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Vulture TV Awards 2019: The Best Show on TV Is Fleabag
I really enjoyed it, especially season two. I can see the Russian Doll connection.
television  review  amazon  vulture  writing 
21 days ago by UltraNurd
Anjelica Huston, In Conversation
On growing up in Hollywood, the cost of beating Oprah at the Oscars, and why Jack Nicholson doesn’t act anymore.
vulture  anjelica-huston 
6 weeks ago by lendamico
How Indie Artists Actually Make Money in 2019
It’s impossible — almost unheard of — to be a middle-class musician. That’s why most bands are full of young people. There are a handful of middle-aged bands who have figured out how to make a long career out of it and are also more or less indie artists, but they’re very rare. Also, if you’re a solo act, it’s way more economically viable than when it’s four or five guys. Bands don’t make money. People would be shocked if they saw the balance sheets. Even when you get high guarantees, there’s so much overhead.
vulture  indie 
april 2019 by lendamico
100 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now
This post is updated frequently as movies leave and enter Netflix.
movies  lists  netflix  vulture 
february 2019 by xr
Jerry Saltz: How to Be an Artist
Better than your average list of tips like "How to be a writer". Practical and inspiring. (via Antimega)
jerrysaltz  vulture  art  work  via:antimega 
december 2018 by philgyford
N.K. Jemisin Profile
Great discussion of her career and reception.
scifi  vulture  writing  newyork  racism  profile 
december 2018 by UltraNurd
Olivia Jaimes, the Mysterious Cartoonist Behind ‘Nancy,’ Gives Rare Interview
Rarely in the history of comics has there been a turnaround as abrupt and pronounced as that of “Nancy.” As of just a few months ago, no discerning critic paid the long-running comic strip any mind. Sure, the strips made back in the day by original creator Ernie Bushmiller were held up as revered objects by comics nerds, but he’d died long ago and his successors had never garnered his level of fame. Then came Olivia Jaimes. Or perhaps we should say “Olivia Jaimes,” for that name is a pseudonym. Since April, she’s been the cartoonist behind “Nancy,” cranking out shockingly funny material about the titular 8-year-old, her slothful pal Sluggo, and her glamorous aunt Fritzi, as well as a few new characters Jaimes has thrown into the mix. Virtually nothing is known about Jaimes, so it came as a surprise when she agreed to an extended, unmediated phone interview. Vulture caught up with the elusive draftswoman about the secret origin of her much-memed “Sluggo is lit” panel, the contents of her iPhone notes about strip ideas, and the overlap between “Nancy” and The Good Place.  vulture  comics  nancy  cartoonists  interviews  2018-11 
november 2018 by xr
Jeopardy!’s Alex Trebek, In Conversation
Trebek: “You know, when the #MeToo movement started, I had discussions with the staff during production meetings. I said, ‘My gosh, this has got to be a scary time for men.’”
trebek  alextrebek  metoo  2018  vulture  jeopardy 
november 2018 by handcoding
The Making of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2
"Arguably, because Dan Houser and Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar’s breakthrough hit, set the bar high for crime games, Amy Hennig (the Uncharted series) and Ken Levine (Bioshock) could raise it in other genres. “The Rockstar guys are just so good at making the world feel alive,” says Neil Druckmann, an award-winning game writer himself (The Last of Us), and the vice president of Naughty Dog, the studio behind the Uncharted series, which has sold many millions of copies. “Even just the beauty of riding a horse through gorgeous environments and having the light shifting — it feels so real.”"
rockstargames  nymag  vulture  culture  videogames  reddeadredemption2  rdr2  grandthefthorsey  storytelling 
october 2018 by danhon

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