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WSU Everett prof on promises, pitfalls of virtual reality | HeraldNet.com
Top story: WSU-Everett prof on promises, pitfalls of virtual realit… , see more
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Don't miss you chance to experience virtual reality | Northern Star
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New World Notes: Decentraland Leads: There's Ways to Improve Blockchain for Use in Social VR
Top story: New World Notes: Decentraland Leads: There's Ways to Imp… , see more
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A shakeout is underway among VR startups • The Information
Matt Pressberg and Tom Dotan:
<p>A shakeout is underway in the VR startup world. An early flow of investments by consumer marketers and film studios, enthusiastic about experimenting with VR for marketing, has dried up. Instead, studios and venture capitalists are focusing on arcade-style VR installations at malls and movie theaters. These typically charge $30 for a half hour experience tied to a movie—like the Star Wars VR experience near Disneyland, where people wearing headsets can roam amongst Stormtroopers. That’s not a business best suited to smaller VR studios.

The shift reflects the continuing search for a viable business model tied to VR content, which can cost north of $1m a minute to produce. Sales for consumer VR headsets also have been slower than expected, limiting the market for VR games and videos.

“The early phase of VR is over,” says Vince Pizzica, an executive vice president of  Technicolor, which integrates technology for VR content production. Making short entertainment for VR has “no business case,” he says. Aside from VR arcades, education and architecture are both markets with lots of potential, he says.

It’s too early to say whether “location-based entertainment,” as the venues are known, can generate a return for content producers and venue owners. Aside from the high cost of making the entertainment, consumer demand remains uncertain. Mr. Pizzica estimated that the arcade-style model has two or three years to prove it can make money.</p>

Arcades were the first success story for VR. Maybe they're going to be the second as well. But the signs aren't promising.
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Welcome | Magic Leap
This is Magic Leap. We’re adding another dimension to computing where digital respects the physical. First stop: Magic Leap One.
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Check out Monarch of the Plains by in , or via Far better…
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