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The Virtual Reality Gazzette
The latest The Virtual Reality Gazzette! Thanks to
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yesterday by notjeb
5G: if you build it, we will fill it — Benedict Evans
With each of these surges in speed, two things happen. First, the things we’re already doing get smoother and easier and quicker, and also get more capable (or bloated). Pages get more images and become more dynamic. Second, new things become possible. You could not have done Flickr or Google Maps on dialup, and you could not have done Netflix (or at least not well) on the broadband of 2003. In the following generation, Snapchat only worked when you could presume that all of your users can connect at tens of Mbits/sec (when they’re not on home WiFi, of course). That in turn means networks with the overall capacity to give that speed not just to one person at a time but to lots of people, and network infrastructure that can do that at a vaguely reasonable price. If you’d shown Snapchat to a mobile network executive in the early 2000s, their hair would have gone white - there was just no way the early 3G network could have supported that kind of load. 
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Top story: How Meta Struggled to Make AR Mainstream, Ending in an Asset Sale – Variety…
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"HISTORY IN 3D" - ANCIENT ROME 320 AD - 3rd trailer "Walking around Colosseum" - YouTube
Excellent CG recreation of ancient room, fly-through of Forum Romanum, Colosseum (and interior), and surrounding areas, e.g. baths of Titus and Trajan, Vicus Fabricius, temple of the divine Claudius, etc.
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yesterday by Marcellus
Top story: : 'I entered this virtual reality rock wall into 's Doodle for Goog…
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The Virtual Reality Gazzette
The latest The Virtual Reality Gazzette! Thanks to
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2 days ago by notjeb
Augmented Reality and the Browser
Moving into the realm of XR is where I think it's going to be getting really exciting over the next 18 months. Here's a great experiment about getting some persistent markers going without using an app.
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2 days ago by justinavery
Sci-Fi Movie Brainstorm | Natalie Wood Death
During the parts of the story when no character was wearing the magic headset, the film would run as usual—24 fps, 35mm. But when a character put the headset on and entered another character’s consciousness, the aspect ratio would widen to 70mm and the frame rate would jack up to 60
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2 days ago by yorksranter
Virtual Reality Has Arrived in the Art World. Now What? - The New York Times
"Now virtual reality art is pouring out of the museum and onto your phone. Last month, the New Museum, in partnership with its new media arm, Rhizome, opened an exhibition of six newly commissioned digital artworks, to be viewed wherever you like, on an Android or iOS device, at no cost. The works in this exhibition, “First Look: Artists’ VR,” all make use of animation — far cheaper than filmed virtual reality, which requires 360-degree camera rigs — and all employ a more or less surreal vocabulary: Objects float in space, spaces collapse into one another. Unlike video games, these artworks are not responsive to users; many of them are tentative explorations of the medium’s potential rather than full-fledged achievements. Some are frankly slight, though they’re still memory hogs; you’ll have to delete lots of photos to make space on your phone’s hard drive."
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2 days ago by mildlydiverting
New Vision - VR show — NYDAI
Invited artist:

Daqi Fang is a Chinese multi-media visual artist, photographer and graduate of MFA Photography, Video and Related Media at School of Visual Arts. His interests lie in the digital era, fantasy for nature environment and human’s interactivity with it, his work has been widely showed in different countries and on numerous publications, now he lives and works in New York.

Plastic Utopia III

Using satellite imagery, Daqi Fang has created a three-dimensional collaged landscape, offering experiences of a fictional island from different perspectives. With a video projection, a holographic projection, a virtual reality tour, and a handwritten diary, Daqi explores the boundaries between real and representative nature by creating a specific place and recording his emotional responses to it.

DREAM ADOPTION SOCIETY is an artistic collective based in Warsaw, Poland, focused on virtual and augmented reality in the context of theater, performance and contemporary art exploring new technologies to create immersive, performative experiences.

Krzysztof Garbaczewski - Director and Founder

Marta Nawrot - VR designer

Jagoda Wójtowicz - VR designer

Maciej Gniady - Programmer and graphic designer

Robert Mleczko - Video and graphic designer

Jan Strumiłło - Set Designer and Visual Artist

Jan Duszyński - Music Composer

Paweł Smagała - Actor

Wojtek Markowski – Producer

Dream Adoption Society brings the VR installation based on the Raymond Roussel's novel into contemporary focus. In Locus Solus, VR enables a participant to enter a dream world inhabited by numerous cerebral clones and become the narrative agent, setting off explosions or spinning these actions into reverse. Guided by their shepherd, Martial Canterel through narrative and interactive experience our cerebral clone becomes transformed into an eternal life form.

Kasia Gumpert (b. Poland) is a New York-based artist and an independent curator.

Gumpert graduated with a BFA in Art and Film Studies from Hunter College (2010) in New York and received her MFA in Advanced Photography Studies from the International Center of Photography – Bard College (2014). She works as a Director's Assistant at Postmasters Gallery and Contemporary Posters Gallery.

