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Three Ways to Address the NBA’s Pacers Problem
"Unfortunately, Indiana general manager Kevin Pritchard, who filled Bird’s position as the team’s chief decision-maker in April, has taken his new job a little too seriously. Trading George for Oladipo and Sabonis was a brilliant tanking move. But instead of signing any bum off the street with a jump shot to round out the roster, Pritchard brought in Darren Collison, Cory Joseph, and Bojan Bogdanovic, all of whom should help the Pacers win a handful of games this season that they otherwise wouldn’t have. In other words, although the Pacers are blowing an obvious chance to acquire the potential superstar they’ve never had, the good news is that the team’s streak of consecutive 30-win seasons might stay alive! LET’S GO PACERS!!!"
a:Mark-Titus  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.09.20  w:2500  basketball  from instapaper
24 days ago by bankbryan
Interview: Apple’s Craig Federighi answers some burning questions about Face ID
"Apple’s Face ID processes mirror very closely those they developed for Touch ID. And, even though there are caveats, those have largely stood up to probing from security researchers and nation states alike. It’s important to ask the questions and listen carefully to the answers. But so far, the answers seem fairly plain."
a:Matthew-Panzarino  p:TechCrunch  d:2017.09.15  w:2500  iPhone  Face-ID  Touch-ID  security  privacy  from instapaper
27 days ago by bankbryan
The Summer of Halo Top
"A fair criticism of Halo Top would be to ask, would you rather have a few bites of full-steam ice cream or an entire pint of something lighter? Most of us would like to assume the former, perhaps fancying ourselves dessert connoisseurs who appreciate quality over quantity. Any familiarity with human nature (and Halo Top’s sales numbers), however, doesn’t bear that thinking out. Yes, it is not quite ice cream. In fact, it exists in that uncanny valley between real and imitation, so close to the genuine product that it almost stands out more by comparison. But for many of us, the thrill of digging through an entire pint of chocolate ice cream with no residual guilt is worth the slight compromise that Halo Top offers."
a:Garrett-Snyder  p:Taste  d:2017.07.05  w:2500  food  nutrition  from instapaper
5 weeks ago by bankbryan
Ask the Maester: How Many Night Kings Have There Been?
"There is no evidence anywhere that Faceless Men can steal faces from a living subject. The 'non-dead face swap' is not a thing. That doesn’t mean that the show won’t make it a thing. The scene in which Littlefinger tries to convince Sansa to use Brienne against Arya is strange. There’s none of the usual Littlefinger reaction shots, and he doesn’t say anything particularly insightful or, interestingly, anything that Arya wouldn’t know. It’s almost as if the show is trying to set up the suspicion that Arya is posing as Littlefinger in an attempt to get her to admit to betraying—or wanting to betray—Jon. And when Sansa (foolishly!) sends Brienne south, under this reading of the scene that would mean she 'passed' Arya’s test, thus allowing the sisters to team up and take down Littlefinger. Again, there is no indication that 'non-dead face swapping' is possible. But, man, weird scene."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.08.22  w:2500  Game-of-Thrones  from instapaper
7 weeks ago by bankbryan
A Witness to Other People’s Lives, Not Living My Own
"We spent the first few months of marriage in a small, stark town near the hotel where we worked. We rented an all-white one-bedroom apartment covered in indoor/outdoor gray carpet and furnished with leftover hotel furniture—brass and felted teal banquet chairs, a multicolored houndstooth-print sofa, bedside tables with the lamps attached. It was the setting a location scout would choose if the goal was to show characters slowly drifting into insanity."
a:Jennifer-Romolini  p:Longreads★★  d:2017.06.06  w:2500  restaurants  from iphone
8 weeks ago by bankbryan
Who Has Made the Biggest Mistake on This Season of ‘Game of Thrones’?
"Thrones keeps unrealistically kicking that can down the road, likely to preserve the dramatic fulfillment of the valonqar prophecy for Season 8. This choice has rendered Jaime both massively frustrating and slightly incoherent; if watching his twin kill hundreds of people with wildfire, thereby doing exactly what he once murdered his own king to prevent, didn't turn him against her, what will? I generally don’t like to be reminded of the real world when I’m watching my dragon show, but the King's Landing scenes this season have become essentially a more incesty version of the 'what's it gonna take for the GOP to jump ship' game we're playing with the news every day."
a:Mallory-Rubin★★  a:Kate-Knibbs  a:Alyssa-Bereznak  a:Claire-McNear  a:Megan-Schuster  a:Shaker-Samman  a:Alison-Herman  a:Danny-Heifetz  a:Ben-Lindbergh★  a:Michael-Baumann  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.08.18  w:2500  Game-of-Thrones  Donald-Trump  Republicans  from instapaper
8 weeks ago by bankbryan
Ask the Maester: Does It Matter If Jon Snow Is a Targaryen?
