier  p:The-Daily-Beast★  d:2017.06.25  w:2500  intelligence-gathering  Russia  trust  9/11  from instapaper
october 2017 by bankbryan
Who Will Win This Year’s NBA Hipster Team Championship Belt?
"The Golden State Warriors tilted the balance of relevance dramatically toward the Western Conference and toward veterans. All roads lead to the Bay, and time is on their side. Stephen Curry will turn 30 this season; Kevin Durant just turned 29; Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are 27. Barring injury, catastrophic mismanagement, or some unforeseen combination of both, the Dubs could be the favorites to win the title for the next three to five years. For star-level players age 27 or above, that means your best shot at winning a championship might come from teaming up. Thus we have Chris Paul in Houston with James Harden; Paul George and Hoodie Melo in Oklahoma City with Russell Westbrook; half the Banana Boat in Cleveland; and Gordon Hayward alongside flat-earth-shitposter Kyrie Irving in Boston with Al Horford."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.10.03  w:2500  list  NBA  hipsters  from instapaper
october 2017 by bankbryan
Three Ways to Address the NBA’s Pacers Problem
"Unfortunately, Indiana general manager Kevin Pritchard, who filled Bird’s position as the team’s chief decision-maker in April, has taken his new job a little too seriously. Trading George for Oladipo and Sabonis was a brilliant tanking move. But instead of signing any bum off the street with a jump shot to round out the roster, Pritchard brought in Darren Collison, Cory Joseph, and Bojan Bogdanovic, all of whom should help the Pacers win a handful of games this season that they otherwise wouldn’t have. In other words, although the Pacers are blowing an obvious chance to acquire the potential superstar they’ve never had, the good news is that the team’s streak of consecutive 30-win seasons might stay alive! LET’S GO PACERS!!!"
a:Mark-Titus  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.09.20  w:2500  NBA  from instapaper
september 2017 by bankbryan

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