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Maximizing art assets for VR
In line with previous tips we shared about creating art assets for VR, we’ve put together a few specific techniques for VR artists to get the most out of polygons and UV space.
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16 hours ago by tranqy
10 Ways Banks And Credit Unions Are Using Virtual Reality
Can virtual reality make banking more engaging? Here are ten different VR experiments from banks and credit unions around the world.
banking  fintech  vr 
16 hours ago by tranqy
Top story: Virtual reality: A helping hand after a stroke - …
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21 hours ago by LibrariesVal
Sunnyvale Library to offer access to virtual reality gear – The Mercury News
Sunnyvale Public Library Reference Librarian Bryant Bao demonstrates the library’s new Oculus Rift device that will be available to patrons, 13 years and older, to try out.
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23 hours ago by LibrariesVal
Inside Royal Caribbean’s Wild, Tech-Filled Cruise Of The Future
Top story: Inside Royal Caribbean’s Wild, Tech-Filled Cruise Of The… , see more
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yesterday by LibrariesVal
OpenSim land area hits new high of 88,000 regions –
Top story: OpenSim land area breaks 90,000 region milestone – , see more
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yesterday by LibrariesVal
如何评价天津滨海图书馆? by ELcroquis建筑素描
必读  VR 
yesterday by missqso
Paramount Pictures Launching First-Ever Virtual Reality Movie Theater | Deadline
Top story: Paramount Pictures Launching First-Ever Virtual Reality … , see more
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yesterday by LibrariesVal

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