"An amazing—or bad, depending on your mood and perspective—aspect of 'Eastwatch' was that it gave us several huge reveals as C- and D-plot. There was Gilly discovering Rhaegar’s annulment and concurrent nuptials to, we presume, Lyanna Stark in Dorne. This was a world-shaking bombshell teased out like a plot from a Friends episode (the mystery of Jon’s parentage enduring because … Gilly mispronounces 'Rhaegar'; Sam, i.e., the Person Who Cured Greyscale Because He Pays Attention, hand-waving the reveal)."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.08.15  w:2500  Game-of-Thrones  from instapaper
8 weeks ago by bankbryan
A Year of Google Maps & Apple Maps
"Now we see what was really happening last Summer: by bleaching and flattening the map, Google was clearing it for all the things it would add later. And last Summer’s redesign was just the first in a series of steps. It makes you wonder what else Google is planning."
a:Justin-O'Beirne★★  p:Justin-O'Beirne★★  d:2017  w:2500  analysis  maps  Google-Maps  Apple-Maps  roads  geography 
9 weeks ago by bankbryan
How Bostonians Defeated the Olympics
"We should never be planning our cities around three-week events, or planning our cities around visitors. We should be planning our cities in a way that will work for decades, and will benefit the residents of the city."
a:Shannon-Sims  a:Christopher-Dempsey  p:The-Atlantic/CityLab★★  d:2017.06.05  w:2500  interview  sports  cities  Boston  from instapaper
9 weeks ago by bankbryan
The Worldwide Leader and the Cap Jump
"The Warriors are perhaps the most extreme version of this dynamic you could find, but they still illustrate the general point that salary cap management can often be the difference between being good and being great. This may seem straightforward, but executing on it is not — fiscal responsibility requires enormous discipline. There are many factors that push an NBA front office to overspend: a lack of patience, overconfidence in their own talent evaluation, loss aversion regarding their own players, and the winner’s curse, to name a few. Because of that, one of the hallmarks of the best front offices is an ability to effectively manage their cap situation, even (and especially) when it requires tough decisions."
a:Ben-Falk★  p:Cleaning-the-Glass★  d:2017.05.03  w:2500  basketball  television  from instapaper
9 weeks ago by bankbryan
Ask the Maester: What Is Cersei’s Plan Now?
"Eric asks, 'I'm trying not to be annoyed at the show for retconning mature dragon scales to not be invulnerable. Or is it because it was his underside?' I am also annoyed! When the dragon Meraxes was downed during the First Dornish War, it was because the scorpion bolt the defenders of Hellholt fired at him took the beast in the eye. Big Crossbow is dumb, guys! In a world built on thousands of years of meticulously crafted shared history, it makes very little sense that Qyburn (*Qyburn*?!) would be the first dude *ever* to be like, 'What if a crossbow, but bigger?'"
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.08.08  w:2500  Game-of-Thrones  from twitter
9 weeks ago by bankbryan
The Doctor Will See Your Iguana Now
"The center, on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is the city’s only exclusively exotic animal hospital. “Exotic” in the veterinary trade simply means all pets except cats and dogs. The center treats anything else that comes in the door and weighs under 50 pounds. Most of the patients are rabbits, rodents, lizards or birds, but they can get pretty exotic: kinkajous, alligators, flower horn fish and prairie dogs. So can their problems. 'I’ve been an avian and exotic vet since 2004,' Dr. Pilny said, 'and every day I say, "What the hell is this?"'"
a:Andy-Newman  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.05.12  w:2500  animals  medicine  NYC  from twitter
10 weeks ago by bankbryan
13 possible NBA expansion cities, ranked
"11. OMAHA
Why Omaha? Omaha! A mid-sized American city without pro sports. It’s also on the Nebraska-Iowa border. (Hello, Council Bluffs!) Iowa has a deep and abiding love for basketball beyond its D-League team and Fred Hoiberg.
Why not? Omaha and Council Bluffs are pretty damn small as far as pro sports markets go.
Suggested Team Names: The Omaha Omaha has a nice ring to it. We would also accept the Iowa Ethanol Subsidies."
a:Tom-Ziller★  p:SB-Nation★  d:2017.02.17  w:2500  list  basketball  cities  naming  from instapaper
11 weeks ago by bankbryan
Ask the Maester: Making Sense of the Prince That Was Promised
"A talent for warging runs in the Stark family. Warging is a commingling of mind and spirit; no surprise, then, that the Stark wolves took on the personalities of their human companions. Robb Stark’s Grey Wind dominated the battlefield, playing a crucial role in many of the late King in the North’s victories. Rickon’s Shaggydog was high-strung and unpredictable and presumably could only run in straight lines. Sansa’s Lady was docile and trusting. Bran’s Summer was the most magical. And Jon’s Ghost is constantly locked in a closet, alone and sad."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.07.25  w:2500  Game-of-Thrones  from instapaper
11 weeks ago by bankbryan
Irving's trade demand conveys latest disconnect in Cleveland
"Of all the things an NBA general manager does, managing egos and emotions behind the scenes is perhaps most important. You can get salary-cap experts for the financial wizardry necessary to pilot an NBA franchise. Coaches are tasked with strategy and player development. But everything else -- the competing agendas, the massaging of superstar ambitions and frustrations -- all that falls on someone else. A behind-the-scenes guy, an assistant coach with a high emotional intelligence or, in Cleveland's case, the GM. There is perhaps no front-office role in the NBA with as complicated a set of personalities to manage as the Cavs' job. From the famously eruptive and impatient Gilbert, to James' blend of passive-aggressiveness and Irving's penchant to retreat and pout or beat himself up, the Cavs have been walking on something of an emotional tightrope for the past three years. Griffin always managed it -- or them, as it were -- as best he could. But by July 7, Griffin was in New York, meeting with the Knicks and deciding whether he wanted to be their general manager. His time in Cleveland ended abruptly, three days before the draft, when Gilbert declined to give him a new contract."