InterFace investigates the medium of photography in the context of contemporary visual culture. Gumpert explores the relationship and its representation through the mass distributed genre of nature photography. She works through composed personal narratives that utilize the connection between photography and collage; mainly interested in creating layered public situations and private moments that generate a new territory from conventional interpretation of reality.

Lin Jing is a New York City based artist; lives and works in United States and China.

A Cyborg Orgy

Lin Jing visual inquiry is rooted in human desires, especially our most instinctive and elemental desires. She looks at how the inventions that humans conjure up are based on their desires. In this project, she focuses on exploring a paradoxical relationship between machine and human. She is attempting to find future ways to blur the fixed boundary between human and machine, reality and virtually, and of man and woman by creating a cyborg world – a disembodied world of information and withering of subjectivity.

Laka Reacts is an international network (including organizations, companies and individual experts) focused on social impact via design and architecture. Through a comprehensive strategy and with a support of their Partners, they develop projects and programs that underline the crucial role of architecture and technology in the process of social change; they are capable of reacting to unpredictable conditions (environmental, natural, social) and provide safety for its inhabitants.

Karolina Majewska is a visual artist working in New York and Warsaw. She has MFAs from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the School of Visual Art in NYC. Her recent work has combined VR, spatial painting, and performance. Karolina investigates the varied ways that technology manipulates human perception, as she questions the impact of applied science upon the human capacity for empathy. Her curiosity has been inspired by the transformative and teleportative possibilities of VR/AR and 360-degree cameras, as explored in her present digital project, The Cell.

The Cell is an installation, a space, and a three-dimensional painting. The camera is used to stream video via YouTube simultaneous with artist presence inside the room. This provides a mechanism whereby anyone, anywhere in the world - by means of a simple VR headset - can enter the room. You can ‘teleport’ from your space into her space.

Meytar Moran is a multidisciplinary artist and the creative director at vrWiz, her recently co-founded Virtual Reality production studio. She is based in New York and graduated from the MFA program in the Photography, Video and Related Media at The School of Visual Arts, NY (May '17). She received a BFA in photography (July, '13) from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

Down The Pixel Hole began as a search for anomalies in the digital matrix of Google Sky and the tracing of conspiracy theories regarding censorship of objects and stars within the sky maps. The project developed into a VR experience, allowing for an immersive journey inside a personal interpretation of the essence of outer-space through the materialization of digital photographic layers from which the Google Sky fabric is constructed. The experience of falling through the envisioned large-scaled empty pixels allows for an exhilarating discovery that is both terrifying and surreal as it is sublime.

Alessandro Teoldi is a New York-based artist born in Milan, Italy. His practice encompasses installation, sculpture, photography, and textiles. Teoldi received his MFA from ICP-Bard College, New York and a BA in Photography from Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan.

Untitled (American Airlines and British Airways) is a work where Teoldi transforms simple, everyday materials – in this case inflight blankets – into intimate meditations on love and loss, legitimacy and difference, inviting viewers to consider whose bodies matter. He has been collecting traveling blankets for quite a while now, stealing them from his trips or buying them online.

Ania and Weronika are architects and best friends, both grew up in Warsaw. Although living in different parts of the globe, separated by 12 hours time difference they remain friends able to merge their NYC-HK realities through a series of pictures taken at the same time. Using nothing more but a smartphone they communicate daily and trade photographs to get a glimpse of each other’s lives.

TIME ZONE SNAP is a photography and VR project created by Anna Granacka and Weronika Marciniak. Have you ever wondered what is happening on the other side of the globe in this moment? Would you become a different person if you lived somewhere else?

PUSSYKREW are Polish immersive media artists and video directors: Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas. Creating multimedia installations, audio-visual experiences and sculptures, Pussykrew explores spaces in between digital and physical realms blending fluid identities and futuristic landscapes through experimentation with 3D animation and 3D scanning. Their fascination for virtual environments and physical experiences motivates them to play with deconstructed digital images and cinematic poetry, using the traditional language of painting. By merging with these various planes of reality, they create new forms that are constantly in the process of evolution.

the bliss of metamorphing collapse (VR experience, AR App) is the immersive universe of postgender organisms in the process of evolution. Pussykrew is re-imagining the future post-human landscape, new living beings, and their ecosystem. Artists are using real-time graphics and VR sculpting tools, to create new supernatural sceneries, where newly evolved gender-free organisms became the augmented hybrids of a body, technology, nature and the sentient sense of the past.
vr  art  creativetech  talent 
2 days ago by mildlydiverting
Oculus Rift Update To Bring Live VR Streaming To Facebook | Tech Times
Oculus Rift is set to add a livestreaming feature on Facebook, which will allow users to share their VR experiences with their friends by showing them what they are seeing in their headset.
Rift users can simply select the Livestream to a Facebook button from the Dash Menu when in VR mode and the Facebook livestreaming will start right away. Hundreds of apps are now ready to stream including Echo VR, VR Sports Challenge, and Dead & Buried.
oculus  vr  livevideo  facebook 
2 days ago by dancall
Steve Bambury AR VR - YouTube
canal de videos youtube grabados en 360 grados de diversos temas (entre ellos educativos)
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2 days ago by pacoalcaide

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