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GitHub - vuex-orm/vuex-orm-examples: The example application to demonstrate the use case of the Vuex ORM.
Example Vue.js app demonstrating the use of Vuex-ORM. This simple ToDo app shows how the data model is structured and how all the required files fit together in the project. Some of the power of using Vuex-ORM becomes apparent when you see how easy it makes querying the data for use in the various widgets.
Vue.js  Vuex  Vuex-ORM  ORM  plugin  JavaScript  app  example  state  data  npm  webapp  webapplication 
2 days ago by searchmeister
Vuex-ORM GraphQL Plugin
This Vuex-ORM plugin uses the apollo-client to let you sync your Vuex-ORM state with a GraphQL API
Vue.js  ORM  plugin  GraphQL  synchronization  crud  app  JavaScript  VuexORM  Apollo 
4 days ago by searchmeister
What is Vuex ORM? | Vuex ORM
Vuex ORM is a library for managing Vuex state. This article does a quick explanation of the problems Vuex ORM solves and then does a quick run through of the basic features with examples. Very cool technology.
Vuex  ORM  Vue.js  database  state  store  relationships  relational  apps  JavaScript 
5 days ago by searchmeister
Normalizing State Shape · Redux
This article was mentioned in a forum regarding how to use Vuex properly. It explains how to 'normalize' app data in order to better use it from within an app. It seems to take its cue from relational database design... oh dear! I thought we were fighting to use Graph databases!
redux  Vue.js  Vuex  data  normalization  state  apps  database  store 
5 days ago by searchmeister
Vuex ORM | Vuex ORM
Vuex ORM is a Vuex plugin for Object-Relational Mapping access to the Vuex Store. It lets you create "normalized" data schema within Vuex Store with relationships such as "Has One" and "Belongs To Many" like any other usual ORM library. It also provides an API to get, search and update Store state.
Vue.js  Vuex  plugin  ORM  normalized  schema  object  objectRelational 
5 days ago by searchmeister
GitHub - paularmstrong/normalizr: Normalizes nested JSON according to a schema
Many APIs return JSON data with deeply nested objects. Using this structure can be difficult for JavaScript applications based on Vuex, Flux or Redux.
Normalizr is a powerful utility for taking JSON with a schema definition and returning nested entities with their IDs, gathered into dictionaries.
Vue.js  Vuex  complexity  API  JSON  github  data  structuredData  normalisation  Normalizr  npm 
5 days ago by searchmeister
Inertia.js - The Modern Monolith
Inertia.js lets you quickly build modern single-page React, Vue and Svelte apps using classic server-side routing and controllers.
web  programming  react.js  vue.js  svelte.js 
7 days ago by archangel
v-mask - npm
Tiny input mask library for Vue.js based on text-mask-core (~4kb) exposed as directive. No dependencies
vue.js  vue-mask  vue  plugin 
7 days ago by gander
Should I Store This Data in Vuex? - Markus Oberlehner
Logical article which gives some alternatives to simply trying to use Vuex for everything in a Vue.js app. Alternatives mentioned include Use of Props, Provide/inject, using Apollo, Portals and GraphQL.
Vue.js  Vuex  alternatives  state 
7 days ago by searchmeister
Vuex best practices for complex objects - Get Help - Vue Forum
Excellent forum discussion on techniques for storing complex data structures in a Vue.js app using Vuex. LinusBorg in particular elucidates the idea of avoiding nested structures by normalizing your data and shows an interesting idea for labelling data with its id so it can be quickly found again.
Vue.js  Vuex  data  forum  bestPractice  complexity  objects  normalization  alternatives  state 
8 days ago by searchmeister
javascript - Can I pass parameters in computed properties in Vue.Js - Stack Overflow
Educational answer to the question about being able to pass arguments to computed properties in Vue.js. It seems that you can by using a method call but you lose the benefit of Vue.js' built in caching.
Vue.js  Vuex  caching  arguments  parameters  computed  property  question  stackoverflow 
11 days ago by searchmeister

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