a:Ramona-Shelburne  a:Dave-McMenamin  a:Brian-Windhorst★  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.07.23  w:2500  Cavs  Kyrie-Irving  LeBron-James  social-media  David-Griffin  from instapaper
12 weeks ago by bankbryan
Growing Strong: Inside the Burgeoning ‘Game of Thrones’ Gambling Business
"Morrow says that blending his work with his fandom has only enhanced his enjoyment of the series, and that he still loves coming across a fan theory that stands up to scrutiny, even if it means he’ll have to adjust his odds (and lose a couple of hours in a message-board black hole). 'I find myself watching episodes more intently, often rewatching to pick up something that I might have missed,' he says. 'And of course it’s fun to casually mention to friends and family what kind of payout they could have received on something they just saw happen.' Next time you’re mourning a favorite character’s demise, take some solace in the fact that at least you’re not watching with Morrow, who’d compound your grief with an awareness of how huge a potential profit you’ll have lost."
a:Ben-Lindbergh★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.07.20  w:2500  gambling  Game-of-Thrones  from twitter
12 weeks ago by bankbryan
Ask the Maester: Sansa and Jon Differ on How to Unite the North
"Of course, Sansa should not have contradicted Jon in court and in front of the lords and ladies of the North, the Knights of the Vale, and the Free Folk. Which leads to the core issue: poor management. Clearly Jon needs a small council, and that small council needs to have regular meetings. Issues such as these should be debated behind the scenes, not aired in public. To be fair, Jon’s new at this. But as king, he’s accountable for the way his kingdom is run."
a:Jason-Concepcion★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.07.18  w:2500  Game-of-Thrones  management  from instapaper
july 2017 by bankbryan
West is best, but stars hold the key to the future
"Call it the Soft Drudgery of Low Expectations or even the Broken Conference Theory, whereby a conference that falls into disrepair is more likely to continue its slide into oblivion. In an environment in which a sub-.500 record could net a team two home playoff dates, and a 45-win season practically pencils a team into the conference semis, it's not surprising to see a whole bunch of teams behave like the regular season is a pass-fail course. This effect leads the East to function as a warehouse store for treadmills of mediocrity, where a .500 record buys you a bargain. Perhaps there's an evolutionary component to this idea. College coaches routinely point to scheduling challenging out-of-conference games as a means to strengthen their teams for postseason play. For Western Conference squads that can hardly go a week without seeing a Warriors, Spurs, Rockets or another .600 West foe on the docket, their merciless schedule demands constant playoff-quality execution. All the while, Eastern Conference teams get to scheme against the confederation of the middling."
a:Kevin-Arnovitz★  p:ESPN★★  d:2017.07.11  w:2500  basketball  from instapaper
july 2017 by bankbryan
10 Takeaways From the NBA’s Rejection of Lottery Reform
"The new national TV deal, worth nearly triple the current version on a per-year basis, is going to change the NBA in ways we don’t yet understand. The salary cap is going to soar, though we won’t know the exact mechanics of how and when until the league and players’ union agree on a method of 'smoothing' in the money — if they agree on such a method at all. If left alone, the money flow could produce a mega-spike in the 2016-17 cap — an unprecedented one-year jump of $20 million or more. That makes a lot of teams nervous, and it would benefit one class of players — free agents in the summer of 2016 — over others. But at least some high-powered agents like the idea of a one-year spike, and they have some influence at the players’ association. A one-year spike is chaos, and teams make regrettable decisions amid chaos. Agents flock to regrettable decisions more than drunk college kids."
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:Grantland/The-Triangle★  d:2014.10.22  w:2500  basketball  incentives  from instapaper
july 2017 by bankbryan
An 11-Step Guide to Saving the Clippers
"6. Don’t trade Austin Rivers.
Let’s see Austin go Westbrook. It’s your show now, Austin. LET’S SEE IT, KID! SPREAD THE FLOOR FOR AUSTIN!!!!!! Besides, Doc will land another gig next spring, and guess who he’ll be overpaying for in a June/July trade? (Seriously, guess! I will give you one guess!)"
a:Bill-Simmons★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.06.30  w:2500  list  basketball  LeBron-James  from instapaper
july 2017 by bankbryan

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