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How plaid became part of Volkswagen Golf GTI history
I've not owned a GTI, but I've long wanted those plaid seats. Great to learn the a little bit of the story behind them and the designer, Gunhild Liljequist. (Sadly, there's not much more information about her on the internet. There needs to be more!)
GTI  plaid  VW  design 
9 days ago by glass
Some Things You Oughta Know When Working with Viewport Units | CSS-Tricks
about the 100vh problem on mobiles (it's calculated without including address bar height)
webdesign  web  design  vw  vh  viewport  width  height  css  100  100% 
10 days ago by piperh
Get Out of the Van
While van life enriches corporate and personal brands, for a growing population of retirement-aged Americans, it’s a measure of last resort.
vw  van  vanlife  homeless 
12 days ago by beery

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